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6/10/2019 Scott D, Boeing 787-9 (789) seat 9L

Flew to HND on this new jet, the atmosphere was very relaxing and I felt refreshed when I arrived in Tokyo, also the plane is very quiet. The seat itself was nice, plenty of room and the amenities and food were good, probably won't get bulkhead again as I don't like the tray table/TV setup but that is an issue with all airlines...I would recommend window seat instead of aisle as bathroom/FA traffic can be bothersome..

6/10/2019 H Albert

✅ Trip Verified | Reno to Huntsville AL via Dallas. Before leaving RNO the next flight was cancelled. When I arrived at DFW I was told I’d be on standby for next flight. That flight was cancelled as well as the next 4, each time a different excuse for the flight being cancelled. Never was it weather related. I left Reno 37 hrs ago and I’m still at DFW, booked on a 6:34 pm flight again! The agents are rude and obviously don’t care about customer relations. Never again American! The worst trip I’ve ever taken and it’s not over yet.

6/10/2019 E Sefranek

Not Verified | This flight was made round trip from Lawton to Abe and back again. Literally just about every leg of the journey was grossly late. The best and most entertaining part of the journey was in Dallas when the terminal was changed about three times and the gate changed again after the final terminal change. This caused me to have the wonderful opportunity of running all over the Dallas Airport which is massive. Luckily, since the fight was going to be quite late again I had the time to do this. I got my cardio in for the day because of this so it wasn't too bad I suppose. I will never give these people my money again and next time will suck it up and make the extra drive to Oklahoma City to fly Delta like I usually choose to do.

6/10/2019 J Measen

✅ Trip Verified | Dallas to Asheville. The worst experience I’ve ever had flying. No help from anyone. Stayed here for two days. No one wanting to help or understand. I’ll never fly American again. This is a joke.

6/10/2019 T Relstino

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Columbus via Dallas Ft Worth. My son was stranded for over 12 hours in Cincinnati Ohio June 9th. His connecting flight got postponed 3 times then cancelled and was given no plan or solution. I waited on hold for w hours yes 2 hours (only a mother could understand) to speak to a supervisor from American airlines when the agent finally got on phone she was as helpful as the representative at the airport. I explained my sons situation and told it appeared that their was another flight leaving with a connection in Charlotte now that the 3 others had been cancelled could we please see about booking him on any of these 2 flights she continued to tell me they were booked and my sons only options was Tuesday morning "what kind of option was that" I told her he could not afford to stay in Ohio but she gave me no answer just she could book him on flight Tuesday morning cause she could not over book lady please I have flown many times with American airlines and have been at airport when they offer money for people to stay for next flight cause they over booked. I told her Tuesday was not an option that he would need to return to NYC she now said he would have to use is returning ticket to fly back. Thanks again for all your not help. He got on plane back to NYC Monday and guess what we got - nothing. You won't be doing business with me or anyone I can talk out of doing business with you. No service and for no efforts in trying to help a customer out.

6/10/2019 K Angermeier

Not Verified | I booked and confirmed a flight from Philadelphia, PA to Denver, CO for a family reunion, even printed the boarding passes. At 3am. I got a text message indicating my 8am flight was cancelled due a crew-related problem. American Airlines could not find a crew to fly my plane, imagine that. No crew to fly my plane, I hope they have a a sufficient number of qualified mechanics to maintain the plane. I have been a faithful customer for more than 30 years and this is the way they treat their long-term customers. No offer of a voucher, booking on other airlines, nothing! I would like to rate the other services such as cabin service, seat comfort, etc but I never got on the plane

6/9/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-8 (788) v2 seat 30C

Seats 30A and C have additional space between the 30A seat and the fuselage and under Seat 29A. The electronic window dimming feature on these 787's is very handy to keep the cabin dark while flying east in the morning daylight.

6/9/2019 J Halish

✅ Trip Verified | Boston to Columbia via Charlotte. Super delayed flight. It’s a small flight with flight hour of just 25 mins but, the taxi apparently takes more than 1hr. They have been super bad every-time. Either delayed flights or canceled flights they always have a reason to make sure they get the worst reviews.

6/9/2019 Carole Roy

Not Verified | Philadelphia to Jacksonville. On June 3, 2019 Flight 4547 I was accommodated by an employee at Gate C21 by Miss Snyder just before boarding. She ordered me a wheelchair on the spot as I had much difficulty with my luggage because of a health issue. She also moved my seat up to 8A which was very comfortable and made arrangements for a wheelchair at JAX airport when I arrived. I found her professional, caring and a credit to the airline. She suggested that under my circumstances, I should ask for this accommodation when I book online since I had such difficulty.

6/9/2019 Eliud Garcia

Not Verified | San Antonio to Chicago via Syracuse. Arrived an hour early for my flight.. All I needed to do was check in my bag. Where I stood in line for curb bag check in. Waited 10mins and was told I had regular bag check-in and I had to go inside. There was no big line to get my boarding pass thru the kiosk screen. A rep from AA pointed me to one and told me to scan my online boarding. She did not let me know that I need to print my baggage slip. So I got my boarding pass and proceeded to clerk to check my bag in. At that time it was 7:25 am and that I needed to print one slip thru the kiosk system.. I fiddle with the screen and tried to print one out. By that time it was 7:30am. Another lady fro AA came up and said that I would need to change my flight. And made me get on a big line. Which made me lose my flight. TSA security was not busy at all at this time. Instead of this lady saying let check this in for you and you can board. Bags Will arrive to your destination later. I waited and to my luck they had no more available flights till tomorrow. The guy who changed my flight said I didnt have to check it in at the terminal. That I could of gone in and at the gate they would check it in. I spoke with the manager but he was no help at all just had a wise remark of "bags need to be check in before boarding time." He didnt bother even looking to assist with trying to help. I would never spend my money on anything American Airlines.

6/9/2019 Donna Bishop

✅ Trip Verified | Destin-Fort Walton to Charlotte via Richmond. Flight AA2926 from CLT to RIC on Jun9 at 11:45AM has been canceled. We're working to rebook you and will send an update soon. Flight AA5623 from VPS to CLT on Jun9 at 6:18AM has been canceled. We're working to rebook you and will send an update soon. 6:15 am flight, be at airport 2 hrs early, traveling with 2- 6 year old children. While standing in line 4:52 am to check luggage I received a text that flight had been cancelled. No one offered to reschedule our flights nor did anyone apologize for our inconvenience. We were given a phone number to call and rebook our flights. Next flight 9 hours later. Wasted day. Expensive changing transportation. My time has value. Why does anyone work for this company? I had the same thing happen on my flight coming out to Florida now I’m trying to get home to va with 2 grandchildren. Traumatic for all of us. No one from that company said sorry or tried to help. Never again will I fly this airline. The only positive thing I can say is the flight attendants on the plane were awesome flying to Florida.

6/9/2019 R Mayes

Not Verified | Terrible airline. They go out of their way to show that they do not value customer loyalty, convenience or comfort - they only view customers as 'little bags of money' for them fleece in the name of profits. This company has lost its morality in its relentless pursuit of customer misery. Seats are too narrow and leg room is terrible. Food is not great. Ground staff are so rude it's perplexing and cabin crew are so thoughtless, rude and resigned to a rubbish product that they don't even try to make it better for customers. I fly foreign carriers overseas whenever I can to avoid American Airlines.

6/9/2019 N Mason

✅ Trip Verified | Avoid American codeshare partners if you expect any customer from American. Booked this flight as American 8294, knowing it was operated by code share partner, but thought that meant as a Platinum AA member that I'd at least have an advocate in the case of problems. NOPE! Flight into MEX was delayed as plane had to divert to Acapulco to refuel and missed our connection. Took 4 hours for AA codeshare (Interjet) to get us boarding passes for flight the next day and they never told us where our luggage was. Thanks to kind and trusting security agent we did get luggage retrieved. Had to overnight in airport hotel @$275. Applied to travel insurer for compensation, not to AA codeshare. All I need from AA codeshareis confirmation that flight was delayed 2 hours. It has been 8 weeks and they won't even respond. Emails say "we are glad to help you, under review". Phone is never answered. AA told me they can't help me as it was an AA codeshareflight. They take no responsibility for their code share partner, even to communicate with them. Don't fly Interjet and don't think booking with a code share partner will get you any service from American.

6/9/2019 S Maritza

Not Verified | Newark to Austin via Dallas fort worth. I had the worst airline experience today. First my flight from Newark to Dallas was delayed 1 hour 30 minutes because the pilot was a no show. This caused us (traveling with family) to miss out connecting flight to Austin. To make matters worse my baggage was delayed as well. When I was finally able to track it down. The ppl in customer service were so nasty, rude and unaccommodating to the point that I had to go back to the airport 9 PM to retrieve my luggage. This is by far the worst experience I've ever had while traveling. I will certainly not use this airline again, nor will I recommend.

6/9/2019 A Waldren

✅ Trip Verified | Liberia to Dallas Ft Worth. This is by far the worst airline when handling delays and cancellations. The entire airport was closed however every other airline managed to take care of their passengers and did not have 2 hour line the following day. They are unhelpful and rude and then on the rebooked flight the steward continued to repeat that this was pretty much our rescue flight! Are you kidding me! Are you doing me a favor I don’t think so. I will never fly this airline again.

6/9/2019 D Heale

✅ Trip Verified | Phoenix to Boise. The kiosk Check In is slow and asks to many questions to get you to pay more. Which takes several minutes instead of asking it all on one screen. If you have a problem the front can’t help you and refer you back to an assistant which takes more waiting. Then I arrived to my gate 8 mins before my flight was to leave and the attendant was very slow wasting time Loking for a number to call. Insisted she go to the door and check she barely moved down the aisle and then said it’s too late. Customer service wasn’t much better, she found me a flight but said I was on my own for finding a hotel

6/8/2019 J Miller

Not Verified | New York to London. The seats are fantastically uncomfortable. They fit 10 seats across in a Boeing 777. No leg room. The food was inedible. Miserable flight. Would not recommend going across the ocean on American.

6/8/2019 Jesus Fuenmayor

✅ Trip Verified | Miami to Bogota. I have been sending mail, e-mail through contact, claim through BBB since May 19th and I have not gotten any answer from American just the automatic reply email. SO, I would like to express my disappointment and dissatisfaction with the service I received recently from American Airlines. I had a trip scheduled for 05/05/2019 Miami to Bogotá leaving at 9:40 pm. that was canceled at 11:00 pm. This caused me expenses, American reassigned me to flight AA-915, leaving Tues. 7 at 5:35 pm. I could not lose two days of work, so I had to rebook for Sunday 05/12/19 AA-915. On 05/12/19 the flight was delayed again several times from 5:30 p.m. We board at 9:00 p.m, but at 11:30 p.m. we were informed that flight would leave the next day at 11:15 a.m. Again, expenses for no show Hotel in Bogota. I had to pay for hotel on 05/12 at Miami and taxi to the hotel shuttle was not working. Vouchers I received from American staff at 12:30 am, were wrong. The name was different that my name. I made the claim about what happened to American before leaving for Bogota on May 13th, by phone at 6:00 am, and through passenger service staff at gate 14 at Miami airport. In both cases I was kindly treated and informed that I have to make the claim through customer relation “” attaching the receipts and any relevant document. As I mentioned, all this situation has caused me significant losses that I asked them to be compensated by you as soon as possible but still nothing.

6/7/2019 Melanie Keeton

Not Verified | I have had awful experiences with this airline and will most likely never travel with them again. Back in April 2019 I was traveling to see my family up in Boston. I was 28 weeks pregnant at the time. I was in the airport for 7 hours! My first flight was delayed due to wind (which was understandable). The second flight, everyone had gotten on the plane and after we were all boarded was told that we had to deplane due to the toilet not flushing. So then the third time around we got fully boarded again and then was told they had to inspect the plane(which took 45 min). After that, once again, we had to deplane and were also told that they had to find a plane and weren’t sure we were going to get one. We were told we were going to be fed but never were given anything. Then on the final flight we had to wait 25 min before we could takeoff waiting on other planes to take-off. I wish this was the end of my awful experience with this airline but it isn’t. Now, my sister had booked a flight for July , paid $60 per ticket for ticket changes and $40 for insurance for her and my moms flight in case I went into labor early and they had to change flights. Well, I ended up being diagnosed with icp and need to be induced June 17th. So, since my sister paid for ticket changes she called them to try and change the flight but was told that the $120 that she paid for was “just to skip the line and get on the flight quicker” and because I “wasn’t in the hospital right then they couldn’t make any exceptions.” If I were you I would pick a different airline, they are the cheapest airline around for a reason with no courtesy for any of their customers.

6/7/2019 A Danitis

✅ Trip Verified | Philadelphia to San Diego. I always forget how much I hate flying American Airlines. They separate you from people you book your flight with on purpose so that their customers have to pay to switch their seats. Then they make me check my bag when there is all this extra cabin space. I’m just annoyed and frustrated at this whole experience. This is why Southwest Airlines is taking over.