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6/15/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-9 (789) seat 1A

I was very satisfied with my flight. The Flight Attendants would every so often check on you if you needed anything. Although Seat Guru said that 1A was near the galley and the lavatories and that it might bother you, it did not affect me at all. The food was nice, and the IFE acceptable, but not top notch. I liked this flight. Why? Because there was free WiFi.

6/14/2019 Stephanie Adrianzen

✅ Trip Verified | Xiamen to Los Angeles. It was the worst experience ever. We had 2 flights, the one we did not take which was Chengdu to Xiamen and then Xiamen to LA. The persons who dealt with us were extremely rude. Saying we could not take our flight to LA because we missed the Chengdu flight. They told us it was not their problem and if we wanted to leave the airport we would have to pay almost one thousand dollars. The flight was not even full. We were on time at the check in and they treated us badly. I would never flight on that airline again.

5/31/2019 P Garlov

✅ Trip Verified | I had 4 flights with Xiamen Air during one trip. First flight (Guiyang-Fuzhou) was delayed for an hour. 2nd flight (Fuzhou - Kuala Lumpur) was fine and with no problem. 3rd flight (Kuala Lumpur - Fuzhou) was delayed for two hours, 4th flight (Fuzhou - Guiyang) was cancelled. They replaced last flight with the flight next morning (provided transfer and hotel) and this flight is delayed too! Right now we're sitting inside the airplane and waiting for the info on how long delay is. Each time their excuse was - air traffic. That's all unbelievably awful!

5/22/2019 Anna Kwiatkowska

Not Verified | Amsterdam to Taipei via Xiamen. The airline left my luggage behind in Amsterdam when I had one of the transfers, probably due to short time to change planes. The beginning was fine- they took all the details, they knew exactly where my luggage was left, so they looked very professional. I could not be at home at the time they had scheduled the courier to arrive, so I asked if the luggage can be delivered at a specific time, which was still within their working hours. They agreed to that. The courier has not arrived. They did not leave any message about that. Then, the next day when I called, they were surprised the luggage was not delivered, and they asked me to wait at home all day (9am-5pm) to receive the courier, despite I mentioned I need to go out and get something to eat. My friend who speaks Chinese called, and my luggage will not be delivered today. The staff has misinformed me and I would have waited in vain all day sitting in the flat. At one point one staff member because he did not seem to understand what I am saying just hang me up. Before the flight, I also send an inquiry, and they did not answer at all. Thus, the airline completely lacks communication. Otherwise, the flight is well-attended, 2 hot meals and one breakfast for 10.5 hour flight, and comfortable seats.

4/17/2019 B Keane

✅ Trip Verified | Chongqing to Xiamen. An airline that would be for the Chinese people not others, we had two flights with them Chongqing to Xiamen then on to Ho Chi Min. Both flights had delays of over an hour, food was pretty bad, although some English spoken it wasn’t understandable.

3/29/2019 D Vale

✅ Trip Verified | Just finished a round trip LAX - Qingdao - xiamen - Taipei. The return trip didn't involve Qingdao. I picked this airline because it was cheaper than China and Eva air. There were actually even cheaper fares with Air China and China eastern but I refuse to fly with them due to the horrendous reviews. 787 for the Long haul were nice. Planes were fairly new. Good amount of pitch. Movie selections were limited but adequate. Food was terrible for our taste. The kids meal for my 11 year old was also mostly inedible. Service was great however. Flight attendants had great attitude and seemed to be working nonstop. 737 between Xiamen and Taipei was old and dirty. Don't understand why they would also offer a meal for such a short flight. I hate wasting food but couldn't eat that one either. Transit at Qingdao was confusing. We were given the wrong arrival cards twice so had to rewrite them 3 times. Transit hotel in Xiamen was free for our 8 hour layover. Hotel was not in good shape. I would rate it 2.5 star. On our return trip, we took the hotel option again and asked if we could pay extra for a better hotel. He said no and insisted to give us 3 rooms for the 5 of us. Then he entered in one of the names wrong on the reservation. I now have some personal information of some guy named Dustin. The hotel this time is a different. Not as bad, maybe a 3.5 star. But both hotels didn't have non-smoking rooms. I overheard another guest requesting a non-smoking room and was rudely told to come back down and ask for another room she didn't like the room. We don't think we'll fly Xiamen again. Layover in Xiamen would be nice if the city had much to offer.

3/23/2019 William Van Smoorenburg

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Los Angeles via Xiamen. My wife was not allowed to board the plane on March 14. They would not work with us at all on rebooking us or refunding ticket even though she arrived at airport 4 hours before scheduled boarding. She has Thailand Passport and so they would not allow her to fly through Xiamen. I had to scramble and book very expensive flight for that night through Philippine Airlines. I will never book with this company again!

3/21/2019 G Kan

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Los Angeles via Xiamen. Enjoy when inside aircraft which clean and comfortable seat on Boeing 787-8. Plenty of food and drinks provided. The only problem when check in to the flight from Xiamen Airport to Singapore Changi Airport. Long queue as many other tour tourist line up. Ground handling spoil / damaged my baggage but Xiamen Airline replaced new baggage for me.

3/10/2019 Steven Tang

✅ Trip Verified | Ho chi Minh to Los Angeles via Xiamen. Good flight. Check in fast and easy Boarding. Meals and services was good. Clean aircraft offer bottle of water and peanuts before meal services. Offer drinks entire the flights. Only things communications with cabin crew. If they know what you want they will help you. If not, they just ignore you. Transit in Xiamen they provide free hotels over 8 hours layover. If you are solo traveller try to pay extra because otherwise they will pair you with other travellers. You have to pay taxi.

1/23/2019 Valeriya Borisova

Not Verified | Los Angeles to Denpasar via Xiamen. It was pretty clean cabin. I didn't like food at all. I am vegetarian, and system didn't allowed me to choose my food preference, when I called the company (24 prior my flight), they said it is too late. Also, system didn't let me to check in, I had to check in in the airport. What I hate most is on my way back to the States, I had go pro camera in my suitcase, which was stolen. I'm not going use this airline again.

1/17/2019 E Li

✅ Trip Verified | Dalian to Hong Kong via Fuzhou. The flights were both short, normal food, everything are normal and fine. The things I really appreciately are the transit service and cabin service for Skyteam ElitePlus members. From Dalian to Hong Kong there is no directly flight, but connecting with Xiamen airline with international flight, they offer free transit hotel if the flights are on a different day with 24 hours gap. The flight attendants come to say greetings to me, with a small water and newspaper.

1/11/2019 H Huang

✅ Trip Verified | Xiamen to Ho Chi Minh. Great flight with cheap ticket. Legroom is comfortable, food is good and cabin crew is superb. Our flight is 252 usd for return flight from HCM to Shanghai via Xiamen Airport.

1/3/2019 Hian meng Tan

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Shanghai via Fuzhou. While at Fuzhou, we were late at check in and was not allow to fly and miss the Fuzhou to Shanghai leg. Customer service at the airport did nothing to help except to tell us that the entire return ticket was invalid due to airline policy. We wrote to Xiamen airline to seek help to reinstate ticket and they take more than 3 days to reply and suggest we try our luck at the airport. Subsequently, we wechat Xiamen staff in china and was told that our flight is normal and we can check in. On the day, at Shanghai airport, we were told we were not allow to board. Overall, unhelpful and inefficient ground staff and confusing messages make this the last time we will travel with Xiamen air.

12/4/2018 Mike Reeves

Not Verified | Seattle to Manila via Xiamen. My wife and I planned a trip to the Philippines from Seattle and decided upon Xiamen Airlines Business Class. The routing was Seattle, Shenzen, Xiamen and Manila. We traveled late October 2018. The seating configuration in the Boeing 787, Business Class was 2-2-2. The seats were lay flat for sleeping, but unfortunately were leatherette covered which meant one would slide forward when seated upright due to the slippery covering. Lunch was served and I chose duck. This was the consistency of rubber and virtually inedible. The 12.5 hour flight was uneventful, however during this time the cabin staff barely checked on us. When they did, there was a distinct language problem. We couldn't understand them and they couldn't understand us! One would think when one is on a international flight a common understandable language should be used. When we arrived at Shenzen we had a layover of 2 hours during which time we had to clear Chinese Customs and Immigration. After this we had to wait in a departure lounge without being told anything about our next flight leg. There were about 12 onward passengers waiting for the next leg. Eventually we were told our boarding gate and ETD. The flight to Xiamen was around 1 hour. After arrival we had to pick up our luggage and we went to the Xiamen Airlines counter to get a hotel voucher as we had 20 hour layover. Xiamen Airlines to not have a hotel bus or any means to transport us to the hotel. We had to change money to get a taxi. This was an effort in its own right. We did leave some of our baggage at the left luggage office at the airport, which helped. The next day we caught a taxi back to the airport. We go through security on entry to the airport before checking in for our flight to Manila. I should mention that boarding to Manila like the short leg for Shenzen was chaos. No boarding by class or seating, just go for it! Service on board was almost like a domestic flight, again a language problem. We arrive in Manila after almost 36 hours after leaving Seattle. It was nice to experience the friendliness of Philippine Customs and Immigration. The return from Manila to Seattle every bit as bad as when we arrived late (11:30pm) in Xiamen we had to clear customs and immigration and by the time that happened it was around 2am banks were closed and we had now money for a taxi to the hotel we finally change $20 with a Xiamen Airline staff member and got to the hotel around 2:30 am. We were again routed via Shenzen and had to go through immigration and carry ALL bags through security. The flight back was slightly better, but there was still the language barrier. All in all the Xiamen Airlines experience was poor. The airline should make sure the cabin staff have sufficient English to carry out a basic conversation. The airline should upgrade all staff to a level of what is expected from a good international airline. At the moment they are a 3rd rate airline.

12/3/2018 E Kan

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Vancouver via Xiamen. Note that my rating here is for XMN-YVR, not considering SIN-XMN, and not taking into account the visa issues at XMN. If you are not a holder of one of the 53 countries' passports that qualify for visa exemption by the Chinese government, then you need to apply for a visa before flying. XMN does not offer visa services at the airport. The main reason for the need of a visa is, XMN does not have a usual transit arrangement, which usually doesn't require you to go through immigration. At XMN, in order to transit, you have to go through immigration, which means you are entering China and then leaving China officially, just to transit between flights. This is why people transiting with passports that do not qualify for visa exemption have to apply for visa. If you are unsure, please make sure you email your local Xiamen Air representatives to check. Regarding SIN-XMN, it was below average. It was an older aircraft, without individual IFE system. The stewardesses were willing to help and respond to demands, but they were typically brisk and curt with their responses. Food was okay, not remarkable. XMN-YVR was excellent. The economy seat was comfortable, and leg room was good. Food was excellent and more than sufficient. In fact, the stewardesses made rounds between meals to ask if people wanted snacks, like bread rolls, sandwiches, or peanuts. The stewardesses were very friendly and approachable, very willing to help the passengers. It is unfortunate that their command of the English language is below average, but if you speak Mandarin, then you are fine. All in, it was an excellent flight at a very cheap price. I think, if you are travelling on Xiamen Air's Boeing 787, then there is a good chance that your flight will be a very good one. But if you are travelling on Xiamen Air's older aircraft, then you may not get to experience the better side of the airline. Finally, there is no online check-in services for international flights for Xiamen Air. You can choose your seats only if you spend some money. Otherwise, you have to request for your seat at the counter at the airport. So, if you want to choose your seats, either pay for it, or go to the airport and check in early (I went 2.5hr before flight) to get the seats that you want.

11/28/2018 J Hee

✅ Trip Verified | Kuala Lumpur to Xiamen. The aircraft offers basic comfort and only overhead entertainment. I was impressed by the crew service - they were polite to the elderly folks onboard, checking on them and offering them blanket and pillow. The food is very local and tasty Chinese food, which I enjoyed. I will fly Xiamen Airlines again.

11/17/2018 Francis Wong

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to Wuyishan. It's a leisure trip to visit the homeland of tea: Wuyishan, Fujian province. Xiamen Airlines does a twice weekly direct flight from Hong Kong. They deploy a small 737 aircraft. Similar to Malaysia airlines when using this small aircraft, 4 cabin crew work tirelessly to keep the journey smooth and comfortable. With one aisle and 3x3 seating, the pitch is quite comfortable. A simple hot meal (in the style of a bento box) is served, and is sufficient for a short 90 minutes journey. 2 rounds of drinks is a nice touch. Seat has no power outlet or personal, we were provided visual entertainment in the form of overhead TV, with mainly Chinese program. Luckily, since January, mobile phones in flight mode are now allowed to be used on board. So you can still listen to your favourite music, or watch your own videos etc., on your phone or tablets. That really help kill time. If there is one complaint, it's the excessively warm cabin temperature. I am impressed by this airline. I wouldn't mind trying them for long haul flights in future.

11/14/2018 C Kan

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Fuzhou. The service in flight was good. The food was fantastic compare to Air China. Too many peoples onboard during the flight. We had to wait when we arrived Xiamen.

11/13/2018 Phuong Ngoc Le

✅ Trip Verified | In my entire life of flying cheap, this is the first airline to ever make me cry, out of frustration and feeling beaten up. Not once, but twice. Booked a trip from Sydney to Fuzhou via Kunming. I arrived at Sydney airport only to find out that my Fuzhou - Kunming has been changed (amusingly and amazingly) to earlier than my flight from Sydney. Talked to service desk, couldn't help, gave me a number to call. Called all the numbers he gave, none worked. Went on Google and called the number online. They speak Chinese in their automated voicing system. I had to get the guy from the service desk to go through it for me. Eventually answered but staff was so slow and gentle (my flight was in 2h). He tried to book my connecting flight 2 days later. I was crying so much, begging him that we have schedules booked and everyone will leave me behind. I don't speak Chinese and I don't know anyone. Finally managed to find me a flight the next morning. Put me on hold. Came back half an hour later saying their system crashed. Told me he couldn't help anymore, and that I have to hang up and call back and go through the line again. It was 1h before my flight and I still couldn't get my flight confirmed. I was crying so much that the guy at the service desk told me to charge some international calling on my phone and then he helped me call the airline in China. They got it sorted out in like 15min. I went through everything, got to the gate and my flight was annouced delay. For the return flight I went to the airport at 4am for my flight back at 7am. The girl at check in counter gave me 5 words of horror : "We can't find your flight" Turned out flight was cancelled (ah yes again) and have to take the one 5 hours later. Fine. Waited a few hours, went to check in again. This time there were 5 other words of horror: "Your passport number is incorrect." Uhm... Sorry? Double checked my booking. My passport was entered correctly. So imagine being by yourself, running around China airport trying to get this sorted when they don't speak English. No, seriously, save yourself the trouble and never fly with this airline. No matter how good their in-flight service is, it can't compensate all the time and emotions I have wasted on this. Never again. Period. I'm cheap but this is way beyond imagination. I am now making sure non of my friends or family is flying with them.

11/4/2018 L Chan

✅ Trip Verified | Cebu to Xiamen return. Economy: food OK service okay but no personal TV. Business class: food OK service good but still no personal tv, I was given an ipad to watch movies.