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7/1/2019 A Maledeme, United Airlines

✅ Trip Verified | Houston to Phoenix. One of the worst flight experience I have ever had in my life. I had to pay to check in a carry on bag due to the type of ticket I bought ( This is understandable). The problem however was when I landed and couldn’t find my bag, I waited till all the luggage’s were delivered and at this point I thought someone must have stolen my luggage until someone suggested I go talk to the United baggage office. On getting there , the attendant told me my bag didn’t come on the same flight I arrived with and is scheduled to arrive at 10:30pm . I told her i had my house and car keys in my bag and her reply was “ who checks in their house keys on a flight”. The sad part was United didn’t think it was necessary to notify passengers about the status of their luggage. How do you send a text when a flight start boarding but can’t do the same when a passengers flight is missing? I was given a file number and pretty much told to wait till the flight arrives or have them deliver it around midnight to my house. I will be stuck at a neighbors house till then.

7/1/2019 Morteza Mahmoudi, United Airlines

✅ Trip Verified | We had our worst flying experience in the past 30 years, today with United Airline. The flight was scheduled on 6:30 from Boston to Chicago. It got delaied for 3 hours and we lost our connection flight to Lansing. The responsible United people were very rude and their only option was to provide the next flight to Lansing with 24 hours delay. All staying and delay costs are on our own. With two infants it is a horrible experience with this airline.

7/1/2019 Anders Pedersen, VietJet Air

Not Verified | Huế to Ho Chi Minh City on 29/6 2019 on their morning flight, a newer, well maintained, clean A320 leased from a company called Flyone.com (according to the aircrafts livery). I had a tight international connection 2 hours later from another Terminal in SGN and had been anxious for months where I could make it as VJ have many delays. However, I studied a lot on their delay statistics for this route: delays are recently rare and mostly not serious. Thus I took the chance instead of going to SGN a day earlier. The trip was on tine and VJ were very generous with my bulky luggage and hand luggage. Arrived before ETA time, but suitcases took 230 Minutes to arrive. Onboard fresh international staff, good care, and nice supply of drinks foods, etc, for modest prices. A mango juice was 20,000 VND. At arrival only disembarking from 1 door. Bus-gating from aircraft is annoying and lack of IFE deducts 2/10. Fear of delay deducts 2/10. Price good; adds 1/10. Total score 7/10. This flight isolated seed could be given 8, but my experience with this airline depraves them an extra point to 7, only. Will fly again. Trust their punctuality on morning flights.

7/1/2019 Hanh Pham, Vietnam Airlines

✅ Trip Verified | This is my third time flying between Hanoi and Paris with Vietnam Airlines using premium economy. Check-in was very fast thanks to Sky Priority (Premium Economy guests have Sky Priority benefit during check-in, boarding and baggage claim). The staff at the counter was really responsible. She instructed me all what I need to do as I need to transfer in Paris. Nothing to complain here. Clearing the border control and security check was slow as the airport was over-crowded, and no Sky Priority this time. The seat was very comfortable and convenient. Even though it could not be made like a flatbed, it was enough for me to sleep well. Legroom was very very generous, as this should not be a problem for this class. The seat was just 45cm wide, a little bit small. Two meals were served on this 12-hour flight. I chose to have a seafood meal, even though I do not have any problems with any kinds of food. In general, I was satisfied with both the quantity and the quality of the food. The things I love most is the huge diversity of drinks: Lots of soft drinks, juice, milk and even wines were offered. However, extra non-meal food was bad. As stated in the menu, instant noodles and sandwiches could be ordered at all time, but I failed to order sandwiches. As for in-flight entertainment, since I am Vietnamese, I really enjoy their programs, and I found that Vietnam Airlines really try their best to put the newest and hottest movies on their entertainment. However, another issue happened with the headphone. The in-flight headphones were very old, they have been used for quite lots of years. Also, in my seat, the headphone could not be strictly plugged into the socket, which was really annoying. Flight attendants are helpful and friendly, but I found that they were really tired. Announcements were well played, in three languages (Vietnamese, English and French). This time I think that they spoke really well. In general, I think Vietnam Airlines managed to satisfy all the requirements for a long-haul flight. They also succeeded to make it worth paying extra for Premium Economy. However, in order to be 5-star, they need to improve a lot on the facilities, food as well as in-flight entertainment.

7/1/2019 M Nareni, Virgin Australia

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to Perth. Very poor flight. Aircraft should be decommissioned! Late departure (30 minutes) with no communication. No inflight entertainment. Took ages to board and disembark. Meal not served until 2 hours into 4.5 hour flight. No water or refreshments until then. Two toilets for entire cabin which were dirty and smelly. Would not recommend Virgin for this leg ever. Staff were unfriendly and unhelpful and meals were barely fit for human consumption. Only positive was that the beer was cold.

7/1/2019 Rishad Patel, Vistara

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Goa. Vistara boarding in Delhi was super fast as they have a dedicated line for different levels of their card holders. Also they give you 5 kilos extra once you have a silver card which is very useful as it becomes a 20kg allowance. Boarding was 10 minutes late for which there was an apology by the captain once on board. Seat space is great. Had 2 empty seats next me as well. They served a full meal on board - not excellent, but not bad. Staff were very professional and helpful. Arrival on time and priority bags on the belt before I reached them.

7/1/2019 T Marsenon, Vueling Airlines

✅ Trip Verified | Prague to Paris. Vueling is not really low cost : with its seat selection charges and use of secondary terminals - you end you spending more and wasting more time. Im surprised such a poorly managed airline is still operational. Avoid at all cost, even if it means you have to pay more with others.