Seat Map ATR 72-600 (ATR) Garuda Indonesia

21A21C21H21K22A22C22H22K23A23C23H23K25A25C25H25K26A26C26H26K27A27C27H27K28A28C28H28K29A29C29H29K30A30C30H30K31A31C31H31K32A32C32H32K33A33C33H33K34A34C34H34K35A35C35H35K36A36C36H36K37A37C37H37K38A38C38H38K39A39CSeat Map ATR 72-600 (ATR) Garuda Indonesia

Airplane ATR 72-600 (ATR) Garuda Indonesia with 70 seats on board. Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which ones should be avoided.


6/6/2018 John P, seat 22A

22A/K has a good view ahead of the engine. For leg room, I preferred the second row (22) because your legs can stretch under seat in front of you (as long as you don’t have a bag down there), whereas the first row (21) has a wall which restricts leg room (even though it’s marked “green” on here).

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