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8/23/2011 F Kiragu

NBO-AMS. Plane scheduled to leave at 8.10am. At 12pm no boarding no announcement. Passengers started asking questions and an announcement came that the crew had not arrived. We ended up leaving more than 7hrs later. The TV on the plane did not work making an already 8 hr long journey almost unbearable.

8/22/2011 Ron Jones

LHR - NBO return on a B777. Departed and arrived on time. No problems with bags. The food was average with a full meal followed later by a snack going to NBO. On the trip north a small snack at the start of the trip and a small breakfast at the end. The cabin crew was fine. The plane was in good condition. The entertainment system had limited range of programs. The only major issue was the boarding procedure at Nairobi airport. The passengers were squeezed into a tiny departure lounge for a long time. The boarding process was a mess with announcements and ground staff contradicting each other. I would happily use them again.

8/15/2011 Christoffer Madsen

NBO-AMS on B777. Mixed experience. We were almost 1 hr late departing Nairobi with no explanations or apologies. Arrived in AMS almost on time. Breakfast was average with a hot lunch which was quite good. IFE was a bit unstable but kept me entertained. Had an onwards connection in AMS with KLM-CPH that I made but my luggage didn't. Delivered next day at my home in Copenhagen.

8/14/2011 Jan Marillac

JNB-NBO. Cabin crew were warm and friendly. Food was very good IFE was average but they can do much better. The duty free was surprisingly good.

8/9/2011 J Menzies

Antanatarivo to Niarobi. 4 hr flight left on time. Service was good and cabin staff attentive. Food was average with ok leg room. Cabin and toilets clean. First time on KQ and was pleasantly surprised. However this was shorthaul - longhaul experience was awful.

8/9/2011 John Menzies

Nairobi to LDN. Economy Seat 33C and 24B. Boarding a little chaotic and some sat in the boarding lounge for 90 mins. Staff were sufficiently attentive. Food adequate. AV worked and toilets very clean. Arrived on time. Seating 24B was very poor no leg room and uncomfortable. Moved to 33C aisle seat limited recline and impossible to sleep. Avoid KQ Economy long haul short haul however is good.

8/7/2011 M Gallie

We were quite disappointed by our first experience of Kenya Airways on our recent trip from London to Nairobi - my husband's TV wasn't working and although we asked for help that was simply ignored. The staff looked bored and were not very attentive. You had to be quick to say that you wanted coffee/tea as you only had one chance much too early during dinner. The food wasn't great but edible. I was also annoyed by the fact that they didn't encourage other passengers to put their seats forward when food was served - that meant we had even less space whilst having our breakfast. The flight back was not quite as bad but still I felt the staff could have made more of an effort (occasional smile would be nice). The thing I would really like to criticise was the boarding procedure at Nairobi airport - we were asked to board 1.5 hours before departure which meant that we were squeezed into a tiny departure lounge for that length of time - the boarding was a mess with the announcements and ground staff contradicting each other - despite the early 'boarding time' we still managed to leave late.

8/4/2011 Jacqueline Nandhra

Cabin crew in Economy not very communicative. They seem to forget it is their job to be polite and helpful. Flying in Economy is stressful especially when most of the time the entertainment system doesn't work toilets are left dirty towards the end of the flight and if you want duty free items you have to watch for when they come by or you will miss them. Food was awful with very limited choice. Tea and coffee service is poor.

8/1/2011 M Shah

Flew KQ in Business NBO-JNB using points. We were on the 8pm flight. Check in was very easy with no queue. The lounge in NBO is small and crowded. We boarded by bus (cram as many people in as you can). On board (737-800) only 5/16 seats occupied. Food was good. There was one starter (no choice) choice of 2 main courses and then desert or cheese (pre-plated). Wine was excellent. Service was good. Glasses were always topped up. We never use KQ IFE. Always carry our own iPad and BOSE noise cancelling headphones. KQ gave a basic amenity kit. Arrival into JNB was 30 mins early. Luggage took 15 mins to come out. Overall pleasant experience.

8/1/2011 A Macharia

It was a Mombasa-Nairobi flight schedule to leave at 1440h so we arrived at the airport by 1315h and checked in they did not say one word to us about the delay. They didn't tell us anything but simply put it up on the board after we had waited for 2 hrs already without any announcement or explanation. Of course it did not leave until 1840h. KQ will allow you to book and check in then they will not service the flight leaving you effectively grounded and waiting for up to 5 hrs for a local flight. Pure inefficiency.

7/31/2011 Nick Hodgson

LHR-NBO. Had read on here from many posters that the IFE is grossly unreliable and not surprisingly I struck the same with the entire side of the plane without IFE. No compensation but not=too bothered as was an overnight flight and I slept. Arrival procedure in Nairobi bordering on chaotic with visa process etc and baggage hall a shambles but not fault of airline. Having made the choice over BA/VS to see something different I was satisfied staff were surprisingly good.

7/27/2011 Sanu Khimbaja

The seats were neat and clean and food was excellent. Our flight from Johannesburg to Nairobi couldn't land at Nairobi. The plane landed at Mombasa where passengers were kept in the airport for 4 hrs without food/water. Kenyan Airways and Airport staff were not able to manage angry passengers. We were taken to Nairobi the next morning. I missed all my schedules. Staffs are not prepared they lack co-ordination with each other.

7/25/2011 A Kumar

Staff completely uninterested and uninformed especially ground staff who upon being confronted with the slightest challenge turn their back and leave. Always delays very filthy toilets overpriced tickets especially within Africa. Business class lounge is average.

7/25/2011 Y Mirindi

NBO-FIH. Check-in at the Jomo Kenyatta airport was slow as usual with long lines starting outside the terminal. Flight on time on a 767-300 for some reason IFE was not available but I did not mind as the flight was 3 hrs. A nice hot breakfast was served after take off by a very friendly almost all male cabin crew. Great flight overall with good standards and professional crew for an African airline.

7/22/2011 D Counsell

London to Nairobi - excellent flight good service comfortable seat decent leg room (I am 5'10") food could be better good entertainment system. I would happily use them again. Onward to Mombassa also fine delayed coming back at Mombassa - not airlines fault - but connection held and most of time made up and free refreshments when delayed so overall did well despite difficulties.

7/18/2011 A Gori

JNB-NBO-JNB. This trip showed both the good and average sides of this airline. JNB-NBO was on time in-flight service was good and the 737-800 used was clean and comfortable. NBO-JNB was a different story. Upon arrival at Nairobi Airport I was informed that I had been re-booked on a later flight instead. As a result the boarding process took a long time and the flight was delayed about 30mins. The 767 used on this leg was in good shape with a smart blue leather interior and a good seat pitch. The IFE was a bit dated with the old-style projector. Meal choices were a bit odd for breakfast but the service was prompt.

7/17/2011 D Frost

Nairobi-London. Lounge in Nairobi was small and food poor but for Nairobi Airport standards it was ok. Very surprised they only started boarding 25mins before departure (usually it's much earlier) but we managed to leave bang on time. Welcome by Cabin Crew was warm. Seat was comfortable in sitting position. Seat nice and wide. When converted into a bed it's angle is 170 degrees but you can't stretch your legs fully (and I'm only 5'8) which means any position for a long period of time is uncomfortable. In flight entertainment was poor - AVOD but very limited selection of films. Lots of features seemed to be broken - whether it was the control or the individual system it was unclear. Food was a mixture - lunch was excellent beautifully presented but the Afternoon tea (which they copied it seems from BA) was appalling - sandwiches were dry rolls with slabs of butter and unidentifiable filling. Scone was cold and dry. Cabin Crew were good but not excellent - they were courteous and warm but very slow which was disappointing as the cabin was almost empty so they had only a few passengers to serve and it still took an age for them to respond to any request or to complete each round of the meal service. I would be very frustrated if the cabin had been full. Disappointingly there was absolutely no interaction with pax from crew. Overall the flight was reasonably comfortable and smooth but not good value for money. As it was an award ticket I can't complain too much but I would certainly not pay a Business Class fare for the "Premium" product Kenya Airways offers.

7/11/2011 Shah Himat

Nairobi-London. As me and my wife are both wheelchair passengers (for which we charged $10 each by the Nairobi office it was a very disappointing experience at London Heathrow. There were no wheelchairs on arrival at Heathrow. I had to wait 40 mins before the ground staff could arrange for a wheelchair or a buggy. In the end we had to walk half the distance with one wheel chair for me (no wheel chair for my wife! although $10 was paid). There was no inflight entertainment I tried to talk to the purser but he/she did not bother. We have flown Kenya Airways many times and competition airlines as well. Seems that the airline in looking for profits is ignoring the comfort of passengers (although a shareholder of the company I do not expect the service to be comprised) to support our national airline. Another area I would like to point out is no refresher kit is given to Economy Class passengers. If I had known we would have brought ours and create profit for the airline.

7/6/2011 J Gray

LUN-LLW in Economy. Adequate for a 1 hr trip. FA were friendly; there was a quick distribution of nuts and drinks; and PTVs. I've always found that you when you ask for a canned drink you get given two of them - a small touch that I've always liked.

7/4/2011 Onur Oguzhan

I fly Kenya very often (almost once every 2 weeks) and usually Business on the route Nairobi-Mombasa. I find the staff (both ground and flight attendants) quite friendly. The aircraft are usually in good condition usually ex KLM 737s. The domestic flight food quality is quite poor. The real problem with KQs domestic flight is the lack of a lounge in the domestic side. JKIA is KQs hub but it looks more like an outdated bus terminal. Nairobi needs urgently a new airport.

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