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6/16/2019 L Irving

✅ Trip Verified | London to Seoul. Nightmare experience with British Airways almost constantly. My Business cabin is downgraded to economy at the last minute with a 12 hours long-hauls flight! Lounge simy sucks, cheap, noisy and croweed. Multiple malfunction items on the aircraft including unfolded table. Given the price it Charge, certainly one of the worst airlines one can possible take.

6/14/2019 Janet Elphick

Not Verified | London to Vancouver. Economy was a lot more cramped than I expected. BA had crammed seats in. Crew were okay. Food reasonable really although I had upgraded my food which came before everyone else had theirs which was a shame. Flew back premium class, more room. I probably won’t use them in November when I go back. Timing was good and air quality felt ok as I didn’t get a headache.

6/14/2019 Aman Khanna

❎ Not Verified | Newcastle to Delhi via London. At check-in , I was charged for carrying 2.8 kilos extra, which is of no problem. I paid a total of £65 for 2.8 kilos. On my flight from London to Delhi, during boarding I asked for water to which the attendant told she would get but she was busy as customers were boarding the flight. I then asked for a bottle of water which she seemed to forget. 2 hours into the journey, my in-flight entertainment system got stuck on the TV and Radio feature. When the dinner was served, Ithe meal consisted of chicken gravy and mash, along with bread butter and a mousse. Delays caused by British Airways resulted in the flight reaching Delhi late and me missing my connecting flight. But as I landed at Delhi and picked my baggage from the belt, a British Airways staff was ready with another ticket from Delhi to Mumbai without me even asking.

6/13/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300 (773) Four Class seat 11A

Travelling Club World with BA is only for masochists as there are many better options. Narrow beds, cramped surroundings so you bump into the wall, the ceiling (I am only 69 inches tall) and the inconvenience the layout causes seat 11B are just some of the criticisms. it made me appreciate Qantas.

6/12/2019 D Smith

✅ Trip Verified | Miami to Delhi via London. The BA business class I flew for the first time recently was the worst I have flown. Whereas most have four seats across British Airways has eight! The lay down beds are hard, thin and short. Not worth the money.

6/10/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-200 (772) Four Class seat 25A

When the seats in front were in full recline position it was impossible to stand up and exit this seat. The only way was to shuffle across the armrests or clamber over the seats to the aisle

6/10/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-200 (772) Four Class seat 25B

This seat is extremely uncomfortable when the seat in front is in full recline position. It is impossible for a fairly slim person to stand upright to exit the seat - I had to shuffle across the armrest to get out. Even with this seat in recline position the table would not come out of the armrest but had to be forcibly lifted out by the steward

6/10/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300 (773) Four Class seat 42C

Absolutely the most uncomfortable flight I've ever taken. The seats are so close together I couldn't watch the screen on the seat in front of me. I'm 5'4' 140lbs and my knees touched the seat in front of me when it was reclined... I don't know how any one larger than me was able to move. Avoid!

6/9/2019 Bronte Williams

Not Verified | London to Sydney via Singapore. Checked in with a bag which was 23.4kg. My allowance was 23kg. I was made to repackage the bag and take two pairs of shoes out and place them in my hand luggage, really? I found the food on both legs of the flight horrible.

6/9/2019 James Leonard

✅ Trip Verified | Phoenix to Amsterdam via London. It was 10 hrs on a delayed flight, in a cramped seat with no lights, no call light. No entertainment of any sort, and food I found exceptionally bad. The B747 that was terribly maintained. The offer of 20.GBP for compensation is insulting and further exemplifies a lack of concern for your passengers comfort and safety.

6/8/2019 G Leane

✅ Trip Verified | Standard, run of the mill airline for today's economy. Flew Tel Aviv to New York, with a two hour layover in London Heathrow. Crew was fine, entertainment system on the London to New York leg was very nice. The special meal I ordered was not on either of the two flights. I called them two and a half weeks prior to departure to check that the meals were in the system, and was assured they were. I submitted a complaint to and the responses I received were lame and unacceptable. Not a stitch of good will was forthcoming from British Airways, as I suggested topping off my Avios balance to a mere 5000 points (my balance is around 3500).

6/7/2019 David H, Boeing 777-200 (772) Three Class v1 seat 13E

A middle World Traveler Plus seat that has seen better days. The entertainment screen was tiny and poor quality when watching the moving map. The cabin was also very hot on our overnight flight from Gatwick to Mauritius. Service was good but the seat/cabin need a refresh.

6/7/2019 T Reid

✅ Trip Verified | Belfast City to Atlanta via London Heathrow T5. Check-in was fairly smooth at Belfast as it was early in the morning. However, when the agent called me over the check me in, he was all flustered that I wasn't an elite Executive Club member although my boyfriend had just checked in with the same agent without any difficulty. I knew he was working the premium line, but nobody was standing in it, and I was standing in the regular line when he called me. After about 20 minutes, I finally got a boarding pass to go through security. The flight from BHD to LHR was uneventful and bare-bones, as nothing was served for free on the flight. My boyfriend therefore hated it, as we're used to getting better service on American in the US, but I was fully aware that BA had turned itself into a glorified EasyJet. Once we arrived to LHR, I continued by myself to Atlanta on BA and was shocked at the crowded, user-unfriendly T5. Although I suppose it was pretty in some ways, I had to sit in one of the dank cattle pits they hold people in until their flight is called, so it felt very crowded and hot. After my flight was called, I found myself on a crowded shuttle to the plane with pushy people. Boarding was straightforward, however, and the flight attendants were very polite and helpful to customers, even in economy. The flight product was just OK in my view. I had an exit row aisle seat, and while I had extra room and a nice headrest, the seat was right by the lav, so it stank. IFE was fine with a decent selection, but it was not as complete as Delta's. The food was the bland equivalent of what Delta serves, so no brownie points there, and the "tea" service they had was terrible: we were given half-sandwiches in plastic wrap without a tray and then only with a limited selection of beverages. I remember years ago when BA was a premium carrier and served very nice things to its passengers with a friendly smile. Those smiles have disappeared for the most part, and the feeling of flying a special carrier is no longer there. However, I arrived on time and promptly got my bag. The 777 was also nice and spacious and the flight attendants were polite, so I might fly them again, though I would not recommend BA due to the crowds and discomfort I experienced at T5.

6/7/2019 Carol Marchand

✅ Trip Verified | Buenos Aires to London. I wish to thank the crew that was so nice to me while I was terribly sick. Wish I knew their names! They gave me medicine, a blanket and caressed my back while I was crying from the stomach ache. Forever grateful.

6/6/2019 D Gould

✅ Trip Verified | London to Nashville. The worst airline Trans-Atlantic. Despite looking forward to flying on this new route to Nashville, British Airways ruined this trip. The flight was delayed by over three hours, whilst they ostensibly replaced the damaged aircraft with an inbound Boeing 787-9 from San Jose. The airplane was filthy dirty in Club Class, which is bad enough having to suffer the awful, dated, Club Class ying-yang facing, narrow seats with divider. Business Class on British Airways is the worst of any airline. The WIFI was out of service. On late arrival in Nashville, my luggage arrived soaking wet, and I was unable to change clothes. On my return to the UK, I contacted British Airways Customer Relations to seek compensation, and got the usual pathetic, mainly computer generated, insincere apology. I am now forced to haggle with British Airways, and endure their woeful so-called Customer Relations department. It is a real shame to witness the decline of this national carrier. British Airways treat their premium class customers with contempt. This is what happens when an airline has a monopoly from Heathrow.

6/6/2019 Alwaleed Althani

✅ Trip Verified | Flight was delayed by almost two hours and it was nice when they gave us the only Boeing 747-400 that was in old BOAC retro colours the seats where wide and comfortable plenty of storage the IFE was average food was good and in generous portions but what stood out was the high level of service and friendliness!

6/6/2019 T Allen

✅ Trip Verified | Just checked in for a flight from Newcastle with BA. The check in process was disgusting. 45 minutes queuing. 2 BA staff working in two desks, one of which was a virtually empty priority queue in which the female checking assistant spent a large proportion of her time chatting to a colleague from Air France in the adjacent desk! The process was ridiculously slow with each check in taking several minutes. When the priority queue representative deigned to check economy passengers, she seemed to take an eternity. In the 45 minutes it took us, the queue never dropped below about 100 people. I have never queued in a slower or more disorganised check in desk. The adjacent Jet2 desks had seven staffed desks and I counted 14 staff! The “welcome” sign displayed at the BA desk should have been located at the start of the queue with the additional wording of “you’re in for a long wait”. To cap it all, after enduring the queue, we’re now delayed 40 minutes thus far! So unprofessional!

6/5/2019 Mohammed Habib

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Madrid. When I arrived I waited for one and a half hours for my one suitcase. It didn’t arrive. I was asked to fill in a ‘lost luggage’ form which I did and given a number to call the next day. The representative said she’d make sure the suitcase was delivered by 5.00 p.m. I was out during the day. When I returned later that evening there was no suitcase. It hadn’t been delivered. The next morning (Sunday) I phoned the number again. The answer message said phone back on Monday. As I was leaving on Sunday night this was pointless. I was leaving Madrid at 8.30 pm. My one suitcase arrived two hours before I left Madrid. So I spent the whole time in Madrid without my medicines, change of clothes, toiletries etc which ended up wasting a lot of my (short, valuable) time buying essentials that I needed whilst there.

6/4/2019 C Malchier

✅ Trip Verified | My boyfriend and I wanted to return from our trip to London a day early but the BA app and website continued to glitch so I called to ask how much it would be to leave a day earlier. I was told that the penalty fee for changing the flight is $275 each and there’s a $50 fee for them to do it over the phone that’s $600, and the price of a flight by itself. We decided to try our luck again changing it on the app and paid $550 to change our flight to one day earlier to make it back for an event. The flight was delayed and arrived 1hr 55 mins late. We missed our event. The plane was filthy and my tv didn’t work. I asked the flight attendant for something to clean the slimy finger smears off the screen with and she told me it’s normal wear and tear but I could get toilet paper from the bathroom. I called to ask for a refund for the fees since the flight was delayed but they told me they can’t give us a refund because we got on the flight.

6/2/2019 Seema Shetti

✅ Trip Verified | I had kept my laptop bag in the overhead cabin. Somebody got in a bigger cabin bag and they couldn't fit the bag in the space remaining, so they kept the bag on my laptop bag. When I asked the flight attendant to help me with this, he asked me to keep my luggage down. I was travelling with only one laptop bag, placed it in the cabin right over my seat and instead of asking the oversized bag to be placed properly or kept it elsewhere, my bag which was in place before the oversized bag came in was asked to be moved out. How fair is this?