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6/16/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 32L

By far the best seat in basic economy. Great legroom and having the seat hug the wall (as opposed to Boeing 747 seat 51 J which has a large gap between the window seat and the wall) allows for extra comfort.

6/16/2019 Matthew Heldak

Not Verified | Decent experience. Three of the four flights were on time. Most of the cabin crew were friendly. Ground staff in EWR and LAS were friendly as well, although some of the staff in CLT are a bit dismissive. One of the engines on the plane from CLT to EWR failed to start, but the airline was quick and efficient in finding a plane to fly the route. This did result in an hour delay, but the efficiency of the crew was admirable. Seats on the B737 are a bit cramped, but the A321 is spacious and comfortable. Unfortunately no seatback entertainment, which is odd considering most other airlines have it, although you can download the American app and watch free movies and TV inflight on a smart device. No real choice in snacks, but a decent drink menu. I would personally recommend American over Delta or United, although my opinion may be unpopular.

6/15/2019 J Uppole

✅ Trip Verified | The recent change to not being able to select your seat (without an up charge of at least $10) was pretty frustrating that flying cheap means you will be forced to sit in the middle seat every time. What is not acceptable are the advertisements that are now played on the TV headrest while you are waiting to exit the plane. If you are using the entertainment system to watch a show, advertisements are to be expected. However while everyone is sitting there in gridlock to play advertisements on every TV and removing our ability to skip it or turn the TV is unacceptable. I refuse to be forcibly subjected to content I consider abhorrent. I will not be watching these ever again.

6/15/2019 Rick Reyes

Not Verified | American Airlines has successfully ruined our first family gathering in Boston at our daughter's home. We arrived early at LAX to avoid rushing through the TSA section. Well that plan immediately fell apart when the flight was delayed around 2 hours. We ended up sitting at the airport for around 4 hours and getting to Boston after midnight, missing the late night festivities. To make matters worse, my son's flight today from LAX to Boston has been delayed by 5 hours. I suggested to my son that it will be perfectly all right if he just canceled his trip. This may not sound as bad as others who I am sure have encountered 24 hour delays but the airline industry should be more prepared to ensure family's get for they paid for. My family will go out of our way to avoid using American Airlines.

6/15/2019 F Keal

✅ Trip Verified | Cleveland to Dallas. The last three times I flew, my baggage was check in for free because of my wife being in the military. She FaceTimed me and spoke to two of the attendance at the airport. However, this last time, my bags were not able to be checked in for free because I was told she has to be here. The agent, was extremely rude and disrespectful towards be and proceed to tell me that there was no way he could help me. I then, showed him my previous baggage tickets that I had before that were checked in for free. He then told me there’s nothing I can do. “American is sometimes discombobulated” in his words. I was so upset, I had to throw out half of my luggage even the items I brought to take to my wife for her surprise 25th birthday. American is horrible. The customer service is extremely unprofessional. I am a general manager and I have never given such careless service before in my life. In a job, you are to make sure things are taken care of, and this time they werent by far. American will never receive another dollar from my wife or myself, because of the terrible service, and even after I walked away, he started to laugh which made me more confused and frustrated that I wasn’t able to receive help, but I could receive ignorance? Great job, American.

6/14/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 29J

This seat does not recline and the arm rests cannot be moved. I had an empty row for this flight, but could not lift the arm rests to enjoy the room.

6/14/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A321 (321) v2 seat 5D

Flight 809 from Philly to Tampa was originally supposed to be an Airbus A320 however AA delayed the flight for 2 hours and apparently changed the aircraft to this one. 5D is supposed to be MCE & I paid extra for it because being a 5' 10" fat guy with bad knees the extra legroom always helps. Well that was a mistake. 5D is facing the bulkhead and extra legroom is non-existent. I will never choose this seat again on this aircraft.

6/14/2019 Abdallah E, Embraer 175 (E75) v1 seat 9D

Sat in 9D on a flight to Philly June 7, 2019. The seat is not bad. The legroom is sufficient for a 5' 10" fat guy with bad knees. My only complaint is that since it is a regional air flight there is no WiFi until the requisite cruising altitude.

6/14/2019 S Keale

✅ Trip Verified | Austin to Nashville via Dallas. I will never be flying through this airline company again. They change gates at the last minute (multiple times in our case). They cancelled our first flight and we had to continue to try for oversold standby flights throughout the day. Customer service and gate agents don’t care to communicate properly with their customers that are stuck in flight limbo. I would leave a 0 if I could.

6/14/2019 Haley Burns

✅ Trip Verified | Orlando to LaGuardia. This was the absolute worst, most chaotic experience flying of my life. After being delayed 8 times and cancelled 4 I finally got on another flight via JetBlue that I had to pay for out of my own pocket since AA is a joke. My flight was due to depart at 8:27 pm yesterday and I wasn’t on an aircraft until 6:30 am today. Customer service is useless and to be frank, they’re straight up rude. I basically threw away money, potentially risked my job as I’m missing work today and lost 12 hours of my life on a “2-hour” flight. You’re the worst AA, I wouldn’t fly again if it were free, it’s like asking for a 12-hour migraine.

6/14/2019 Cortney Farley

Not Verified | Was putting my son on the plane by himself, which means he has a flight attendant helping him until his final destination. He had put my wallet in his backpack (carryon) and I didn't realize until he was already on the plane. I rushed back to the terminal and even though the gates were closed they had an American Airlines attendant go retrieve it for me! Wendy and Jennifer were their names in SLC Airport I am so grateful! My ID and credit cards were in there! Lol

6/13/2019 A Woodman

Not Verified | This was the worst experience with American Airlines. Our flight in SLC was delayed because of “staffing issues” in Dallas. This made us miss our connecting flight, which mind you left 5 minutes early. No one was willing to help us in Dallas and we had a very hard time getting accommodations as it was almost midnight. Everyone was rude and not helpful. By our own means we found a hotel and got a way to get there. They then promised a seat and a standby spot for a flight the next day, but the seat promised was an empty promise. Who knows if we will ever get to our destination. Worst airline ever!

6/13/2019 N Siotto

✅ Trip Verified | London Heathrow to Dallas Fort-Worth with American Airlines. Last year I have flown Business Class with the same airline, same route, same plane and I was impressed. This time I have decided to opt for Premium Economy instead. The product is solid. I was on the first row which has a leg rest and it surely makes a difference. But the crew were friendly and professional. Toilets were clean. The food was really delicious. I was impressed.

6/12/2019 Craig M, Boeing 757-200 (752) International seat 12F

Leg room is nice but the aircraft lining encroaches on your shoulder space. Good for people without broad shoulders

6/12/2019 G Paterson

❎ Not Verified | Philadelphia to Orlando. Never, ever, fly this airline. I wish I could say I'd never fly them again, except they've essentially taken over Philadelphia International and it's hard to find other airlines to fly somewhere. On June 7th I had an 11:00 a.m. flight that was cancelled for "technical difficulties". No notice, and all the passengers had to scramble to find other flights. American didn't offer to put us on another airline, they put us on a flight at 7:45 p.m., which meant I would miss the first night of a two day meeting I was headed to. After a day waiting at the airport I got on my plane, which had a malfunctioning nose gear, which forced it back to the terminal. After being told it had been repaired, we left again only for it to malfunction again. The flight was then cancelled. I don't know how a large airline like American doesn't have contingency plans for these eventualities. Between parking and lost hotel fees I lost over $300, not to mention lost PTO and just a general loss of my day. American offered me nothing for this, nor did it offer something as simple as a meal voucher for hanging at the airport all day. When I wrote to complain they gave me 7500 frequent flyer miles, which is fairly insulting. To make it worse, a friend flying to the same meeting was given 10,000 miles. When I wrote to ask why they said that complaints were handled on an individual basis and they wouldn't match the 10,000 my friend received. Bottom line, American Airlines has terrible service and if they screw you, your only recourse is to say "Thank you sir may I have another!" Don't fly them if you can avoid it!

6/12/2019 Chad Breeden

Not Verified | AA would not assign a seat prior to flight because they only had exit row seats available and stated they would be assigned at check in with gate agent. These were the only seats available and cost extra and they wanted people to buy them. Arrived at airport to about 80 people in line with American Airlines trying to get seats assigned. Was assigned a seat through the app with 20 min prior to flight leaving and had to race through TSA and was last person on and gate agent told me I was late and I needed to hurry up when they had just issued me a pass when I checked in the day before.

6/12/2019 H Anderson

✅ Trip Verified | Dallas to Morelia. One of the worst experiences with this airline, I had several experiences but this was the worst. American Airlines canceled our flight from Sunday, in a different country and all they said was that it was due to air traffic. The worst thing was that they didn’t even bother to accommodate transportation to nearby airport and the next flight was not until Tuesday loosing two days of work. They treat customers poorly and don’t care about anything, only money.

6/11/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 16C

Premium Economy set 16C is very comfortable. Lots of leg room and has a foot rest. Downside is you are sup post to get a warm towel and warm nuts on takeoff but cot a tiny bag of pretzels

6/11/2019 Derek Clegg

✅ Trip Verified | Salt lake City to Dallas Fort Worth. Worst trip. Every time I have flown, there has been a delay with little to no communication. My most recent flight was delayed several times and then cancelled. They did nothing to accommodate and then I booked another flight with them the next day that was delayed by four hours inclusive of sitting in a parked plane for over an hour both before take off and after landing.

6/11/2019 Heather Vaux

✅ Trip Verified | Manchester to Philadelphia. This was the worst flight i have ever taken in my life. The airplane was awful no plugs to charge the phone, no TVs ear plugs did not work. Hostesses were very rude. Seats very very small and crowded. The bathroom did not have toilet paper or paper towel. I would never in my life recommend American airlines to anyone .