Seat Map Boeing 747-400 (744) v2 British Airways

1A1K12J12K13A13B13D13E13F13G13J13K14A14B14D14E14F14G14J14K17A17B17D17E17F17G17J17K18A18B18D18E18F18G18J18K19A19B19D19E19F19G19J19K2A2K20A20B20D20E20F20G20J20K28B28D28E28F28G28J29A29B29D29E29F29G29J29K3A3K30A30B30D30E30F30G30J30K31A31B31D31E31F31G31J31K33A33B33C33D33E33F33G33H33J33K34A34B34C34D34E34F34G34H34J34K35A35B35C35D35E35F35G35H35J35K36A36B36C36D36E36F36G36H36J36K39H39J39K4A4E4F4K40A40B40C40D40E40F40G40H40J40K41A41B41C41D41E41F41G41H41J41K42A42B42C42D42E42F42G42H42J42K43A43B43C43D43E43F43G43H43J43K44A44B44C44D44E44F44G44H44J44K45A45B45C45D45E45F45G45H45J45K46A46B46C46D46E46F46G46H46J46K47A47B47C47D47E47F47G47H47J47K48A48B48C48D48E48F48G48H48J48K49A49B49C49D49E49F49G49H49J49K5A5E5F5K50A50B50C50D50E50F50G50H50J50K51B51C51D51E51F51G51H51J52B52C52D52E52F52G52H52J53B53C53D53E53F53G53H53J54D54E54F54G55D55E55F55G60A60B60J60K61A61B61J61K62A62B62J62K63A63B63J63K64A64B64J64KSeat Map Boeing 747-400 (744) v2 British Airways
Seat Map Boeing 747-400 (744) v2 British Airways
Seat Map Boeing 747-400 (744) v2 British Airways


1/14/2016 SeatGuru User, seat GREATCOMFORT

Travelled few days ago inthe brand new 787-9 BA plane. Less noisy, smooth flight, spacious and windows change colour electronically. Very impresed with new business class seats

1/13/2016 SeatGuru User, seat 4F

BA's First class cabin on G BNLF is pathetic. Worn out seating, non operational sleeper seats. Will never use BA again.

1/6/2016 SeatGuru User, seat 64A

Best seat in Club. Quiet upper deck and private as access to the aisle does not involve climbing over anyone.

11/20/2015 SeatGuru User, seat 49D

In-flight entertainment box underneath seat in front limits legroom.

11/11/2015 SeatGuru User, seat 46K

I was travelling this plane from LHR to JFK. This was my very first time in a 747, and it was great. This plane is relatively old, which means the seat alignment was made in a time, when passenger satisfaction was an existing thing. So theres plenty of space for your leg even in economy class, the seat is comfortable, adjustable...

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11/9/2015 SeatGuru User, seat 4A

I loved this flight from start to finish. I can't say enough good things about this seat and flight. First off, I love BA's blue mood lighting when stepping on board. I loved the service from start to finish and how the FA's had alot of attention to detail. The only thing I would have changed about this flight is the duration. I...

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10/27/2015 SeatGuru User, seat 61AAND61B

Extremely poor definition screens stop and static, became unwatchable. No WiFi. No functioning electrical outlet.

8/31/2015 SeatGuru User, seat 49C

Horribly narrow and cramped. The flight attendant's arm was continually in my face while serving other passengers because the aisle is too narrow. The passenger in 49B and I kept rubbing arms - neither of us was larger than average in an way. No way to put luggage under the seat in front because of IFE box. Not recommended a...

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8/20/2015 SeatGuru User, seat 18F

The Club World seats are too narrow at 20". I was uncomfortable with my shoulders scrunched against each side of the wrap around seat. One's shoulders cannot overhang the seat! With a 72" pitch the flat bed seats did not allow for me to lay flat on the 8 hour plus flights from MIA to LHR and return. Overall I felt claustropho...

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6/19/2015 SeatGuru User, seat 51E

Seat was comfortable. The IFE had no games but great movies and I prefer the food on United

6/13/2015 SeatGuru User, seat 50H

I cant believe BA still operate a plane with this fit put so a 10 hour plus flight. As if the leg room as is provided is not small enough they then have an "entertainment box" fitted in the middle of your so called leg room!!! Unacceptable on this day and age where electronics are getting smaller. Cant see the need to still have...

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5/28/2015 SeatGuru User, seat 1A

I recently had the opportunity to fly this "old" configuration between Dubai and LHR, followed by the same seat (1A) on a 773 to Chicago. I see that some people have criticized either the plane or its features -- and there's no denying that it's clearly older metal than the 777 -- but on whole I actually *preferred* this old dog...

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5/5/2015 SeatGuru User, seat 4A

very comfortable seat with all new amenities in 1st. Class. Excellent comfort and service on day flight to Boston.

4/16/2015 SeatGuru User, seat 35F

This seat is okay however entertainment system is older and could do with updating for e.g. there was no usb charging point, moveable remote, screen was poor quality, entertainment system was slow and often difficult to select things, I travelled on a newly refurbished 777-200 on my outbound flight and that was the complete oppo...

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3/22/2015 SeatGuru User, seat 62A

Seat is calm but easy to get in and out due to exit row. And I love the upper deck. great choice.

3/14/2015 SeatGuru User, seat 14A

Great seat, as on the window but can get out without climbing over the passenger in 14B. Lavatory noise not an issue.

3/3/2015 SeatGuru User, seat 52J

Good seat for economy standard, extra room to right suitable for stretching legs or putting bag, however staggering of seats in front means actual under seat space restricted. My flight was BA (codeshare) so seats relatively comfortable. I would pick this seat again if bulkhead seats were unavailable.

2/21/2015 SeatGuru User, seat 29K

This aircraft is very OLD. Small and antiquated video display. Worn out seats. Choose a dirrerent carrier if you are willing to pay a premium for "economy plus"

2/16/2015 SeatGuru User, seat 40DEFG

These seats are excellent if you have longer legs as there is extra leg room due to basinette options. I would definately rebook these rather than a window seat.

2/3/2015 SeatGuru User, seat 62A

The one thing I noticed about this seat is that the recline is not as full as it is for other business class seats because the exit cannot be blocked. Accordingly, the seat does not go fully flat (the head is angled upward slightly, like having a second pillow) because the flat bed is not as long as the others in the cabin. I ...

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