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4/26/2019 Blake Votilla

✅ Trip Verified | I checked multiple times on the phone that I would be able to no show on my Madrid to Barcelona leg of my flight and made plans to do so. Over the phone they reassured me that it would be no problem at all and I would not have to pay any extra fee. I was wrong and the ticketing officer let me know when I went to check upon arrival to Madrid. Iberia automatically printed a second last name similar to my real one on my boarding pass. This was not my real last name and caused problems at security. I had problems at every ticket booth retrieving my boarding passes.

4/19/2019 Lindylou, Airbus A320 seat 7B

As usual took ages to board this delays the plane taking off as the suitcase shuffle was played out because of luggage cost most people have a small suitcase but the airline does not provide enough overhead compartments to accommodate Economy Iberia Express no room to move and I am a short person Do not bother with a cup of tea or coffee as cup is so small for a price of 2.50 euros, food is ok but pricey stock up before you fly if doing flight in reverse go for a meal deal from the boots or wh smith No entertainment so bring your own or a book

4/13/2019 Tina Kameron

✅ Trip Verified | This airline is a real vacation bummer. From the moment I arrived in LAX to check in. The customer agent would not check me in for both my flights and refused to check my bag through to my final destination. I had a 50 minute connection time from one Iberia flight to another in Madrid. They wanted me to pick up my bag in Madrid and recheck in for my connecting flight on Iberia to Tangier! However, after I paid $105 to check the bag , which should have been a free bag, it was checked through to Tangier and I got a connecting boarding pass. However, my bag made it to Madrid and not to Tangier. It was extortion basically. The plane was horrible as was the service and the food. On the way back I had the same problem, except this time when my bag got left in Madrid they delivered it to me the next day, but the bag was damaged beyond repair. When I tried to contact the airline via, web, email and phone, I kept getting error or disconnect messages. Basically there is no customer service. Don't let them ruin your vacation, fly another airline.

4/12/2019 W Tanaleh

✅ Trip Verified | Madrid to Quito. Contacted Iberia offices in London in Feb requesting Vegan meal onboard. I was reassured on the phone that my order is recorded. On the flight I received no vegan food and once had to eat a vegetarian meal. Remained hungry throughout the flight. No help from crew. Very abrupt and impolite attitude. Seat was extremely uncomfortable. You couldn't hear the sound through the headphones provided onboard. Extremely bad service.

4/9/2019 P Steenson

✅ Trip Verified | London to Madrid was nothing short of shambolic from boarding, running an hour and a half late, running out of food and hot water! And then when we landed we ran flat out to the gate of our connecting flight to Porto to find a guy behind us was allowed through and onto the flight but we weren't - no explanation, rude attendant told us we had been out on another flight. We asked which flight she said we had to go to customer service, we asked where that was, she waved her arm but wouldn't give us directions. The customer service desk woman was also rude - no apology and totally rude when I asked would our bags follow us - I'm still not convinced! And the final insult - a voucher for free dinner at McDonalds.

4/6/2019 Chris Topher B, Airbus A340-600 (346) v2 seat 6A

While the A340 is a dog, the seat is fairly descent. Good legroom on the window seats, IFE was serviceable but the meals in F lacked.

4/6/2019 Chris Topher B, Airbus A350-900 (359) seat 8A

Galley was not bothersome in the least. I only travel Business internationally and can honestly say this was a GREAT seat. Looks similar to the older seats but much more room and a much improved IFE system. Service was uninspired, but no surprise there.

4/4/2019 Alejandro, Airbus A319 (319) Business Club seat 24F

Siguen con el problema de bajar las maletas de forma aleatoria a bodega en vez de por orden de llegada como las demás aerolíneas. Esto ha provocado muchas quejas de pasajeros.

4/1/2019 G Margoni

✅ Trip Verified | Madrid to Milan. Iberia's short-haul flights are different from long-haul or intercontinental flights. In these Iberia offers a service just slightly higher than that offered by the low cost: no IFE, food on purchase seats with a decidedly insufficient pitch.

4/1/2019 G Margoni

✅ Trip Verified | Miami to Madrid. A fairly recent aircraft, with comfortable seats equipped with a proper pitch and equipped with IFE with personal screens and power. Good quality of food and beverage. Flight attendants are kind, but being a night flight, not all the time present and very attentive to the passengers' needs. Iberia generally offers comfortable flights and adequate prices to destinations in North America and Latin America

3/29/2019 P Reed

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Iberia from Sao Paulo to Madrid on my way back to London. The seats were great when compared to the BA Club World but service and food was terrible. The FA were in such a mood that it looked as if they were doing me a favor and the food, I chose the chicken but mine was undercooked and full of nerves. Could not eat it. In summary - seats pretty good and the rest rubbish.

3/21/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A340-600 (346) v2 seat 59D

Great legroom! There is no seat in front of 59D making for plenty of legroom. Also, Iberia's fee for the seat reservation was only 30€ as opposed to 65€ for emergency exit seats. Proximity to the lavatories may be bothersome, but I'd say it's totally worth it.

3/19/2019 J Kan

✅ Trip Verified | Buenos Aires to Madrid. Horrible check in service. Baggage not sold with tickets online. Poor Web interface. Call center in Buenos Aires ask for voice recognition then cut line off. Poor boarding experience. Unruly not organised. On board sat next to a lady crew member. Friends (ie steward) gave two bottles of wine on board to be put in her bag to take out. Utterly unprofessional.

3/19/2019 S Fader

✅ Trip Verified | Madrid to Miami. Worst customer service. The seat is so tight. I do not recommend this flight, pay extra little money and enjoy the other flight.

3/18/2019 Neil McGill

Not Verified | Bogota to Madrid. When flying long-haul these days I prefer to pay a bit more for Premium Economy in order to have extra space and a slightly better level of service. With Iberia I feel that it is not worth the additional expense and is a very poor Premium product. Whilst the seats were comfortable and the IFE good, the service was pretty sub standard. There was no pre-dinner drinks service, with beer, wine and soft drinks being handed out with the meal. Spirits were not available but there was an announcement saying these could be purchased later (No one came round to offer so assume you would go to a galley to get them). The meal was a choice between chicken and pasta - when I asked what was in the pasta the cabin crew member serving me had no idea and said I could open it and check and hand it back if I wanted the chicken instead. It wasn't bad but you really would think in 2019 that crew know what they are serving given all the issues around allergies. There was no proactive offering of a second drink and I had to ask for one, though bizarrely they did offer more bread rolls - when everyone had already finished their meal! The crew then disappeared after clearing dinner and made only cursory passenger checks through the night. Breakfast was served about at an hour before landing in MAD- the main element was a warm cheese and tomato roll that was stuck to the box it was warmed up in, and took a while to loosen. The late serving of breakfast meant there was a mad rush to get it cleared and the cabin ready for landing- this wasn't achieved and we touched down with seats not upright, window shades closed and video screens not stowed away. Overall a poor experience and if you are going to offer Premium Economy at least invest in the product - British Airways have done this quite successfully so it is a mystery that their sister company hasn't.

3/14/2019 Juan L., Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 30C

La verdad es que yo iba un poco aprensivo por los comentarios que había oído y leído en lo que se refiere a la comodidad y servicio en un vuelo tan largo (más de diez horas). Pero resultó mucho mejor de lo esperado. Suficiente espacio, buen entretenimiento, servicio Wifi, comida normal para lo que se puede esperar en un avión (yo tomé vino sin que me lo cobraran), un pequeño snack antes de aterrizar y el personal de cabina muy bueno. En general yo diría que el vuelo estuvo bien. La única nota negativa fue que tuve la mala fortuna de que los asientos a mi alrededor estuviesen ocupados por un grupo que en cuanto se acabó la comida comenzaron a utilizar los pasillos como si estuviesen en el salón de su casa, yendo de aquí para allá, permaneciendo de pie hablando entre ellos (hablaban en francés pero no podría decir si eran de esa nacionalidad o tal vez de otro país). Lo cierto es que utilizaban la liberté, la egalité y la fraternité como les venía en gana, sin pensar si molestaban a los demás. Una señora bastante rolliza se plantó a mi lado hablando con una amiga que estaba en el asiento opuesto al mío y cada vez que pasaba alguien por el pasillo me tocaba aguantar el refregón. Así hasta que decidí apoyar mi codo y levantar el brazo con el puño en alto a guisa de lanza de modo que cuando venía alguien tenía que elegir entre mi puño o el trasero de la gorda, la cual después de un rato me dirigía miradas asesinas pero sin dar trazas de sentarse. En fin, anécdotas de un vuelo de las que Iberia no tiene la culpa. Aunque sería recomendable que alguien del personal, por ejemplo el sobrecargo de tripulación, advirtiese a los “señores y señoras pasajeros que permanezcan en sus asientos y no den la vara al resto del pasaje...” Saludos.

3/8/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat J20

All seats "J" in Economy class have a reduced foot space, as there is a metal case under all the "J" seats. This reduces the footspace by 8-10 cm in width. For somebody tall it is really bothering!

3/5/2019 B Merton

✅ Trip Verified | Birmingham to Madrid. I was over charged for bringing golf clubs. It clearly states £40 on the website. I was charged £50 even though I showed the webpage to the guy on the desk. When I phoned customer service and when a went to customer service desk at Madrid they both agreed I was over charged. After filling out a complaint form the emailed me back saying it was the correct charge on a no reply email address.

2/23/2019 T Thomson

Not Verified | London to Vigo via Madrid. Awful all round. No idea how to handle delays, how to manage groups of people, or how to treat passengers. I’ve encountered the same problem with this airline time and again, so I will be seeking alternative routes in future.

2/19/2019 Andre C, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 2L

My First time with Iberia in Business, I Flew Rio de Janeiro to Madrid. The 2L offers a lot of privacy due to the shelf separating the seat from the aisle. It is wide and comfortable, has a lot of storage space, including a shoe storage compartment. The seat turns into a 180 degree bed and features massage mode. Food is not excellent, but not terrible, just there in the middle as you would expect from a regular business class service. Entertainment systems for me was the weak part, por quality non noise canceling headphones, outdated movies and not a lot of options.