Mapa de asientos Avro RJ85 (AR8) Air France

1A1C10A10B10C10D10E10F11A11B11C11D11E11F12A12B12C12D12E12F13A13B13C13D13E13F14A14B14C14D14E14F15A15C15D15E15F16A16C16D16E16F17A17C17D17E17F2A2B2C2D2E2F3A3B3C3D3E3F4A4B4C4D4E4F5A5B5C5D5E5F6A6B6C6D6E6F7A7B7C7D7E7F8A8B8C8D8E8F9A9B9C9D9E9FMapa de asientos Avro RJ85 (AR8) Air France

Avión Avro RJ85 (AR8) Air France con 95 asientos a bordo. Usa el mapa de asientos para encontrar cuáles son más cómodos y cuáles deberías evitar.


6/7/2017 SeatGuru User, asiento 10C

Incredibly cramped. Leg room is actually pretty OK but the aircraft is too narrow for 3+3 seating. No arm/shoulder room whatsoever. Always hot and very noisy.

5/21/2017 Gerry O, asiento ALL

Very cramped cabin, seats are narrow, overhead luggage bins are small. A large passenger may feel uncomfortable. Crew were very professional.

5/4/2017 SeatGuru User, asiento ALL

Wow talk about cramped, real tight fit. Uncomfortable is an understatement. The cabin crew however were very professional and did a nice job..

2/20/2017 Colin W, asiento 7B

The most uncomfortable seat on any plane I have sat on, cramped, planes are always to hot, noisy. Imagine sitting in a bolier room on a park bench and you get a flavour

9/18/2016 SeatGuru User, asiento 15C

Bad Seat! It's the only one who has a basin, that means you cannot space your legs to right or left. This influences the Seat 15A also.

8/23/2015 SeatGuru User, asiento 3

The free trolley service will begin at the front of the plane. On flight such as LCY-DUB which are short, the crew will make it to the back of the plane just before landing, so if you want a drink & snack, go to rows 3 and 4.

8/13/2015 Robbert H, asiento 8D

All of these seats are a mixed bag: the good part is that they are made of leather and are thickly padded with lots of leg room. The bad part is the bottom part of the seats, which is way too short. This makes your legs constantly cling over. Also the 3+3 layout is very cramped. Be aware that the row of seats under the wing part...

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6/21/2015 SeatGuru User, asiento 5F

Seat 5F - the view from the window for this seat is mostly obscured by the engine.

4/19/2015 SeatGuru User, asiento 4F

Watch out for Rows 6,7 & 8 as the bins above these rows are just half height due to the wings being above these rows - they won't fit a carry-on case. I had 13A outward which was fine though a bit noisy and view was obscured by engine - 14A would have had better view. I chose seat 4F on the way back and that was perfect. NB Row ...

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11/19/2014 SeatGuru User, asiento 15C

The armrests are closed off downwards. So if you have thick legs, this seat will cause some discomfort.

10/21/2014 SeatGuru User, asiento 2F

Seats 2D, 2E, and 2F are the best. Nothing in front of you except bulkhead, and more roomthan 1A and 1B. 2A, 2B and 2C have seats in front of them, 2A might have a little more leg room. Arm rests are solid and fixed, making seats feel narrower than they already are. Service was efficient and pleasant. This is a very loud a...

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8/25/2014 SeatGuru User, asiento 11A

Leather seats are quite comfortable, from 11A you can sea the flap mechanism quite nicely.

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