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6/7/2019 C Wang

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Buffalo via Chicago. What a terrible treatment of passengers. The flight attendant yelled at me for drawing her attention when I asked her a question and she passed me by for water/snack. This is the only airline that has their crews completely ignore the passengers when during leaving the plane...

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6/6/2019 C Ryan

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Buffalo via Chicago. I will never buy another American Airlines ticket. If there is only AA available for my schedule, then I will change my schedule to find another airline. If the price of ticket of another airline is $200 more each way, I will gladly pay extra to avoid American Airlines. This...

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6/6/2019 D Gould

✅ Trip Verified | Thank goodness for a short flight from Nashville to Chicago. We were initially sat next to each other, but then on check-in at the gate, the agent asked if we would volunteer to take the next flight an hour later, for $$$ compensation. We agreed, but then on boarding, they announced that they did not need volu...

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6/6/2019 Zachary Gaskins

✅ Trip Verified | I'm writing this scathing review after 3 back and forth emails with AA's customer disservice team. When your flight matters, when you have a vacation on the line or a critical meeting, and something goes wrong - don't expect AA to lift a finger to make it right. The policy they have shared with me is "If we mak...

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6/5/2019 N Rodrigue

✅ Trip Verified | Savannah to Frankfurt via Charlotte. It has been a week and I am still missing my luggage! Luggage agents stating that there is no communication between the baggage claims at the airports? Switched luggage tags, not booked through destination - too much to all write down! However, sorry to say, incapable perso...

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6/5/2019 A Lewis

✅ Trip Verified | Las Vegas to Lafayette. Terrible customer service. Rude, cold agent who refuse to help after flight was cancelled. Sat around the Dallas airport waiting for twelve hours. Had to pay $400 for a hotel. They don't care about anyone. Cold and rude agents that just act like they are Superior to everyone.

6/5/2019 S Pamilenski

✅ Trip Verified | Austin to London via Dallas Ft Worth. I have been a very long American Airlines (AA) flyer (since 1993), an American AAdvantage member since 2001, and an AAdvantage credit card holder since 2011. I just went through the worst flying experience I’ve ever had and as a result I’m going to try as hard as I can to ...

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6/5/2019 Cassandra Dickens

Not Verified | Killeen to Dallas. Worse experience of my life and will never use them again customer service was no help at all they had me stranded in Dallas tx due to their flight delays and would not help me with a hotel. I had to sleep on the sidewalk due to them not helping me get a hotel. I'll never fly with them ever aga...

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6/4/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 737-800 (738) v2 seat 3A

This is the dreaded Oasis config. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. They've shoved an additional 12 seats into this aircraft at the expense of personal space and passenger comfort. The lavs are too small to turn around in, the seats are thin and hard and your butt WILL be asleep on flights longer than about an hour. First class under seat...

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6/4/2019 Ed J, Boeing 757-200 (752) International seat 3F

3 hour flight from DFW to PHL. Seat was easily adjusted to be lay flat and I was able to doze off easily. 2 available AC power connectors per seat: one in front where tablet holder is and one immediately behind your head. WIFI system did not work for the flight - could not even watch entertainment.

6/4/2019 V Hanagora

✅ Trip Verified | San Francisco to Los Angeles. The worst airline ever. Our flight was delayed because they couldn’t find a flight attendant! Horrible. On top of that they were extremely rude! People were asking politely and they were so rude. All they were repeating was “We cannot find our flight attendant” like what? We were ...

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6/3/2019 Ogulshat Amanova

Not Verified | Dallas to Chicago. Worst experience in my life. They have delayed both of my flights and canceled one of them. I had to rebook a flight with a stop even though when I bought my tickets I made sure that both of the tickets are nonstop. Since they cancelled one of my flights I had to rebook another one which I coul...

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6/3/2019 Isabelle Koch

✅ Trip Verified | Indianapolis to Washington Reagan. Everything went wrong during our team travel to the 2019 NCAA Rowing championships. Half of the group did not have tickets upon checking in, and we were held at check in until 20 minutes before boarding. The group of 30 had to run through TSA, and barely made it to the gate i...

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6/3/2019 Shawn McClay

✅ Trip Verified | Wichita to Knoxville with American Airlines. This airline is terrible! Flight delayed at midnight due to something with crew. Of course would never make connection. Wife called and was told nothing they could do. I called back irate and finally the got me on a flight. Upon arriving to Dallas they changed gates ...

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6/3/2019 Crystal Hammans

Not Verified | Chicago to Los Angeles. I know that inconveniences happen and I try to be patient. However, the lack of service or genuine care from American Airlines is ridiculous. After being delayed from my first flight (due to a mechanical issue) I arrived in Chicago to try to book a flight to LAX. I discovered that they nev...

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6/2/2019 D Macy

✅ Trip Verified | This travel day started fine, but our flight was delayed over 10 times. It resulted in over 24 hours of delayed time. The flight attendants were rude and quoted over the speaker that they had worked a long day too so please don’t be upset. We tried multiple times to refly into Dallas, and eventually ended in Au...

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6/2/2019 R Keane

✅ Trip Verified | Salt Lake City to Nashville via Dallas. Got up at 0330 to make our 0600 flight. Our first flight was delayed over two hours because some of the flight attendants stayed overnight at a hotel that lost power (um ok). We missed our connecting flight due to this delay. The connection we ended up getting on was can...

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6/2/2019 P Garlen

✅ Trip Verified | Lihui to Los Angeles. The title pretty much says it all. My husband and I went on a honeymoon to Hawaii. Of course, we were so excited but on the way there, our first flight was delayed, and we missed our connecting flight by less than 5 minutes. As in the plane was still there but they couldn’t let us on. Can...

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6/1/2019 Maharsho Dave

✅ Trip Verified | I travelled from Memphis Airport on May 03, 2019. American Airlines prepone my flight from Memphis to Chicago. I missed my flight but staff cooperation was very poor for alloting me new flight tickets. I have noticed that there was no coordination between American Airlines and Qatar Airways with whom I was tra...

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6/1/2019 Zach Weaber

✅ Trip Verified | Philadelphia to Cancun. Horrible experience. The airline had serviced the plane prior to boarding, then had everyone wait on the plane 2 hours before taking off. No food beverage or ability to get up and stretch was offered. With the competitive prices and horrible planning/service I would not recommend this a...

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