Seat Map Bombardier CRJ1000 Garuda Indonesia

21A21C21H21K22A22C22H22K23A23C23H23K25A25C25H25K26A26C26H26K27A27C27H27K28A28C28H28K29A29C29H29K30A30C30H30K31A31C31H31K32A32C32H32K33A33C33H33K34A34C34H34K35A35C35H35K36A36C36H36K37A37C37H37K38A38C38H38K39A39C39H39K40A40C40H40K41A41C41H41K42A42C42H42K6A6C6H6K7A7C7H7K8A8C8H8KSeat Map Bombardier CRJ1000 Garuda Indonesia

Airplane Bombardier CRJ1000 Garuda Indonesia with 2 classes and 96 seats on board. Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which should be avoided.


3/14/2017 SeatGuru User, seat 6A

All Garuda CRJ-1000 bombardier are now only serving economy class. The first 3 row are now sold as Economy class. There is no seat width difference. Only the seat pitch is little bit bigger. If you could update. The number arangement still the same as now, starting at 6 then 7 and 8

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