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10/9/2019 Barry, Airbus A330-300 (333) seat 34H

Window seat,trouble with screen was changed to row 12,very pleasant flight food was meatballs with mashed potato ok,plenty of refreshments,in all a rather pleasant flight,attentive staff.

10/9/2019 J Mattel

✅ Trip Verified | Tampa to Miami. This was probably the best 36-minute flight ever. The plane felt and looked brand new, legroom was great, the seat was very comfortable, the large entertainment screen was unexpected but very much appreciated, they gave me a drink and a snack. The crew at the counter and the gate were very frien...

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10/9/2019 Mary Moore

Not Verified | Las Vegas to Dallas. Two hour delay sitting on the plane due to air not working. Staff is rude and not helpful. They keep telling us 15 more minutes and we are clearly nowhere close to departure. There have been 7 delays since I have been sitting here. The air is still not working, all the passengers are sweating...

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10/9/2019 S Gallino

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Chicago. I was worried after booking American for the first time in a decade after reading a lot of poor reviews, but they offered good prices and itineraries for flights from JFK to ORD. However, I felt compelled to leave a review based on my pleasant experience that completely exceeded expectatio...

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10/8/2019 Logan Horrocks

Not Verified | Phoenix to Spokane. It is very sad that a company as pathetic as American Airlines can be up and running still with their consistent inability to satisfy even the simplest of needs (including landing within 2 hours of your scheduled time) on an overpriced ticket. I must give props to the staff however because des...

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10/8/2019 Samantha Legler

Not Verified | Tampa to Wilkes Barre with American Airlines. This airline takes no accountability for errors that occur on their end. A death in my family occurred and a change of flight had to be made. I called over 24 hours before the flight was scheduled for and paid $32.00 to reschedule my flight for the next day. I was adv...

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10/8/2019 Mary Wattle

Not Verified | Second time flying American Airlines and it's completely screwed up again. Two hour delay due to plane being in hanger and no one to bringing it over. Missed first flight. Also missed second flight out of Charlotte due to delay. Now sitting in airport for another seven hours getting into Erie at 10.20 Monday even...

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10/7/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A321 (321) v2 seat 22D

If you travel at night the light from the bathroom shines on you so forget trying to sleep on a red eye. Plus, there were a couple people who would hang outside the bathroom and some even did stretches and stared at passengers. Also, on my flight, man stumbled and then fainted in row 22, landing across the aisle. It felt like t...

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10/7/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 6L

I flew in Premium Economy between ORD and CDG in September. I had seat 6L on the way to CDG and 7A on my return. I enjoyed seat 6L more than 7A. I liked the bulkhead seat even though we had to store our personal belongings during taxi/take-off. Neither the galley nor the lavatory were bothersome to me in seat 6L. I think the bul...

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10/7/2019 Leigh Leonard

Not Verified | Washington to Pensacola. We were exhausted after a stay in DC and had to fly back to Pensacola on a 7:30p flight as we have done many times. My husband and I recently married and upon entering the plane jokingly asked, "we're newlyweds can we sit in first class?" The flight attendant was genuinely so kind and cong...

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10/6/2019 Tony Benton

✅ Trip Verified | Abhorrent customer service. Delayed out of Knoxville for no apparent reason. Watched in Charlotte airport for 15 minutes before gangway detached from airplane that was supposed to go to Pittsburgh. Forced to stay in Charlotte but no compensation made for hotel or transportation citing “policy”. Rude, uncaring c...

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10/6/2019 B Jackson

✅ Trip Verified | I normally fly Southwest but they don’t fly into Burlington, VT so we bought tickets for a vacation through American Airlines. Overall, the experience left a lot to be desired. We had one layover both ways. Our first layover was in Chicago where we experienced a 4hr delay. The AA employees told the waiting pass...

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10/5/2019 Cianan Furlong

Not Verified | I was supposed to fly from Toronto to New York today, and then to Boston. After getting on the plane and sitting on the runway, we were told there was an issue with the plane. These things happen, there is no point in freaking out. As the day progressed I became more and more disappointed with American Airlines st...

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10/4/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 767-300 (763) seat 28H

Worst flight ever. Seat was broken and did not decline. No TV screen so told to use laptop but no power so on a 7 hour flight that was of no help. No individual air and cold air blew in my face for 7 hours and made me sick. Internet was NOT working. Overhead light was broken so I couldn't read either. Overhead luggage compartmen...

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10/4/2019 Forrest Marion

✅ Trip Verified | On my flight from Dallas to Las Vegas (3 Sep), I accidentally left my small pocket Bible in the seatback pocket. I realized it the next day and when I returned to the airport for my flight home, I checked Lost & Found to no avail. At that point, I figured it was gone. I have had that Bible with me twice in Afgh...

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10/4/2019 Joseph Bell

Not Verified | Myrtle Beach to Appleton. Flight was suppose to leave at 5:45 am we arrived at the airport at 5:07 which was empty at the moment. Checking in our bags we were told the fight was booked and ready for take off. Said we came too late. So after waiting for the next flight and having a layover of 6 hrs in Chicago. We a...

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10/4/2019 J Beale

✅ Trip Verified | I been flying all my life, I respect and understand that things just happen. Not this case with the most awful and abusive use of the word American. There is nothing American about how this airline purposely abuses the power when selling tickets for flights that obviously can’t provide. Once you are in the air...

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10/3/2019 Abdallah E, Embraer 175 (E75) Layout 1 seat 8C

While this would normally be a bulkhead seat there is no wall with ample leg room however, because of the angle of the aisle, there is no under seat storage in front of you.

10/3/2019 Roxy Ocleary

Not Verified | St Louis to Chicago. American Airlines is the worst. They made half the flight check their carry-ons when there was plenty of room for more bags. The plane was trashed. When the pilot came on to make announcements it they made loud screeching noises the entire time. Did they stop and try to fix that? You guessed i...

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10/2/2019 Myla Konovalova

✅ Trip Verified | Lihue to Los Angeles. Our flight was delayed overnight. We didn't get any reimbursement for stay, food, transportation, etc. American Airlines just ignored us. I would never use this airline again!