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1/19/2019 SeatGuru User, Airbus A321 (321) v2 seat 1A

Seats 1A and 1C have plenty of leg room and should be marked as green. The leg room at 1D and 1F was somewhat less, but still looked more than adequate. Taking into account that there is substantial recline, this is a great seat for middle-range flights. As usual, Alitalia crew members are charming and, even on a < 2 hour flight, served a very good hot meal.

1/18/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 777-200ER (772) seat 1L

Wonderful seat. Very private, and little to no disturbance from kitchen. (Crew keeps curtain closed to avoid light transmission.)Seat is set well back from the aisle, so there is no jostling as crew passes by. Very comfortable for sitting and sleeping, with room for knees of side-sleepers. Crew was attentive and food was terrific. If you're travelling alone, this is the best seat in the cabin. Only carps are: (1) AC power is provided, but no USB power; (2) video screen is low-resolution and using the wired remote takes some trial and error; (3) seat massager is more of a vibrator. NOTE: Seat Guru map is not correct. On the left side, even rows are closer to the window; and the rear mini-cabin, the last row in Business is 11, not 10.

1/16/2019 Thorben Dhaenens

✅ Trip Verified | Brussels to Seoul via Rome. Staff on board was friendly, basic entertainment. My experience was quite satisfactory. I was very dissatisfied with my luggage. It had severe damage and inside many of my goods were damaged. They wouldn't compensate me for this issue. The customer agent says it needs to be reported after you claimed the damage at the airport itself. I think this will be my last flight with Alitalia.

1/15/2019 N Caulin

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Barcelona via Rome. Not only my experience with them before the flight was horrible. The flight was the worst I've ever traveled.

1/8/2019 M Steane

✅ Trip Verified | Rome to Tunis. The new Alitalia lounge in FCO is great - excellent selection of food, drinks and x2 baristas for coffee. Plane was clean and a friendly welcome on board. Left on time, and served a delicious breakfast. Pleasantly surprised after previous experiences on Alitalia.

1/7/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 777-200ER (772) seat 36D

I flew Alitalia from Rome to Mexico City and back for the second time now. (first in 2016). Nothing has changed. Very old economy cabin. Entertainment system with copyright logos from 2001. No touchscreen, no charging port, only really bad 144p screen with a barely working remote control. Seat was awful, my headrest would keep on falling down which would wake me up when I tried to sleep. Dinner service was good but breakfast and other snacks were disgusting. Unless you are flying higher than economy, then I do not recommend. Also, watch out for seats with limited legroom due to the outdated entertainment boxes with outdated movies.

1/3/2019 SeatGuru User, Airbus A330-200 (332) Three Class seat 29L

Flew on on AZ604 from Milan MXP to New York JFK. Seat 29L has lot of legroom space but the armrests are fixed (because they contain the tray and the screen). This seat is very *COLD* ! Ask for an addictional blanket/plaid. Movie selection could be richer

12/30/2018 V Marzone

✅ Trip Verified | I have travelled with Alitalia for more than 20 years, and though out this time quality of service and employees’ attitude has been going up and down. In the last three trips however I experienced the worst possible service on both sides. Old plane flying the intercontinental route (low cost type of searing, front and back seats broken). Poor food quality as well as entertainment. The attitude of the crew was terrible. You can manage one person with a bad day, but when three or four through the journey are unnecessarily unpleasant. I really wish I had more options to fly out of Miami.

12/27/2018 D Carcio

✅ Trip Verified | Brussels to Rome. Really nice cabin crew, clean plane. Flight comfortable and fast, we landed in Rome even 30 minutes before, they allowed me to arrive on time on Christmas Eve. I will fly again with Alitalia

12/10/2018 F Foster

✅ Trip Verified | London (LHR) to Milan (LIN). Boarding was quick and efficient, flight departed on time and cabin crew were very friendly. The aircraft was clean, seats were comfortable and the price was excellent. I strongly recommend Alitalia.

11/29/2018 Anil Kumar

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Rome. Horrible flight. Unprofessional and unkind flight crew, nothing was served to me for first 6 hrs of flight, not even water or beverages. Crew was unpleasant when I asked for water and then for coffee later.

11/27/2018 David P, Airbus A330-200 (332) Three Class seat 4E

No overhead storage.

11/27/2018 David P, Airbus A330-200 (332) Three Class seat 4C

Limited overhead storage.

11/26/2018 Cheryl Lum

Not Verified | Flew Rome to Barcelona and I found them to be fine. They were on time, the flight attendants were courteous and efficient, and they got my luggage on board the flight properly. Thus, I would not hesitate to fly them again nor recommend them.

11/21/2018 P Geesen

✅ Trip Verified | Boston to Rome. Horrible service and terrible food. I flew from Boston to Rome in Economy Class, there was a steward extremely rude and unfriendly. You can't even ask a glass of wine or coffee. Lame service, extremely slow. They also lost my bag that I've got 3 days later with the broken lock. At the Rome airport the staff was so unprofessional. It took them 50 minutes to check in my bag, unbelievable. The most horrible experience ever.

11/19/2018 Heitor Ferreira Filho

✅ Trip Verified | Rome to São Paulo. My seat was 22L. The flight attendants in that part of the airplane were unkind and far from nice. After dinner we were served coffee and tea, and none of the flight attendants passed by that area to collect used cups and napkins. We had to put the dirty cups inside the pouches of the seats in front of us because the flight attendants working in that section had to go to their rest period. They believed they were doing the passengers a huge favor in serving us dinner and, before landing, breakfast. Unfortunately, that's typical of Alitalia economy class in-flight service.

11/11/2018 C Valini

✅ Trip Verified | I flew with Alitalia from Milan Linate to New York via Rome Fiumicino; the experience was not bad. The flight from Linate to Rome was a normal national flight (nothing to say) and landed on time. The flight to NY was on time too, the crew was friendly, the food ok and the airbus clean. The flight back to Rome landed 1 hour early and, as usual, food, crew and aircraft ok! To cut a long story short, good experience with Alitalia.

11/6/2018 SeatGuru User, Boeing 777-200ER (772) seat 26C

Surprisingly comfortable flight. Just enough leg room for me (at 185cm / 6'1"). This made it an overall good experience for me. A lot of head rests did not seem to stay in place, however (we switched rows because of this). Entertainment system is old and screen/audio is lousy. Both didn't matter too much to me. Also noticed the issue with the boxes under the seat in front for rows A/E/G/L - definitively to be avoided.

11/6/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A320 (320) v2 seat 16A

the seat has a very very little space between the seat and the table in front of me. very unconfortable also because i'm 1.80 m tall and i had to spread the legs to seat.

11/6/2018 Peter Lapham

Not Verified | At Milan Linate they always put you on a bus to the aircraft which therefore defeats any priority boarding advantage since everybody is lumped together. Once the doors of the bus open it is survival of the fittest with a stampede of people to the stairs of the aircraft to see who can get on-board first. Once onboard, the stewardess insisted I put my carry-on on a different overhead locker since the one directly above my seat was partly in business class which was only had 2/3 of the seats occupied (middle seat deliberately not used) - never encountered such an issue before in 20 plus years of flying. Other people also having to deal with the "difficult" stewardess resulting in further delays to a flight that already had been delayed by 30 mins. This resulted in the captain actually coming out to speak to the Alitalia staff to tell them to hurry up with completing the boarding. Once seated, very little legroom. "Free" small selection of drinks and snacks - no opportunity to buy any food or drinks. Overall a pretty miserable experience.