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10/12/2011 Avril Barclay

My son who had worked for British Airways urged me to fly British Airways to Kansas City. He recommended me to join the executive club. I went ahead and booked my flight back in May. Very reasonable price. As they are in an alliance with American Airlines my outward journey was with American Airlines. They were helpful even booking my seats to Chicago then onto Kansas at no cost. Problem was on my return. I duly waited to book my seat on the Chicago flight 24 hours prior to check-in. As this was with BA I tried for an hour to choose a seat to no avail. My itinerary came up but told me I was being redirected to American. So I called BA they told me I was to check in at Kansas City before I could have a seat assigned. So I called American a very unhelpful person told me that I had to go to back to BA. I called BA again after explaining I had seat booked with American from Kansas but could not get one with BA she put me on hold for 15 minutes and told me I had a seat - trouble was it was the one from Kansas to Chicago. Perhaps the powers that be can sort this out. It was most frustrating. The journey was fine staff polite in-flight entertainment excellent.

10/11/2011 C Volz

London City-New York JFK via Shannon on A318 but had really nice seats and professional crew. Meal served was very tasty and fresh. Overall a very good flight would use this airline again.

10/9/2011 Russ King

SIN-LHR BA12 B747-436 First Class. Old aircraft (1998) with seats that are not that private but there are only a few of us in the cabin so ok. A bit tatty but I think the planes are being replaced by A380's soon. Seat itself is comfortable enough. Inflight Entertainment awful: fuzzy screen (low resolution LCD screen way passed it's sell-by date) with limited options. Inconveniently has to be pulled around to be seen and put away for t/off and landing. seat comfortable enough for sleeping. Food and service quintessentially English which is the only real reason to fly BA nowadays - the product just doesn't match other airlines. Toilet cramped and awful but it has a window!

9/15/2011 G Halliday

Checked in at Glasgow International Airport at 09.30am to catch the flight to Naples. Once onboard we were told that the trolley with hot paninis drinks etc would shortly be coming through the aircraft. Perhaps one quarter to one third of passengers at the front of the plane were served hot paninis the only hot or substantial food offered. Minutes later it was announced with apologies that the paninis were finished and that the only food available were muffins and pringles. This flight over lunchtime and lasting just over 3 hrs had run out of hot snacks - absolutely hopeless. The amount of legroom and the 2 seats rather than the usual 3 seats together was greatly appreciated and the efficiency and cheerfulness of the cabin staff was excellent. Same on the return one week later cabin crew were wonderful but could only offer apologies for not accepting Euros. We had no sterling so had to do without for the 3 hr trip - the stewardess gave my husband and me a small bottle of water each and 2 small packets of biscuits out of her own allowance. Take off times and landings were on time and no complaints there. Would definitely use Cityflyer again but please consider taking Euros for payment of food and drinks on board and make sure there is enough hot food on board for all passengers.

8/17/2011 Charles Teo

Flew MAD-LCY. An excellent experience. Great legroom spacious cabin with 2-2 seating configuration. Service was professional with smiles. Will definitely fly them again.

7/11/2011 P Herman

Barcelona-London City. Check in smooth. Slightly overweight luggage accepted with no extra charges. Boarding was good and departure punctual. Aircraft an E90 felt roomy although the placement of armrests was anything but comfortable and my arms kept falling asleep. Crew was jolly and seemed to enjoy their work. Inflight service was the bare minimum consisted of a single beverage run only and choice of biscuits or granola bars. Arrival was an absolute nightmare: London City airport closed the runway during our approach apparently due to a bird strike. Ended up in a dizzying holding pattern for more than 30mins which made some passengers ill. Pilot finally decided to divert to London Stansted the absolute furthest airport from the city. Was told buses would take us into London. After more than 1hr of sitting on the ground with no offer of water or any other service from crew and at first being told that buses were being organized and we would be on our way shortly pilot finally told us we would be taking off and heading for London City as they had reopened the runway. Finally arrived at our destination 2 hrs behind schedule having only had a small cup of tea in the more than 4 hrs since we left Barcelona. The runway closure was of course not BA's fault but all in all not a very pleasant experience.

6/6/2011 S Hatch

GLA-LCY E-190 aircraft. Very full flight but cabin service was excellent and friendly and the flight both punctual and enjoyable. Would highly recommend BA Cityflyer to London City very quick and efficient connections to city.

4/26/2011 Andrew Dixon

LCY-MAD Embraer 190. Business class but not so you'd notice! What you don't get : advance seat selection (only option is to check-in online 24 hours in advance to discover that others have somehow managed to get in before you) priority check-in fast track security (doesn't exist) Lounge none no Priority boarding. So you've boarded the aircraft and there's not been a jot of difference travelling business class. Board the aircraft and you sit in exactly the same seat as everyone else but yours has a headrest cover!. Arrive at Madrid and your bags come off last. What you get : a hot meal but no choice of menu - stewardess walked down the aisle telling everyone that the menu was 'steak and potatoes' (actually lamb).

3/14/2011 P McCarthy

LCY-ARN. Outstanding economy service. Brand new E170 jet with leather seats. The hard working and pleasant two man cabin crew served a hot English breakfast coffee and then bar service twice on the 2h 30m trip (aided by plane being only about 70% full). 10 minute late departure might not have raised an eyebrow at Heathrow but the LCY ground staff apologised and the crew made it up en route.

1/2/2011 R Taylor

LCY-GLA-LCY return. New Embraer 170 excellent and comfortable flight. Heavy fog caused flight to be diverted to London Stansted on return trip obviously outside airline's control but meant long delay in waiting for coach transfer back to London City. Everything well organised although we had to wait for passengers from a second diverted flight to also arrive and join the coach transfer across town. Whilst inconvenient there was realistically nothing that airline could have done about the situation. Flights good transfer a bit slow.

10/12/2010 J Williamson

Return flight London City to Glasgow on Embraer E170. Crew very friendly. A personal greeting was given at the door by the purser. Lovely aircraft very new and comfortable.

7/6/2010 C Gaunt

The new Embraer fleet is excellent 2x2 leather seating. Staff helpful so far every flight has been on time and City Airport is brilliant. I checked in for my flight to Zurich last week 12 minutes before the flight and they still let me on. Noticed the pilots have made a point of the fact that Cityflyer is not mainline BA therefore they're not subject to the strike action so I've been booking upcoming trips with them with confidence.

5/26/2010 Helen Gibbon

MAD-LCY Flew in C class mainly to use Iberia lounge at Terminal 4S which has excellent work facilities as well as hot food and genuinely high-quality wines. Boarding the 70-seat Embraer E-170 was swift and efficient. Business cabin (2+2) was comfortable with decent seat pitch. Food and drink adequate but not exceptional. Deplaning at LCY as efficient as ever. CityFlyer is a useful alternative to the major airports for Spanish routes which the airline is expanding this year.

3/4/2010 Alan Wan

EDI-LCY on time. E170 comfortable like the 2x2 seating free bar and some snacks although the FA missed me and my neighbour. I chose with route as I thought of the connections to London Bridge station I must say the DLR and particularly the Jubilee line was rather slow - I figured it might have been quicker to go via LGW.

3/1/2010 I Wong

GLA-LCY-GLA return with BA Cityflyer. Return flight was cancelled due to bad weather at LCY. BA offered us nothing apart from rebooked us on the next flight out of London airports. Hotels near LCY fully booked so I opted for earliest flight departing from LHR at 0705 rather than spend a night in the expensive hotel in the city centre. I have to make my way to LHR at my own expense. BA have definitely failed in term of customer services and I would not choose to fly with them again.

2/22/2010 S de Thierry

London City - Madrid return in economy. New Embraer 170 fleet from City airport. The experience was excellent. Check-in seamless. Cabin clean seats wide legroom good. Very spacious feel although stowage room for hand luggage still rather limited. Service was excellent - a hot breakfast provided on the way out which was a pleasant surprise. Both flights on time and the captain kept pax informed. Good value for money and no obvious cutbacks noticed. As an executive club silver member lounge access in Madrid and free preseating is much appreciated - although check-in online free seating policy I believe works fine. Would fly with BA from city again and recommend them.

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