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7/2/2019 M Faikar Widjanarko

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to London on 1 June 2019. Check-in and boarding was smooth. The aircraft for the flight was a B777 with a 3-3-3 layout in economy. A blanket and small pillow are available on the seat right when you board. The seats itself are comfortable and the legroom quite spacious for economy. The load for the flight was around 60-70%. Particularly in the very rear cabin there were many empty rows so it's possible to get a row for yourself and lie down. Flight attendants on this flight were attentive and very friendly. The food served was good although not spectacular and it's nice that you can freely go to the galley and grab some chips and other snacks to snack on while you watch films on this long haul day flight. Regarding the IFE, there could really be an upgrade in film choices. There is certainly enough to keep you occupied and enough of an option for everyone but more choices would be an upgrade. Once at Heathrow I found my luggage already at the belt even though it did not take me long at all going through immigration. All in all it was a very positive experience with Garuda.

6/29/2019 Dinouk Perera

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Jakarta in February. The flight staff and the food were pretty good, however Garuda lost my checked in bag. They have not been willing to compensate me nor have they helped me with any type of compensation.

6/26/2019 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Flew on the GA862 Jakarta to Sorong on June 10th at 12.30am. The boarding gate 24 is located a long way from the lounge area, however there are buggies that are available for anyone to board and they will drop you off at the gate. The boarding process was straight forward as there were two gates one for Business Class and Sky Priority members and the other for Economy. The flight took off a little behind schedule as there was queue for take off ahead of us. The flight itself was ok considering it is a night flight. The cabin crew came around through out the flight offering snacks and drinks, it would have been much better if they had of switched the cabin lights out and aloud us to sleep. The flight landed in Sorong close on schedule time, however it took much longer than usual for my baggage to be delivered for a business class passengers. The service overall from check in at Jakarta to landing in Sorong was good, but Garuda could do with a rethink about switching the cabin lights off after initial meal has been served as that would allow people to get some sleep.

6/12/2019 Bagus Nurul Huda

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Yogyakarta. Short haul flight from Jakarta to Yogyakarta. Welcomed by the ground staff and cabin crew with a warm smile and greetings. Check in process were quick and nice. The staff informed me that I met the criteria of sitting on emergency exit row seat and asked my wishes. I accept the offer gladly. For your information, the seats have more space than regular. The seat, in-flight entertainment, lavatory and noise cancelling device was clean and nice. Foods were served on a paper bag, it taste was good. The aircraft took off and landed on time, very nice. Overall good service from check in to baggage claim, thank you Garuda.

6/11/2019 Pratama Yoga Nugroho

✅ Trip Verified | Flew from Jakarta to Yogyakarta on Business Class. The boarding process was smooth. The plane was parked in a remote area and Business Class passengers were transported from the terminal building with a special car. On board, the crew were very attentive. Their hospitality and warmth was genuine and heart-warming. As I flew in Ramadan (fasting month), the crew asked me if I would like to take my meal out so I could enjoy it for fast-breaking. I said yes and they prepared it nicely. The IFE was good with some updated movies which kept me occupied and entertained throughout the journey. Overall, the journey was a pleasant and memorable one.

6/6/2019 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Flew on the 06:10am GA824 from Jakarta to Singapore. The check in experience was very good considering that it was leading up to local Eid holiday’s. I was escorted from the check area through security and immigration to the Garuda First Class lounge, even though I was on a business class ticket. The lounge as was very good, clean and the staff were very attentive. The Garuda ground support staff then assisted me boarding the plane. The plane pulled back from the gate 5 minutes ahead of schedule and we landed in Singapore over 10 minutes ahead of planned arrival time. I was fasting therefore did not have any food and/or drinks however the onboard cabin crew were excellent and still afforded me attention in relation to hot towels, and a blanket. I was met at the aircraft door by a member of the Garuda Singapore ground staff who assisted me getting through immigration and also in obtaining my luggage. The Garuda teams on the ground and in the air on this Jakarta to Singapore sector exceeded even my expectations.

6/4/2019 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Sorong to Jakarta on GA863 on May 31st on 08:25am Flight. Priority Check in was pretty fast and the check in team were very friendly and helpful. The flight departed Sorong on schedule and arrived in Jakarta on schedule. The onboard service was very good and the cabin staff were very friendly and attentive through out the flight. Upon arrival in Jakarta I was met by the Garuda ground support team who escorted me through to the luggage area and help to luggage retrieval. Great help and I would like thank you to the ground support team.

5/29/2019 Mika Saka

✅ Trip Verified | The cabin crew was so friendly. They always checked on me. However, the seat was broken. It can not be adjusted. I was waiting for 30 minutes to get my boarding pass printed. Because, I upgraded from economy class to business class, and it didn’t update on their system.

5/23/2019 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Flew on the GA862 Jakarta to Sorong on May 17th @12:30am. The boarding gate is located a long way from the lounge area, however there are buggies available for anyone to board and they drop you off at the gate. The boarding process was orderly and there two gates one for Sky Priority members and the other for Economy. The flight itself was good and the cabin crew were most helpful and went out of their way to provide me with a sandwich. The cabin crew also came around through out the flight even though it was a night flight with snacks and drinks. The flight landed in Sorong on schedule and baggage was delivered very fast after landing. Overall good service from check in to landing in Sorong.

5/7/2019 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Flew on the GA087 London to Jakarta via Denpasar. The flight was delayed departing London by over 1 hour due to air traffic congestion. After take off I was able to get a good sleep as the seats are very comfortable and fold flat. When I awoke I had the cabin crew offering meals and drinks. The cabin crew inflight service was excellent and they were always on hand to help and assist. As we were delayed leaving London this meant that I might miss my connecting flight to Jakarta, however on arrival in Denpasar, Bali Garuda had one of their ground staff meet me at the aircraft door and escort me all the way through immigration, customs and check in for the Jakarta flight. Without her help I think would not have been able to make the connection and I am very thankful to her and the Garuda team for their help. With the exception of the delay from London, which was not Garuda’s fault the overall experience was very good experience was very good.

5/3/2019 Hyo Rim Hwang

✅ Trip Verified | So first of all Garuda Indonesia departure gate was in Terminal 3 which is a plus rather than departing from the other terminal(1 &2). Welcomed by the cabin crew with a warm smile and greetings, Candy and Newspaper were provided. So, unfortunately I sat in the middle because apparently the window seats are all full. The seats were comfortable and also you have extra legroom. They have inflight entertainment system and its decently nice although the screen isn't really responsive (you need to press a bit harder/ it might take time to load). There are good selection of movies and tv shows and also many more. I ended up watching some movies however, i noticed that i didn't have a headphone so i ask the flight attendants to bring me one. Snacks (ts only a 40 minute flight) they serve was quiet nice as well which consist of bun, cake, and brownie and also a towel) There's also many choices for the drink. After approximately 40 minutes flight, we finally arrived in yogyakarta. Overall a very good flight experience!

4/29/2019 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Flew on the GA086 from Jakarta to London Heathrow. The aircraft pulled back from the gate on time and arrived in London on schedule. Check in at Jakarta Terminal-3 was a very pleasant experience and the check in team were most helpful. I was also escorted through immigration and into the lounge by Garuda ground support team. They also escorted me to the aircraft when we were ready to board. The onboard welcome by the cabin crew is 100% genuine and they really look after you through out the flight. The food onboard was very good and they was a good selection of meals. The Chef and the cabin crew kept coming around and offering snacks and drinks after the main meal. The seats were comfortable and I was able to get several hours of sleep. The wi-fi onboard was very good with good download speeds all the way to London. Great ground support and in flight service and I would like to say thank you to all on the GA086 on April 27th.

4/26/2019 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Sorong to Jakarta on GA863 on April 20th @08:25am Flight. Priority Check in was not available and the check in lady on the Economy class was overwhelmed to check in all passengers within the time allotted, however she tried her best to accommodate all. The business lounge is not what I would describe as a business class lounge as it is used by general public for a fee. The flight departed Sorong on schedule and arrived in Jakarta on schedule. The On board service was ok, however there was only two selections of food being served and none of these were western. I find this hard to comprehend as over 85% of the business class passengers on the flight were westerners. The cabin crew tried to serve the best they could and did come around several times of snacks, however for the fares being charged for this sector I think Garuda Indonesia should be offering a much better service.

4/24/2019 L Tran

✅ Trip Verified | Yogyakarta to Jakarta. The flight is very standard as expected for a short-haul one. However, it is worthy to note that the airline actually served a cold snack for a flight that was less than an hour long. It took quite long for checked baggage to arrive at the carousel in Jakarta, possibly due to the sheer size of the new Terminal 3.

4/24/2019 L Tran

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Yogyakarta. This flight was just 49 minutes long, so I did not expect any swanky service. The seat, the aircraft and the food are pretty standard compare to other airlines, though I appreciated that they served a full meal on such a short flight. This helped keeping me from being hungry as I arrived at my hotel very late at night due to its late departure from Jakarta.

4/24/2019 L Tran

✅ Trip Verified | Tokyo to Jakarta. This was my first flight with Garuda, and I was totally impressed. Ground service was seamless. The seat was not anything special but comfortable (similar to that on Asiana and Vietnam Airlines A350). Cabin crew was attentive and genuinely nice. However, the highlight was the food. Meal presentations were meticulous in the way of first class service elsewhere, and the food tasted equally good. Dishes were served not on a tray, but separately plated; each was accompanied by new utensils to match, and that created a proper restaurant feel. In my opinion, food is the least important thing on a flight, but it is the same time the most recognizable measure of an airline's service quality. An airline that does well in meals often excels quality control.

4/19/2019 L Madugus

✅ Trip Verified | Fantastic flight overall, i like it as it's a nonstop flight (14 hours and 30 mins). The flight leave on time, i have attentive & great cabin crew with outstanding service. I am very impressed with the quality of the food on board, it's really 5 stars dining quality, and the chef on board was very friendly and made time to talk to passengers. IFE does not have comprehensive selection like SQ or Emirates, but's it's decent selections of latest movies and tv shows. Overall i am very happy with Garuda in Biz Class and will choose GA on this route.

4/14/2019 Paul Cary

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Bali. We were diverted to land at some kind of cargo depot and had a long wait on the tarmac for a bus that took us to luggage reclaim back door. Hall was disorganised with wrong carousel number displayed. Very rough chutes eventually delivered new luggage that had been smashed. We were too late and tired to find an office to complain but told a supervisor and emailed them following day. They replied with another email address to contact. The new email address replied with a "you're too late response"

4/8/2019 N Niko

✅ Trip Verified | Pontianak to Jakarta. Garuda Indonesia overall is good, but the food really needs improvement because it is not good. The cabin staff is so awesome and great, they are totally sincere and care..

3/24/2019 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Flew on the GA0862 Jakarta to Sorong. The check in process was very fast as there were little people around at 21:00pm. Upon entering the lounge I noticed that Garuda has re-arranged the domestic lounge to provide more seating area. This is a very positive step and does give more seating area. The lounge itself was also very quiet due to the late evening. The gate for boarding the flight is a good 15 minute walk from the lounge, however not too bad as there was little people around. The gate check in process was ok given that the flight was full. I was lucky that I was in the emergency exist row as this give me extra leg room. The flight time is 3 hours and 45 minutes and an overnight flight. The flight itself was ok and the cabin crew tried their best to serve the passengers, as I stated above, the flight was full. Overall the service from check in to landing in Sorong was good.