Seat Map Airbus A320 (320) European British Airways

1A1C1D1F10A10B10C10D10E10F11A11B11C11D11E11F12A12B12C12D12E12F13A13B13C13D13E13F14A14B14C14D14E14F15A15B15C15D15E15F16A16B16C16D16E16F17A17B17C17D17E17F18A18B18C18D18E18F19A19B19C19D19E19F2A2C2D2F20A20B20C20D20E20F21A21B21C21D21E21F22A22B22C22D22E22F23A23B23C23D23E23F24A24B24C24D24E24F25A25B25C25D25E25F26A26B26C26D26E26F27A27B27C27D27E27F28A28B28C28D28E28F3A3C3D3F4A4B4C4D4E4F5A5B5C5D5E5F6A6B6C6D6E6F7A7B7C7D7E7F8A8B8C8D8E8F9A9B9C9D9E9FSeat Map Airbus A320 (320) European British Airways
Seat Map Airbus A320 (320) European British Airways
Seat Map Airbus A320 (320) European British Airways

Airplane Airbus A320 (320) European British Airways with 2 classes and 144 seats on board. Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which should be avoided.


8/17/2019 Mina A, seat 2A

Dont waste your money on “business class” it’s just an economy seat with a tray in middle so no one sits in the middle seat. It’s really a big joke. You don’t get priority boarding so cant enjoy a drink before take off. There is no extra leg room space and seats are simply standard size. Seats are hard and upright. No entert...

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8/12/2019 Haris M, seat 6F

These seats are unbearably tight through out the aircraft. Much narrower and closer than US counter parts. 4hr flight was pretty grueling.

7/13/2019 Abdallah E, seat 9D

Supposed to be "business class", but that just means they block the middle seat. No legroom, no IFE, no comfort. Oh, and if you are at the back of the "business class" they will have run out of the best food by the time the service reaches you. Don't fly BA.

6/26/2019 SeatGuru User, seat 8C

This entire plane is economy spacing. The 'business class' (aka 'Club Europe') is configured with the middle seat empty. On some planes that middle seat has a tray for extra space for drinks/food. This is awful for taller people. The tray in the middle seat can actually be folded down - useful if you have the row to yourself!

6/10/2019 Sandra, seat 24C

Bag drop queue huge. Boarding good. Seat okay. Service very poor and disorganised. Only got refreshments on descent into Lisbon.

3/30/2019 Abdallah E, seat 17F

LHR to KEV Iceland. March 2019. I am 5'10" and have found a 31" pitch gives my kneecaps a good few inches room. On that basis I estimate the pitch of this seat as 28". Certainly not 30"! Some say they don't recline but they do. Thankfully only a couple of inches or I'd have no legs left. I could not read the in flight magazines ...

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3/20/2019 Abdallah E, seat 19A

It has an amazing window view, great for youtubers and people looking for great views over europe

2/6/2019 Colin Clarke, seat 3D

This business class in economy seats with the centre of three blocked AC are used B has a tray fixed in the seat DF ae used E has a tray fixed in the seat . The seats as you would expect if you were sat and paid for economy not Business class There is no entertainment just hours to entertain yourself don't forget to load a film ...

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1/13/2019 SeatGuru User, seat 29C

British Airways have gone downhill considerably. There is hardly any legroom and the service is poor. If the aircraft was yellow inside I'd have sworn I was flying Ryanair. This is the most uncomfortable seat I've had in a long time

1/8/2019 SeatGuru User, seat 14F

Quite Comfy for the LGW - FCO route! Was an overwing view which had amazing views! Made great scenery pics

12/18/2018 Richard, seat 3A

This is our first time on the British Airways Airbus A320 European Layout for twelve years we have flown to Cyprus on the 767 we make the return journey 4 times a year in business class The change was marked first the seats are economy the as there are three seats on each side, the so-called business class has the centre seat of...

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10/4/2018 Niklas K, seat 4A

not a good seat, in the back is the curtain to the economy class, plus no good legroom

10/3/2018 Niklas K, seat 4A

not a good seat, in the back is the curtain to economy class

8/6/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 1A

I really like the British Airways A320 for European flights. Also they were much improved since the big interior refurbishment back in around 2013 (maybe around then).

7/31/2018 Wwg, seat 4C

Business class fare. Economy class seat and amenity. What a rip off. Booked by my travel agent. I would have just booked economy. No leg room. No recline. No entertainment Oh a spare seat next to me but so did most of the people in economy!

7/23/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 6CAND30A

On LHR-Lyon route. No air vents in row 6 or on my return flight in row 30. In fact I think most of the even numbered rows are lacking air vents. (I think these seats should be labelled in yellow with a Be Aware comment.)

7/11/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 2A

So I don't know what is up with BA but their idea of first class is to give you a coach seat but leave the middle seat empty. Who does that?

6/13/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 1A1C

This row has no bulkhead and no privacy. Seat 1c's occupant is constantly bumped by cabin crew using the galley and other passengers using the toilet. Passengers waiting for the toilet or socialising with cabin crew are a major disturbance to seats 1a and 1c. These are not business class seats by any stretch of imagination. Do n...

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5/13/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 15C

Avoid sitting further back than row 13 in this plane. The new A320neo BA is operating LHR-BUD has two different types of economy seats. Starting in row 14 or 15 (where I was sitting) they have very basic seats: no recline and not much support. There is also less storage area in the seat in front. These seats are cheap and nast...

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4/19/2018 Clete, seat 2D

Typical BA European business class seat, which means it sucks. No legroom, hard seat. They are economy seats with the center seat being left empty.