Seat Map Boeing 777-300 (773) Two Class Saudia


Airplane Boeing 777-300 (773) Two Class Saudia with 2 classes and 413 seats on board. Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which should be avoided.


1/27/2019 Faisal, seat 61L

The seat is a standard economy seat on 77W in aft cabin. It is slightly narrower than what I had on A320 from Saudia. I wouldnt recommend this seat if you are a window seat person because the window is not aligned perfectly. You have to turn your neck 90 degree to see outside or incline forward. Better go for row 60 or 62

12/9/2018 Jacob.& Rakiel Ali, seat D

Nosotros viajamos cada ano.hace tres que lo hacemos con Saudia. Lo Malo de hesta compania es (Jed) airport .siempre hesta Llleno ,no sillas donde sentarse,y pasamos bastante dificultades alli. Enshalla hesto cambia ,porque nosotros siempre viajaremos com Saudia .El vuelo is confortable el servicio bueno, amables,y buena comida....

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5/31/2017 SeatGuru User, seat 01C

Excellent modern business class, a strong upgrade over the previous generation cabin. In particular the seats (sligtly turned towards the windows) are some of the most comfortable I have flown on, while the IFE with its wide HD screen is excellent. Censorship is somewhat boring, but rather amusing if you watch an American movie ...

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11/22/2016 Anand Avadhani, seat 40L

I used to fly with other airlines that use the Jeddah North Terminal where it took an average of 3 - 4 hours to clear immigration. A colleague suggested that I try Saudia since the Jeddah South Terminal is less crowded and immigration clearance is much quicker. He was right, I was out in about 45 minutes with my bag. Legroom was...

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5/23/2014 Matthew Short, seat 1A

Nice Seat Comfortable as you accept from saudia not much entertainment and the food was not so nice and the service was not up to the mark

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