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8/1/2018 H Keale

✅ Trip Verified | Entebbe to London via Nairobi. Overall a very average experience, with staff generally going through the motions, medicore food, limited drinks and three-star entertainment. Excellent baggage allowance and quick connecting times make this an acceptable option on the Uganda - UK routing if the price is right. M...

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7/19/2018 J Harden

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Accra via Nairobi. My luggage went missing in Nairobi. Took three days to have my bags arrive in Johannesburg. When I got my luggage zips were broken, locks removed and my some of my stuff were not inside.

7/11/2018 Dirk Oesterling

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Cape Town via Nairobi. It took Kenya Airways more than 4 days to cancel the flight I had booked for November 2018, because they found that the price was too cheap. In their app it is still confirmed. I will never fly this airline because they are just not reliable.

7/10/2018 Ning Chen

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Guangzhou. I am writing to complain the poor services provided Kenya Airways. It is the most disappointed and frustrating journey. According to the flight information, the aircraft should have taken off at 3:00pm in Bankkok and arrived in Guangzhou at 7:00 pm on that day. However, once we checked i...

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7/9/2018 D Millington

✅ Trip Verified | Heathrow to Lilongwe via Nairobi and 30hours later ther luggage doesn’t arrive at the other end. The next day I ring the airport and told luggage will be on the next flight, from Heathrow and will arrive in Lilongwe and I can collect from there. I pay 70 dollars for a cab back to the airport as a single you...

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6/14/2018 Michael Little

✅ Trip Verified | Nairobi to Cape Town via Livingstone. We took a few days' break in Livingstone between Nairobi and Cape Town, and so experienced two separate KQ flights. Both check-ins and boarding processes were smooth and easy - except that on the first flight some passengers were allowed to carry huge quantities of hand lug...

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6/10/2018 Patrick McCabe

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Kilimanjaro via Nairobi. Let's start with the flight out of Johannesburg being delayed such that I missed my connection from Nairobi to Arusha at 6:30 that evening. Upon arrival I went to the Kenya airways desk to arrange the next flight to Arusha. They proposed an 11:50pm flight. This flight a...

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6/5/2018 Alain Kupferman

✅ Trip Verified | I was scheduled to fly business class on Kenya Airways from Bangkok to Nairobi, but unfortunately, I had to cancel the flight for business reasons. I duly filled the forms for refund, got a confirmation from Kenya Airways on April 11, but no refund was made until now, ie almost 2 months later; I got in contact...

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5/26/2018 Jo Wade

✅ Trip Verified | Entebbe to London via Nairobi. I recently spent some time volunteering in Uganda and whilst I was there broke and dislocated my ankle quite badly. I needed to return home a few days earlier than planned, to undergo surgery, so rebooked a flight at additional cost and requested wheelchair assistance. Upon arriv...

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5/14/2018 B Turine

✅ Trip Verified | Nairobi to Dubai. I would like to commend the crew on a pleasant flight. The service was exemplary. The cabin staff in our section was courteous and her service good. The flight was very smooth & managed to sleep which I find difficult to do in most planes.

5/11/2018 Nashon Mwangemi

✅ Trip Verified | Nairobi to Mombasa. Check-in was fast and easy and flight boarded and departed on time. Departure was very rushed and the cabin crew did not perform all the necessary safety checks. After take-off a cold dry croissant was served as 'breakfast' by a very rude flight attendant who would have a go at anyone who a...

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4/22/2018 SeatGuru User, Embraer 190 seat 18A

Very spacious comfortable seats,extra legroom.

4/11/2018 K Morris

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Kenya Airways from Nairobi to Birmingham via Amsterdam. The flight was good, the cabin crew were great and the food was good. However the seat button adjuster ref, seat 23J is depressed in the slot hence was unable to adjust my seat and get some sleep. Hope maintenance can get this sorted. Sometimes it too...

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4/4/2018 G Talogawe

✅ Trip Verified | Nairobi to Lusaka. I travel almost every quarter between Lusaka and Nairobi and back, and my experience is good. The crew are courteous and friendly and helpful. One little disappointment though which I have experienced about twice is when the on Board duty free shop catalogue indicated there was a special of...

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4/3/2018 Uwe Naeher

✅ Trip Verified | I flew the route Kinshasa to Nairobi March 26 and back March 30. The flight-time is over 3 hours but Kenya Airways for whatever reason used the Embraer 190 which should be used only on short haul flights. Both times the cabin was full and there was not enough space in the overhead compartments for hand luggage...

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3/20/2018 M Puerman

✅ Trip Verified | A complete disappointment from start to finish. Delays can happen, but they should be communicated properly. The 45 min delay turned out to be over 2 hours. Cabin was untidy and dirty when joining the flight, which originated in Guangzhou, in Bangkok. The seat was spacious but lacked any privacy dividers or hoo...

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3/19/2018 B Malten

✅ Trip Verified | Entebbe to Mumbai via Nairobi connecting on Jet Airways to Colombo. The ground staff was acting completely arbitrarily, and each of them had different rules. Our main problem with Kenya Airways was not on board, but with the ground staff. My husband (Ugandan) and I (German) were booked on a flight to Colombo i...

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3/2/2018 Joseph Affonso

✅ Trip Verified | Nairobi to Amsterdam. The flight and boarding process for Kenya Airways was seamless. Being a Platinum member, Kenya Airways is very good at recognizing status, even at the Safari Lounge. I admit the new terminal gates are rather confusing in numbering. However, the meals, etc were acceptable. Flight attendan...

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3/2/2018 Joseh Affonso

✅ Trip Verified | Nairobi to Kisumu. Domestic Kenya Airways is surprisingly good. (I figured out the reason why. Big shots travel these routes together with tourists, so these are the folks that can cause trouble for management if it is not together). Service, check in, Safari Lounge, snacks/drinks are served on very short haul ...

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2/27/2018 I Lucoso

✅ Trip Verified | London Heathrow to Nairobi. I rang Kenya Airways Office in London at about 8 pm to book a ticket for my 15 year old daughter to travel to Nairobi. The lady told me they don't take payment by phone. She needed to fax me a form to complete and return with Bank details. I told her I have never seen a Facsimile ma...

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