Customer reviews

2/24/2018 H Suman

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Riyadh via Jeddah, a mix of A321/B777, overall an average airline nothing special. I was surprised that on their Int’l flight DXB-JED there was no onboard flight entertainment even if it was over 3 hrs flight. Food and service was average, planes were a mix of average airbus and fairly newer B777. Cre...

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2/20/2018 CHAY CHI KEONG, Boeing 787-9 (789) seat 33J

Inflight services all is perfect but transiting in Jeddah airport is nightmare , Bad Service in the airport , no WiFi ,schedule flights is chaotic and environment in the airport is absolutely disappointed.

2/19/2018 Belal A, Airbus A330-300 (333) v1 seat B2

Business class seats are not full bed recliners They actually recline at a weird angle you feel like your slipping out of the seat!

2/14/2018 T Zamen

✅ Trip Verified | London Heathrow to Riyadh. Worst Business class in terms of food quality and in flight service. Boarding was ok after delay of 30mins, seating and layout of the new Boeing 777 of is great and now have full flatbed seats which is a plus. However the food quality has gone downhill very fast since the past few ye...

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1/13/2018 G Grane

✅ Trip Verified | We took a flight from Rome to Jakarta via Jeddah, and back. The flight from Rome to Jeddah (5h) was in a narrowbody aircraft. Small and without entertainment! The transit was terrible. The worst I ever been. Dirty, no seats for everyone, no restaurants - nothing. The flight from Jeddah to Jakarta had entertainm...

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1/11/2018 Sher Afzal Khan

✅ Trip Verified | Jeddah to Peshawar via Riyadh. I came from Jeddah on January 5, 2018 via Riyadh to Peshawar. At the airport of Peshawar I did not get my luggage, I wrote a complaint, the authorized person told me that I will receive it within 2 days. It is now 10th of January, today I came to the airport, the same situation. ...

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1/10/2018 Z Khamour

✅ Trip Verified | Jeddah to Dammam. Some of the crew are not professional, not even smiling. Breakfast was so poor, the aircraft was dirty, seats were also dirty. Poor entertainment system. The trip was delayed 2 times without prior notification, the worst ground service I have experienced. The legroom was good.

1/3/2018 Kamran Rana

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Lahore via Jeddah. My family was looking forward to travelling via Saudia but after their experience, never again. The flight was late (scheduled 12:40 pm takeoff, actual take off around 3:30 pm). Once inflight, the food started being served. The flight attendant provided a meal to my wife and daug...

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1/2/2018 Zuned Othman

✅ Trip Verified | Riyadh to London Heathrow. New Boeing 777 aircraft with newer flatbed Business Class seats. Had comfortable seats which gave me a good nights sleep. Breakfast and overall catering for Business Class is poor and needs improvements to be on par with other Gulf airlines. The entertainment and free wifi was a plus...

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12/23/2017 D Helgume

✅ Trip Verified | Riyadh to Paris. What a disappointment. I had a SkyPriority ticket and I really wonder what's the point when using this company. At the boarding gate, my ticket did not go into the system. The team could not get me into their system. I was stuck at the boarding gate 1 hour without being given explanations. I w...

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12/18/2017 Shomith Mondal

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Dhaka via Jeddah. The first flight was from JFK to Jeddah and it was 12 hours long. The plane left on time and arrived 30 minutes earlier in Jeddah. The food was awesome and the staff was nice as well. The landing was pretty smooth and the on flight entertainment system was decent. No headphones we...

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12/11/2017 D Lansel

✅ Trip Verified | Jeddah to Tunis. My baggage didn't arrive when we landed in Tunis, I, among other people, were waiting for our luggage. We were waiting for two hours from 9 am to 11am and then at the end, they told us that your baggage was left on Jeddah because it was heavy. It's the first time I heard this. So they knew fr...

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11/14/2017 David Robson

✅ Verified Review | I traveled from Addis Ababa to Beirut Via Riyadh on Saudia Airlines on September 13th 2017. It was a very enjoyable flight even with the four hour stop over in Riyadh. Saudia is a full service airline so we got meals and drinks. It did begin at 3:35am in the morning which is not the best time to catch a flig...

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11/14/2017 W Madson

✅ Verified Review | Manchester to Kuala Lumpur via Jeddah. The inflight entertainment is so heavily censored to Saudi Arabian standards that there essentially isn't any. American sitcoms, for example, censor out all swearing, references to sex and alcohol, hugging, cuddling, kissing, and they even blur over any exposed flesh - ...

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10/27/2017 Sunay Köse

✅ Verified Review | Istanbul to Singapore via Jeddah. When we arrived to Singapore, we learned that our luggage was lost. Anyway, we went to lost and found to get information and fill the required forms. Responsible staff informed us that our luggage will be delivered within 24 hours but this was not true. We called hotline ever...

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10/16/2017 Ros Azman Shah, Boeing 787-9 (789) seat 32B

Nice interior, quiet environment. Entertainment system plenty to choose from. Food quite nice and filling.

10/16/2017 AZMAN, Boeing 787-9 (789) seat 48L

Spacious space in front. Sadly monitor was missing, so no entertainment for me!

10/15/2017 E Makass

✅ Verified Review | Nairobi to Toronto via Jeddah. First time flying Saudi Airlines even though most of the reviews I read about them were not good I still decided to try it out. Their staff are very helpful, kind and friendly, not very strict on luggage weight they wont mind the extra 2 kilos unlike other airlines. Flight was c...

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9/26/2017 Ahmed Shaheen

✅ Verified Review | I'm so disappointed with my last experience with Saudi Airlines from Riyadh to Jakarta. On board of the outbound flight I discovered the malfunction of the entertainment system, so I told the flight attendant and informed him about the issue but he told me that after the airplane takeoff the system will be r...

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9/23/2017 P Maloof

✅ Verified Review | We flew Business to Jeddah in Economy and return from Madinah to Manchester. Excellent service, friendly check-in and on-board staff. Extremely comfortable seats in Business and nice seats in Economy Class. Prayer Room and Toilets well-maintained and convenient. Hospitable and friendly staff.