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7/3/2019 John Bucci

✅ Trip Verified | Brisbane to Taipei. Originally I was booked on EVA Air, but about a week before my flight in late June 2019 they went on strike with a number of flights cancelled and I was changed to this flight about a week before my departure. EVA operates an A330 with 2-2-2 in business class on this route but China Airlines operates an A350-900 with a 1-2-1 and what a stunning cabin this is probably the nicest business class cabin I have travelled. With a late departure around 2250 from Brisbane and an arrival into Taipei at 0545 the next morning with just under 9 hours in the air the quick meal service on departure was well organized and excellent quality which left a reasonable amount of time for some sleep before breakfast before arrival in Taipei. The seat on this plane is fantastic with plenty of storage a great screen and a very sturdy table that pulls out from under the screen and always have a little part exposed so is always a handy shelf at anytime. The finishes that they have used seem to be of a really high quality with my 16 month old plane looking like it was on its first flight. No pyjamas are provided but slippers and a nice amenity kit are.

6/26/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 69K

Row 69 is the last 3-seat row before the 2-seat rows at the back of the plane begin. For this reason it is on a slight angle meaning that seat K has more legroom than the average seat and than the rest of the row. This shpuld be a recommended seat.

6/16/2019 ken Ponsford, Airbus A350-900 (359) seat 12A

Flew Chinese airlines to London Gatwick and returned after 3 weeks. One stop each way in Taiwan. Choose this airline on price which was $1700 cheaper than Qantas / B.A. sale price. A 350 new modern exceptional layout. Super quite. Great cabin crew. If I had to make a criticism. Entertainment never changed over my 4 legs on the aircraft.

5/31/2019 G Balurne

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to London via Taipei. The walking aisle was no bigger than for 1 person (like planes in short flights), therefore it was not possible to stretch your legs, and in the flight London - Sydney you really need it. I would not recommend this company for more than 4 hr flight max. The food was very boring, pretty much all the same - rice with something. I was woken up by staff in the middle of the flight and ask to move to my original seat even I was already there, I showed my ticked, however the staff didn't apologise me. Very upsetting when it is very hard to fall in sleep in the very uncomfortable flight, but instead of enjoying it you been woken up.

5/30/2019 L Sulingh

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Taipei. Service excellent and staff were professional. Food was far better than expected. The plane was very comfortable and quiet. After 8 hours plus of travel arrived to Taipei Flights seem to go quick.

5/29/2019 D Hewitt

✅ Trip Verified | Service excellent, all staff were professional. Food was far better than expected. The A350 was very comfortable and quiet. After 24 hours plus of travel arrived into Gatwick with no aches and pains. Flights seem to go quick. Leg room excellent. Only thing missing was the camera. Previously flown China Airlines from Syd to Akl and on the A330 they had the nose camera and the kids loved seeing take off and landing. The A350 does not have this. The camera is a very minor point as the IFE made up for this. System very quick and did not cause any issues. Good selection of movies and TV shows. Fare unbeatable.

5/8/2019 Christina Larson

Not Verified | Los Angeles to Manila via Taipei. Unbelievably horrible! Flight for my brother was May 1st. It's now the 7th and my brother still doesn't have his luggage! He can't buy clothes his size in the Philippines. I spent 7 hours and $200 in international calls trying to track down his lost luggage. His luggage "may" show up in Manila tomorrow - seriously? Worst customer service.

5/8/2019 S Duggan

✅ Trip Verified | Overall an excellent Business Class product on the A350, the seat offers privacy and comfort with an easy to operate inflight entertainment system. The negatives I found were that the blanket provided was too thin and the seven hour wait for the connecting flight on the return journey out of Taipei too long. The cabin service was good, particularly Taipei to London where the service was faultless. I will definitely look to use the airline again in the future.

5/7/2019 Peter Pomeranze

✅ Trip Verified | Taipei to Honolulu. A wonderful experience. The seat the best, cabin staff warm and efficient, the entertainment good enough. Food presentation is wonderful, an appealing service. The food itself needs refining, lightening in terms of sauces etc but that is minor. I highly recommend the business class.

4/27/2019 P Reeve

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to Taipei. I had an extremely bad experience with China Airlines, and request some answers from them. We bought tickets mid February for return tickets : Hong Kong – Taiwan (flight CI 922). At check-in, the morning of the flight, the staff simply told us that we couldn’t take our flight. Besides generating a huge frustration feeling before our holidays even start, the fact that she didn’t propose any solution or even look for solution is simply astonishing. So the reason she gave us is that our names on the booking didn’t match our passports. To be precise, our First Name was correct, and our Family Name was also correct. BUT, she told me that we had to put all our middle names as well with our First Names. Apparently, this is a change in the policy that was pushed before, but she was not able to tell us how recently. And as we did not put our middle names, our tickets were unusable, we couldn’t take the plane. Everything else was correct : passport number, dates, etc. No solution proposed, no real help, nothing… Oh wait, actually yes, she proposed us a solution : buy new tickets, obviously ! In my country, the middle names are absolutely never used. Moreover, every time I didn’t put our middle names in the booking, all the companies let us go on the plane. But China Airlines only decided not to. So I tried to find a solution, any action we could do to amend it. Of course, modifying the booking online by myself was prohibited by China Airlines website. I went back on the website to check the display of the booking page, and where this rule is written. So actually there is now a mention in brackets to put middle names (which I don’t remember to see last time, anyway). However, there are only 2 boxes called “Last Name” and “First Name”. If you require middle names too, add a dedicated box, it is clearer. On top of that, my first name contains an hyphen, but the website does not accept it. Moreover, I have commas between my middle names, but as the website does not accept special characters neither, how to input them ? Finally, where there is a change in policy, you should make it more obvious ! The technical limitations of the website make everything even more confusing. So at the counter I asked her to amend our booking; not possible neither. How come ?? Wait, actually, yes, she could modify the booking, but ONLY 3 LETTERS… What ? yes, 3 letters. So she managed to amend our son’s booking as the middle name was only 3 letters long (of course, with a fee), but not ours… What of a rule is this ? So actually, China Airlines CAN amend booking. Technically and regulatory, it is possible(I presume China airlines will use some kind of dark regulation to explain that only 3 letters can be changed for security purposes…) They just didn’t for us. So we finally bought new tickets, with fees, more expensive of course. I made reimbursement request for the old ones, and of course, no answer yet. And I don’t expect any. Better have customers paying twice and not losing money, right China airlines ? At Taipei counter, I told China Airlines staff my story, and ask them if they could amend our names, they replied “yes it should be possible to amend”, “hum, I don’t understand why they told you that in Hong Kong, I am not sure why”.

4/22/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 63D

It's a shame that China & EVA have gone to a 3-4-3 configuration on their 777s. Although legroom is still acceptable and the seats are well-cushioned with decent recline, the 17" seat width is very uncomfortable. I won't sit in anything but an aisle seat in a narrow configuration like this, but even then, if you get anyone next to you who is even average size, you'll have your arms pressed together for the entire flight. This is below the high standard of comfort for which Asian legacy airlines have been known.

4/15/2019 Dave O, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 20D

Business class interior seat in the second section. Great service as your would expect from a Taiwan carrier in business class. Recommended tip- order your meal ahead of time; much better selections. The lie-flat seat does not disappoint; great selection of movies. Superior attention from flight attendants!

4/1/2019 A Borden

✅ Trip Verified | Taipei to Vancouver. Very comfortable product. Seat and food excellent, especially for a long total journey after transit in TPE. Service attentive but not over the top. Drinks a little limited but pleasant enough. Inflight WiFi fast and TPE lounge generally comfortable too although did start to get a bit crowded.

3/18/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 48C

I really dislike their 3-4-3 configuration in the economy class, very narrow seats and aisles. I prefer EVA's wider seats but they charge higher fares.The China Airlines 777-300 seat cushion is also very bad, makes my butt hurts. Next time I'd bring my own cushion to endure the long flight.

2/27/2019 D Thanakun

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Honolulu via Taipei. This is the worst airline ever. They have cancelled our flight from April 5th to April 3rd and our return trip from April 19th to April 21st, which caused us a lot of trouble to change our itinerary and we had to cancel our business deal with our customers. Their are 4 of us and they split our seating and 4 of us have to sit separate of each other.

2/24/2019 Ton, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 20H

Outdated aircraft, not suitable for a flight longer than 2 hours

2/23/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 34H

I fly with China Airlines often for work (to date at least 5 times) and I'd rate it a peg below Cathay Pacific. The planes are new, the wood accent throughout the cabin is cozy and the food is good. However my biggest gripe is that the premium economy seats don't actually recline, they slide. This is good for not crushing the person's leg behind you, however not so good for comfort as you're forced into an awkward slouched position. To make matters worse there's very little leg room (I'm 5'11") and the arm rests don't fold, so you can't lay 2 across if you're next to an empty seat. Nonetheless I've flown in much more uncomfortable planes and everything else makes up for the seats.

2/12/2019 D Han

✅ Trip Verified | Awful customer service! I purchased a 2-segments tickets through China Airline website. The 2nd segment (New York to Boston) was carried by JetBlue. When I contacted China Airlines to get refund for the 2nd segment, they told me that JetBlue did something to the ticket so they can't process the ticket in their system right now. I asked China Airlines to talk directly to JetBlue, but they wouldn't do it. They kept asking me to translate their issues for them although I don't even know some of the terminology used. And each time when I called back to China Airlines, I got connected to a different rep so I had to repeat my story and tell the 2nd rep about what the first rep told me and what JetBlue told me. These went on for 4 rounds. Each round, I had to explain more, why there need to be a refund, what the 1st rep said, what JetBlue replied, what the 2nd rep said, etc. It is an unbelievably bad customer service. Finally, somehow they were able to process it and told me they'd contact me about the refund. Few days later, I got an email from China airline telling me that yes, they could refund me now, but I'll need to personally go to a China Airlines office, which is in a completely different state, far from the state I live to get this refund! I was very furious and replied by asking who would pay the airfare for me to fly to another state to get this refund in person and why couldn't they simply refund the money back to the credit card I used to purchased the tickets in the first place. At this moment, I have not gotten any reply about my email and have not seen the money deposited to my credit card either.

2/7/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 47A

Flew China Air first time 05 Feb. 2019 Brisb/Ak. Seats narrowest ever encountered (I'm 57kg) & engines so loud that people were straining to hear crew offer meal/drink choices. Enough legroom (at 5'8"). Excellent service & crew amazingly helpful toward passengers travelling with disabilities. Small lunchtime meal (choice of 2) but tasty. Entertainment system has less choice (tv & movies) than other airlines offer. I would fly CA again but choose a different aircraft if poss.

2/1/2019 Tim Janssen

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Seoul via Taipei. The flight in the A350 from Amsterdam to Taipei was very comfortable. Especially the food and inflight entertainment made a good impression. Wifi was available, however quite expensive. The second flight from TPE to ICN was in the Boeing 747-400. This plane felt quite old and the seats and inflight entertainment were obviously old.