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2/15/2019 D Kendall

✅ Trip Verified | We recently endured economy return flights from Buenos Aires to Madrid. While the seats were actually quite comfortable and we appreciated the 2-4-2 configuration, the service and food were quite bad. We hardly saw the cabin crew except when serving a meal, rest of the time there were 1 or 2 chatting in the galley. There was no drink service before meals. No information about the meal apart from a cursory “pasta or chicken”. When I asked for an eye mask I was told to go to the back of the plane. Earphones were awful and seemed like the ones other airlines used to provide 25 years ago. Perhaps we’re too critical as our benchmark is Singapore Airlines, Thai, Cathay Pacific, Qantas etc and they’re in a higher quality segment of the market.

2/9/2019 J Velardo

✅ Trip Verified | I flew from Mexico City to Madrid. I asked the flight attendant for water but he refused to give me water saying "the seat belt Sign is on I can't serve you". The seat belt sign was on for like 5hrs. I had to go to the galley to get it myself.

2/5/2019 Neil Jeram

✅ Trip Verified | A swift trip from London to Madrid on Iberia. It was a EasyJet style experience on an A340. No real issues. Food and drink had to be purchased and in fact they had run out of most things by the time the cart came around. Got me from A to B and thats fine.

1/20/2019 Luz Uzal, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 8A

Asiento como los demas, pero ¡ojo! No tiene ventanilla.

1/18/2019 Emily Hart

✅ Trip Verified | On Thursday, December 27th, my fiancé and I were scheduled to fly New York to Madrid. At 8:30, we all lined up to board and then after standing for 30 minutes with no direction, we were told that the plane had a mechanical issue. For the following three hours, we were given vague and unhelpful updates roughly once an hour. This was stressful since it was getting later and later in the night. Finally, close to 11:30, we were told the flight was cancelled in Spanish. The message was not repeated in English for another three minutes. We then proceeded down to baggage claim and there was no one from Iberia to direct us or tell us what was happening. We waited in complete confusion for close to 30 minutes. Finally, we were let through a door and told to write our name, phone number and email on a white sheet of printer paper and that they would be getting buses to take us to a hotel. Everyone on our flight was very confused why we were being asked to write our information down as we assumed that any airline would already have this information in their system. At this point, we took a cab and returned to our apartment in Brooklyn to attempt to get some sleep. We were told we would get a phone call or text letting us know when the plane was fixed. At 2:53AM, we woke up to the sound of a text saying our itinerary was changed. We were now scheduled to leave on December 28th at 18:59 to London, have a three-hour layover and then take another flight from London to Madrid. I immediately called Iberia and spoke to an incredibly rude customer service rep. She told me that Iberia already changed my ticket for free so any other change would require a fee. I have never heard of a policy like this. I knew there was a 5:00 (17:00) direct flight on Dec 28th and I at the very least I wanted to get on that. After a very frustrating conversation with no apology or resolution, I attempted to get more sleep. At 7:05AM, I got another text saying that our original flight was delayed to 15:30 and to call the airport at 12:30 to check. I immediately called Iberia to ask about that flight status and why our itinerary didn’t show that flight and the customer service representative could not explain this. They said that the 15:30 flight did not exist and/or that we didn’t have tickets on it. At this point, we were confused whether we should go back to JFK with no ticket or go for our new flight with the connection. I finally reached a customer service rep, who told us there was nothing he could do. At that point, I asked to speak to his manager and suddenly he said that he could get us on the 17:00 direct flight. I’m confused why this wasn’t an option from the beginning. When we arrived at the airport and returned to our original gate from the previous night around 3:45PM, we were told that our original flight from Thursday night departed at 3:30 (15:30). I do not understand why we weren’t given the option to be on that flight. The lack of clear communication is unacceptable. I have submitted a formal complaint to Iberia about the situation, asking for reimbursement for the cabs and hotel room we had to pay for, but did not use in Spain, and I was sent a generic apology email saying it was out of their control. I cannot emphasize enough, Iberia has been the most unprofessional airline I have ever experienced and I have flown too many places to count.

1/17/2019 Philip, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 47D

Worths food in a fligth so far. It was a A330-300

1/17/2019 S Lavrovsky

✅ Trip Verified | Round trip from Tel-Aviv to Seville via Madrid. Flight to Seville was OK. But troubles begun on the way back. During online check in, a day before the flight, Iberia's web site popped error message saying that it's not possible to pay for our luggage online and we'll have to pay at the airport. At the airport we've been ordered to pay 60 EUR, which is twice as online payment price. I've tried to contact Iberia's representative and explain the problem but in Seville they have only company that providing ground services. As you can understand we had no choice but pay in airport luggage fee. I've left complain form which explained the problem that we could not pay for our luggage during online check in due to problem with Iberia's web site and have been charged in airport luggage fee, but the complain has been denied. Will hardly order our next flight with Iberia in foreseeable future.

1/15/2019 S Foster

✅ Trip Verified | I had an inland Iberia flight from Coruna to Madrid. It is a very short one (around 1h). So I was not expecting a lot from this flight of course. Usually when I take this kind I have got no problem. It is however the first time I have had such short leg room. Indeed I am tall (1m90) but I dont have this problem on other flights. This one was a nightmare as I could not move at all and I had to work with my computer. Just found it is a joke to propose this cabin arrangement.

1/12/2019 Miguel L, Airbus A319 (319) seat 19D

Bad seat, for a 6 foot guy like me i don't fit. The table goes straight to my belly.

1/11/2019 O Salinger

✅ Trip Verified | Turin to Madrid via Chicago. My family and I arrived at Chicago airport on December 21st, flying from Madrid. Part of our baggage was missing. A nice lady at the carousel was already informed of the occurrence and prepared a claim for us. Apparently this is something that happens quite often. She pointed out to a pile of baggage from the previous day, same flight. She said the baggage would be delivered to our location the next day. We were a little disappointed because the baggage contained all the kids' clothes and presents for the people we were visiting, but it's a busy time to travel, things like that happen and we were pleased with the way things were handled until then. The next day nobody called to schedule the delivery, nor the baggage was delivered. So the day after (December 23rd) we call the airline. A gentlemen speaking a bad English informed us that the baggage was likely in Madrid but could not confirm the location or when it would be delivered. Likewise, no information on the Iberia website. We would have to call the next day. That was starting to be a little too much annoying. Finally on December 24th we were informed that the baggage was boarded on the flight to Chicago and that it would be delivered the same evening or at latest the next morning. At night we found a voicemail informing to call before 8:30pm or the next morning for the delivery. So on Christmas morning we called, we were informed that the baggage was actually at the airport closest to our location (about 20 miles away) but it would not be delivered because Iberia does not pay the courier. If we wanted our suitcase, we would have to go and pick it up at the airport! That's what we did. Of course we issued a claim, requesting compensation for the emergency clothing we had to buy, for the travel expense to go and pick up the baggage and for the inconvenience of having to do so on Christmas morning after waiting for the baggage for 4 days. The airline recognized compensation only for the emergency clothes.

1/9/2019 Lynn Hensley, Airbus A330-300 (333) v2 seat 28C

It was alright, we were not able to upgrade as we usually do.

1/8/2019 S Andrews

✅ Trip Verified | London Heathrow to Madrid with Iberia. The worst airline ever. First we got a very rude lady at the boarding desk, she wanted to let us give her our handbags to be shipped with big pieces of luggage. She was very rude and not helpful at all. I lost my ipad as I forgot it on the aircraft and then tried my best, even paid twice to go to the airport but staff were not trained and it was useless talking to them, a big zero for this airline.

1/8/2019 Philippa Hopper

✅ Trip Verified | London to Santiago de Chile via Madrid. I had to check in my cabin baggage, although correct size as check in clerk said possibly insufficient room on plane but they would check it in for free. I padlocked it. When I finally got to Santiago, the lock had been ripped off and thrown back inside the case, the gifts I had had been broken into and a mans watch had been stolen. The flight left one hour late and as a result I missed my connecting flight at Madrid and was put in a substandard hotel near Madrid and told they couldn’t get me on a flight for 2 days. They wouldn’t let me have my cabin luggage because by the time they got around to dealing with me they said the baggage place was closed, so I had no overnight things, clothes, toiletries etc. I arrived at my destination 44 hours later than scheduled. That was 2 days I lost with my young grandson who I had not seen for 2 years. When I submitted a complaint and in particular a request for EU flight compensation, I asked for the reason for the delay and got a stupid response that the delay was beyond their control, but still no actual reason or explanation. I submitted the complaint again and took advice from the consumer advice service which provided the correctly worded letter template for EU flight delay compensation and they replied that I was inconvenienced because of something beyond their control and no explanation. They closed down my complaint references without any explanation or apology.

1/8/2019 T Robinson

✅ Trip Verified | Iberia flys daily to and from from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic and Madrid and they have Air Europa as the alternative, I always fly Iberia as they have flat bed seats in business class and arrive in their terminal where I make my transfers. Like most airlines there are good and bad flights but the Iberia flights are normally good. The seats are comfortable, the crew are normally pleasant and the prices are fair if you book early, they rise steeply as the departure date draws closer and also at Easter and Christmas time. My last two flights were very good. I have to say that the entertainmentt programmes are mostly rubbish unless you like B grade movies and pop music and I do not like spanish wines but everything else last December was top notch and I will continue using them.

1/4/2019 S Marston

✅ Trip Verified | Boston to Madrid. Iberia lost my luggage in September. I filed a claim on October 1. On October 17, I was told I would be receiving $405 USD in compensation via check. It has now been more than 70 days since that original email, and I have not received the check. I have spent hours on the phone with Iberia, and eventually after complaining on Facebook I was told that the check had been lost. I have not been able to get any further updates for more than a week now. Iberia is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I will never fly them again.

1/2/2019 SeatGuru User, Airbus A319 (319) seat 6A

Flight in Business Class from Düsseldorf to Madrid, very good leg space, middle seat kept empty, excellent service (hot meal, wine, etc.); took flights earlier in economy class and leg room is the worst I had, service is not existing.

1/2/2019 Vicki Barick

✅ Trip Verified | I arrived in Tel Aviv on 12/22 at 9:50 PM. My checked luggage did not make it to Tel Aviv. I immediately went to the Iberia "Customer Service" Counter to file a claim. I was visiting the Holy Land for Christmas. I was there from 12-22-18 through 12-29-2018. My husband was at home in the US. He made numerous calls to Iberia. He spent over 3 hours on 12/24 attempting to have my luggage located and delivered to my hotel. He finally read on a travel blog that if you threaten to contact the Spanish Government that Iberia will finally react. It was correct. He received an email within 10 minutes of this threat. They located my luggage in Miami on 12-25. It never made it out of Miami (It was supposed to follow me with my connecting flight in Madrid, then on to Tel Aviv). I finally received my luggage on 12/26 -late in the evening. Just in time to turn around and leave early in the morning on 12/29 for home! Now I am trying to get someone to respond in order to be reimbursed the $50 allowed per diem per day that I did not have access to my luggage. My tour director had to take me shopping on 12/24 because I had been wearing the same outfit since I left my home on 12/21. I Will NOT give up, I WILL be successful in retrieving my $200 that they owe me for reimbursement for clothing and toiletries. I was with a tour group.

12/27/2018 M Deane

✅ Trip Verified | Palma de Mallorca to Madrid. Worst customer service I have ever received from any company. Surly and lazy staff, bureaucratic and unhelpful. After a delayed flight I was refused repatriation of any kind and was delayed two days to my destination. My bag was misplaced during this ordeal and it has been over two weeks and Iberia have refused to help in any way. However, the cabin crew were polite and accommodating which is why I think 1 star is appropriate.

12/25/2018 B Wilson

✅ Trip Verified | Buenos Aires to Madrid with Iberia. The worst cabin crew ever. Despite being the festive season they turned out to be the most surly unprofessional crew we’ve ever experienced. The flight was barely half full so it could hardly be that they were overstretched! Safety didn’t seem to be a priority as far as pre-take off and landing checks were concerned. Very cursory cabin checks were undertaken and large carry on bags were allowed to remain on seats for both take off and landing. The crew seemed totally disinterested in the safety implications. Food and beverage service seemed to be a chore. On one occasion I went to the galley to request a drink, two staff were idly chatting to each other. Despite one of them certainly being aware of my presence they totally ignored me and disappeared in the other direction! The toilet was a disgrace and didn’t appear to have been cleaned throughout the 11 hour flight. The only positives were the excellent information provided from the flight deck and the fact that the flight landed an hour early. The latter was of little benefit to us as we had an onward connection.

12/20/2018 K Shanas

✅ Trip Verified | London to Mexico City via Madrid. Customer service is terrible, if anything doesn't go smoothly they are impossible to contact - there is no response, the line is dead, webpage doesn't work etc. Prior to flying I tried to change a flight. No-one could help me and no-one ever contacted me. I gave up and accepted the flight given. We had a connecting flight and baggage was delayed. We were given a number to call and a website to check to see when they would arrive (they promised within 12 hours). We didn't receive it for 24 hours and had no idea when it would arrive as they were impossible to get in touch with.