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12/29/2018 Lassi Laukkanen

✅ Trip Verified | Lisbon to Helsinki. Nice plane and nice flight attendants. Flight time almost 5 hours and you get only complimentary blueberry juice, water, tea and coffee. It's not very hospitable. Finnair doesn't offer quality service in so long European flights.

12/27/2018 N Cooper

✅ Trip Verified | When we checked in, exactly 24h before the flights, we were unable to select seats for the second flight (connection) and the ticket had “stand by” as seat no. We had a 9h connection flight in Helsinki and we tried several time to get a seat in the plane but Finnair customer service said that the seats will be ...

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12/25/2018 E Varemov

✅ Trip Verified | Tel Aviv to Manchester via Helsinki. Was my first experience with Finnair. The seats are nothing exceptional: a tray, a coat hook and seat pocket. They are rather comfortable and the pitch is surprisingly generous. I am 177 cm (5'9") high and had ample legroom on both A320 and the smaller A319. The cabin crew ...

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12/24/2018 R Thorn

✅ Trip Verified | Helsinki to Goa. Sitting on AY123 on my way to Goa Right now in 24D. Finnair you need to improve your services a whole lot before I Will even consider flying with you again. Here just a few points: 1) my sons screen is still not working 5 hours info the flight 2) Don’t expext any kind of services like just gett...

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12/23/2018 P Leare

✅ Trip Verified | Vaasa to Manchester via Helsinki. Problems started with return journey at Dublin airport where one couldn't check in online for the Finnair leg online or even at the airport as Dublin to Manchester is an Aer Lingus flight whose representative said we would need to check in and collect boarding passes in Manche...

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12/22/2018 S Gatano

✅ Trip Verified | Keflavik to Hong Kong via Helsinki. I really had high hopes for Finnair after reading some fairly good reviews on this airline. I chose them over Qatar Airways and Lufthansa for this Iceland trip, and it was the worst mistake I made. I ended up with Finnair on the basis of a fairly good fare, and the fact they...

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12/19/2018 F Jardul

✅ Trip Verified | Stockholm to Hong Kong via Helsinki. Finnair will separate children from their parents in order to trick you in to make them a few bucks. This is my story of how Finnair forced my young daughter to sit by her self. It concerns flight AY101 on December 14th. Traveling from Stockholm to Bangkok through Helsinki ...

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12/12/2018 K Vakinen

✅ Trip Verified | Helsinki to Bangkok. Customer service nightmare. Reserved and paid three window (2+2+1 in economy comfort) row seats Helsinki - Bangkok for our family of 5 including 3 children. This took place well in advance over 6 months prior departure. I travel a lot due to my work and received Finnair Platinum membership...

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12/10/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A350-900 (350) v1 seat 42L

This seat has very much legroom and free access to the aisle area, but tray table and entertainment display are in the armrest, making the seat slightly narrower. Also there is no seat pocket or other personal storage space for this seat. Same goes for the 42A.

12/6/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A350-900 (350) v1 seat 23H

Legroom is good for this seat. However the regular economy seats is not too bad either so for me (I am 1,88m) it was not worth the €95 economy comfort fee for my Helsinki-Bangkok flight. For the first meal beer and wine was clearly included in the price when I bought the tickets, onboard the plane I was told the terms was change...

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11/28/2018 Mary-Paula Drew

✅ Trip Verified | St Petersburgh to Orlando via Helsinki and Chicago. We boarded the St Petersburgh flight at the appropriate time (12:20) but were told the "left engine computer was not working." About two plus hours later, we re-boarded to be told again the "left engine computer was not working." At 20:00 that evening, we boa...

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11/28/2018 S Garhan

✅ Trip Verified | Malaga to Helsinki. When boarding first impression was frankly not good. The crew were older and were warm, engaging and very experienced. After many LCC flights recently which inevitably have young crew, it was refreshing to be in experienced hands. The inflight offering is full of Finnish flare and design w...

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11/7/2018 Oksana Silva

✅ Trip Verified | Minsk to New York via Helsinki. I had a very bad experience. Very poor customer service. I flew with infant and our flight was delayed due to unknown conditions, as a result we missed our connecting flight and were stuck at the airport in Helsinki. My infant daughter and I were left for 5 hours at the airport ...

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11/5/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A330-300 (333) v1 seat 54C

In 59 years of flying I think this is the worst seat ever. 10 &1/2 hours in an undersized seat. Two in-arm fold out eating trays on either side made the seat narrower than all other seats. diagonal to video screen. Person behind was so close that when I tried to put the seat back even a little it cramped them and they just pushe...

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11/4/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A330-300 (333) v1 seat 56C

Amazing. Great legroom. Toilets a bit annoying, but amazing. Limited recline, but better service in the back.

11/1/2018 J Hynds

Not Verified | Manchester to Bangkok via Helsinki. Excellent airline regard to comfort and food. However, I was very disappointed with the onboard service. I had no drink prior to boarding the plane in Helsinki and was refused a couple of bottles of wine by a horrible little flight attendant at the rear of the plane. I would hav...

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10/28/2018 Claus Dirnberger

✅ Trip Verified | Finnair has provided me with outstanding service in relation to a cancelled flight: I was supposed to fly CBR-QF-SYD-AY-HKG-AY-HEL-AY-PRG on a Sunday (30 September) - on the Friday evening prior to departure I got a call from Finnair in Helsinki advising me that the flight HKG-HEL had been cancelled and that t...

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10/25/2018 J Meales

✅ Trip Verified | Riga to New Delhi via Helsinki. I decided to try Finnair as I was originating in Riga and finishing in Dublin and they had a good price for this itinerary. I decided to go for their economy comfort seats on the Helsinki to New Delhi and New Delhi to Helsinki legs, for an additional 80 euros per leg. Flight ove...

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10/24/2018 Yves Paesen

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Brussels via Helsinki. Check in at Bangkok airport fast and efficient, flight to Helsinki departed 20 minutes late. Aircraft was 1 year old A350, very clean and nice aircraft, good IFE, nice and friendly crew onboard, food was really good. In Helsinki i had to be quick to catch the connecting flight...

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10/17/2018 J Stajinen

✅ Trip Verified | Beijing to Helsinki. The business class seats on the A350 have enormous space available, each seat had direct aisle access. A350 clean and the effect was spacious, the choice to not install centre overhead bins makes for a roomy atmosphere. Comfortable pillows, slippers and bedding were provided, so you can r...

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