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6/30/2019 John Hertzberg

✅ Trip Verified | I was scheduled to fly from Philly to Detroit on 6/28/2019 leaving at 3:15 pm and the flight was cancelled, and American lied to everyone why. First, were at the gate and the pilot announces there was 6,000 pounds too much fuel, and we needed to remove that excess fuel. That took a couple hours. We then head to the taxiway and sit for over an hour with no information from the pilot beyond we're waiting to learn where in line we were. Next thing is pilot announces he's "timed out" for the day, so we have to return to the gate, which we did. We deplane and they tell us new departure times for over an hour, saying they're looking for a new crew to fly the plane. Never once did anyone mention weather as an issue. Next we hear the flight is cancelled, there's no other flights to Detroit that night, and now they claim it's cancelled due to weather, so they won't cover anyone's hotel expense. They will refund the price of the ticket, but they won't cover the cost of a ticket on a different airline to get to Detroit. Ignoring the fact they never once mentioned weather as an issue, the website showed every other flight from Philly and other east coast cities heading to Detroit during the same period of time did not get cancelled or delayed due to weather.

6/29/2019 Luisa Fernandes

Not Verified | Dallas to Honolulu. Horrible service. Third time I have flown with American Airlines, yet it's the second time my flight was delayed. The flight attendants don't tell you about the problem. After three hours they offer your cheap snacks and tap water!

6/28/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A321 (321) v1 seat 14C

I'm an average sized man at 5'10" and 195 pounds and found this seat to be extremely uncomfortable with minimal legroom and foot room (due to power box) taking up 1/2 the space in front of me. The in flight entertainment unit was nice but did not make up for lack of space.

6/28/2019 Jonathon Woloshuk

✅ Trip Verified | Tulsa to Grand Rapids via Dallas. Absolutely terrible airline. They delayed one of my flights, which put me in Dallas with very little time. Luckily, my connection was also delayed 30 minutes, so I arrived at the gate 10 minutes prior to the original time and 45 minutes prior to taking off. The flight attendant was incredibly rude and told me she couldn't let me on when though they were still loading passengers. I talked with her manager who said the same thing. They said I had already been bumped for a standby passenger, even though the flight want taking off for 45 minutes. If you want to be treated like garbage, fly American. If you want to be treated like a human, fly with anyone else.

6/28/2019 D Karden

✅ Trip Verified | Chicago to London. Most appalling experience, most of the staff is very uncordial, and least helpful. Both my flights from Detroit and to London got delayed, causing me to lose connection in London. The flight from ORD to LHR got delayed more than 2 hrs due to technical Issues. On an long haul international flight these checks should have been done way ahead of time. Very bad experience.

6/28/2019 K Tan

✅ Trip Verified | La Guardia to Dallas Ft Worth. America Airlines customer service has been the rudest people I’ve ever encountered when flying. I know there is a lot of stress with flying and traveling and I believe that there needs to be people working at airlines to be polite. I flew from LGA and there is no help from the customer service desk especially when trying to check in a bag. The kiosks are mostly all self service, but there was not many people to help with checking in. They don’t have friendly smiling faces to help ease the stress of being at airports and flying. Being one of the biggest airlines in the world, their change flight fee is very expensive, the cost of checking in baggage and the size of overhead cabin space is small for a carryon. I’ve used a backpack to carryon before and they told me I had to check my bag even though the size of the backpack could fit the overhead cabin space. I have told myself that I would never fly with American again before since I had prior issues with this airline. I should have listened to myself.

6/27/2019 Crystal Stephens

Not Verified | First off, I would like to say that I never write reviews; however, American Airlines deserves something to be said about how awful they are. We travel very often as my husband is Australian. I have flown with over 10 airlines in the last 2 years. Since I am a one world partner, my preferred airline partner in the US is American Airlines. They are absolutely horrible. At least 50% of our flights are delayed and have mechanical issues affecting all of our connecting flights which obviously then have to be rescheduled. AA is completely unreliable. This is absolutely ridiculous and never happens to us on other airlines in our experience. American Airlines needs to get their act together!

6/27/2019 Shanice S Matthews

✅ Trip Verified | This was my first time flying American Airlines and it will probably be my last. The experience was beyond horrible & I'm truly in shock that this airline gets business. I flew from San Diego to Mississippi in the course of this travel I was stuck in two different cities, in total I flew on 8 airplanes. Too many mechanical issues on their planes and constant delays. My connected flight left me & I was stuck in Dallas overnight due to a plane delay in San Diego. I wasn’t rebooked until the next day for a flight that went to New Orleans instead, but AA sent my luggage to Mississippi. However my trip was worst coming home, I received a text about a two hour delay in Mississippi at the airport, yet again I had to miss my connector flight. Another night stranded with no luggage, and a flight that didn’t leave until the day after in the afternoon. I had missed work. My flight that was rebooked went from Charlotte to Dallas in which we had another delay at the Dallas airport. I made it home a day after my original travel schedule with multiple delays & being stranded in two cities. I have never in my life dealt with such a complicated travel experience. Worst airline I’ve ever flown in my entire life

6/27/2019 E Harten

✅ Trip Verified | Pensacola to Detroit via Charlotte. Literally the worst experience I’ve ever had, my family of three was given delay after delay after delay, only to have our flight canceled at 2am (was supposed to be home at 7pm) because they couldn’t find the pilot. What should have been a 5 hour trip turned into 48 hours and getting home by car. Cost of round trip ticket was $429, refund for cancelled flight $104. This was after having to pay for a hotel and renting a car. We could submit a receipt if we had kept them in our exhausted brain fog. They then gave us issues with getting our luggage because we didn’t wait in Charlotte for another day to pick it up there. If they would have cancelled our flight right away due to the weather, I could have respected that, instead it was a big confused mess of nobody knowing what was going on and staff disappearing and timing out. We watched multiple fights being told their crew was on its way, their crew was there, time to board, and then sorry, never mind, your flight is canceled. I took out a AA advantage card to start getting points and had planned to make them my airline of choice. On second thought, I will not be flying with them again.

6/27/2019 Katie Claude Huff

Not Verified | Des Moines to Tucson. First, our flight was cancelled. We had already checked out of our hotel and had to cancel an Uber. So we had to check back into the hotel. In order to get a seat on a new flight the next day, we had to pay extra (the only seats were first class), then once we checked into the airport the next day we were moved back down to Economy. I had called the customer service and confirmed it will take forever and a day to get our refund on the upgraded tickets but they refuse to give a credit voucher for having to pay for an additional day due to the cancelled flight. They had no problem putting others into hotels due to the inconvenience but my request for a credit voucher was "separate" somehow.

6/26/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 767-300 (763) seat 13J

I was moved to this seat without my knowledge after an equipment switch. This costly "Main Cabin Extra" option is the worst seat I have ever had on a full-size aircraft. Misaligned window, limited recline, bathroom adjacent, and so crammed into the corner as to induce an attack of claustrophobia. Plus overheads that are barely bigger than a commuter jet: I couldn't even get my overnight case into them.

6/26/2019 Pete Humphreys

Not Verified | The flight to Charlotte was fine. But the last leg to Knoxville was cancelled due to weather. The next plane was cancelled and the one after that was two hours late and full. The customer service in this situation was woefully inadequate. “ phone the number on this blue slip and they’ll sort a hotel for you “ they said. Nope. Google it yourself and sort out your own hotel is the reality. 19 calls later I found a hotel at $200 at 2am. It’s not “customer service”, it’s customer indifference. I have to fly back to the UK soon and I am dreading it, given what happened to me.

6/26/2019 G Balenez

Absolute worst airline I have ever flown with. Was supposed to fly out of Columbia on 6/24 with a layover in Washington, flight got delayed and would cause me to miss connecting in Washington. Got rebooked on a flight to Chicago which also got delayed causing me to miss the connecting. Flew out at 6am of Columbia to Washington the on 6/5, got on to plane to head to Boston and we all had to deplane that flight was then cancelled and delayed until 10am, then 2:05pm, then 4:36 pm. Would give 0 stars if possible.

6/26/2019 K Henson

✅ Trip Verified | Providenciales to Chicago via Charlotte. This is the first review I have ever written. We had a girls trip planned to Barcelona for 5 days, for our direct flight, without much explanation, our flight was delayed 5 hours and cancelled. American offered us "food vouchers" if we went online, had no options to rebook us that weren't 4 days away ( thats the whole trip), and were extremely rude in the process. We made lemons into lemonade, cancelled our trip, and went to the only place we could go last minute through American for 6 people, Turks and Caicos. On our flight back out of Charlotte, we were delayed 5 hours and the flight was cancelled. Zero Reimbursements. Zero Help. They wont help with hotels, food, or rebooking. We got ourselves on now a connecting flight tomorrow and have to sit up all night at the airport waiting. Everyone has been rude, no vouchers, no reimbursements. Luckily I have all night to write reviews ( go big or go home once you start I suppose). I would NOT fly American, I have been a loyal customer for years, and this treatment has been appalling. Fly United or Southwest.

6/25/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A321 (321) v1 seat 8D

Overhead bins reserved for First Class. No other storage for your bag, so you are forced to put it farther back in the plane, even in Boarding Group 3.

6/25/2019 S Naliva

✅ Trip Verified | Our flight was from Ottawa to Miami with one stop at Philadelphia. This one stop was nightmare! It is unacceptable the way my sister and I were treated by AA staff at the Philadelphia airport. Our flight was delayed 45 min from Ottawa to Philadelphia. when we arrive to Philadelphia AA staff send us from one customer service office to another one, refusing to help us. Then from one gate to another one... needless to say the airport is huge and we walk the Whole thing hoping to get some assistance... At one gate a customer service rep told us, "you have your seats on the next flight to Miami, I want to print it but my printer is not working... please go to gate XX the flight will be leaving soon" What a big lie! when we finally arrived to the gate where the flight was leaving, we found out we didn't have seats! I explain to the customer rep that our flight with AA was delayed 45 min, so we lost our connection flight from Philadelphia to Miami (with AA), we need to be in Miami today. Could you please put us on the next flight to Miami? if AA does not have flights going, could you please put us on a flight with another company. She answers the next flight its tomorrow at 3:00 pm.

6/24/2019 Morgan Lee

✅ Trip Verified | Dallas to Oklahoma City. American Airlines is the absolute worst airline I have ever flown. They canceled all flights to our city for weather when there was no weather in either the destination, the departure or in between. They did not have any flights the next day. he previous week, after they changed our flight with no explanation and bumped us from the first class seats we paid for, they refused to offer any help or refund our money. As a result of the vast quantity of cancellations from AA the car rental places in DFW no longer offer one way rentals because it is too expensive to get the cars back from the destinations. The only response I have received on any of these issues is that they can’t do anything because it’s out of their hands. They do not care about customer service in anyway. Every staff member was so rude, not helpful and just had zero interest in doing their job. I will go out of my way to never fly American Airlines ever again. They get a 1 because you can’t even give them a zero rating.

6/24/2019 C Heale

✅ Trip Verified | Charlotte to Lynchburg. We were on our way home to VA from CA. When we were waiting to take off from CA the pilot came across the intercom and said that we were going to be late because we were waiting on some other folks who were late to the gate to board. Because that family was late the whole plane was late to get to NC. And myself and several other passengers missed our flights. I just don't understand what was so special about this family you can hold a whole plane and ruin everyone else's flights. Now we have to sleep on the floor of the airport. We won't be able to go back to our jobs tomorrow and missing a whole day of work is a big chunk of change. I don't understand is why were we set up on a flight that was scheduled to land at 940 and have a connecting flight that also starts boarding at 940. This same thing happened to me last year at the same time. I'm fed up with American Airlines.

6/24/2019 Andrea Reynolds

✅ Trip Verified | Memphis to Cancun via Charlotte. American Airlines is awful! This is 2nd year in a row had major issues. Last year computer system went down. This year we boarded , sat down and told to get back off because damage to plane. They knew this before we boarded! No connections to destination left. Customer service agents for American were rude and did not care. Didn’t even bring snack, waters until 2 hours later. Over a hundred passengers stood in line for over 2 hours and then they moved us again to different gate twice to go nowhere. Long story short ruined a family vacation and most people could not get where they were going unless 2 days late. We had to get refund for our family trip! Makes you wonder how well they maintain their planes. If I can avoid will never fly them again. I’d give them a 0/10 but must pick 1/10!

6/23/2019 Amylee Casey

Not Verified | Our flight was originally from Tulsa to Dallas to Ft Myers, 12 hours prior they cancelled Tulsa to Dallas flight with no explanation. We call, set on hold from 9:00 pm to 12:00am only to be hung up on 3 times. They finally call back at 3am after we had come to the conclusion we would have to drive 5 hours to catch connecting flight in Dallas. Their solution was to move us from Monday to Wednesday flight. What! So we just miss two days of our trip? We tell them no we will just drive to Dallas and that we want compensation. They tell us to complete travel and then they would. Lie! We call them back again and find a flight out of Oklahoma to Dallas to Ft Myers which is two hours away. So we start our trip with no sleep, two tired kids, and driving two hours away to catch a flight. They could care less. Then 12 hours before our flight home the cancel flights and we have to drag two kids through 4 connections to get home. Then drive two hours in. They will not compensate. They say it was weather but nowhere in our path was there bad weather. However all over the news it was announced they downed hundreds of flights due to mechanical issues. I will not fly with them again!