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1/5/2018 SeatGuru User, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 32J

There is no window in this row!

12/29/2017 Busisiwe Mabuza

✅ Trip Verified | Dakar to Johannesburg via Nairobi. A colleague and I were booked to travel from Dakar to Nairobi and from Nairobi to Johannesburg. The point of taking this route was to get to Johannesburg before noon on Saturday 9th in order to attend to other commitments there. Kenya Airways seemed the most convenient for our requirements, there was a two hour plus gap between the scheduled arrival time of KQ513 and the departure time of KQ760 - so none of us could have imagined the nightmare that awaited us at the Kenya Airways hub in Nairobi! Due to a 2hour 15 minute (or longer) delay of the departure of KQ513 from Dakar, we barely made it on time for our connecting flight. There was no ground staff available to assist us get to the connecting flight. The ground staff at the gate were quick to gleefully tell us that we had been off-loaded from flight KQ760 to Johannesburg. They were there to block not to facilitate passengers. Following desperate pleas, they decided to board the business class passengers and not economy class - thus separating my colleague and I. When I pleaded on my colleague's behalf I was told that not enough meals were loaded into the economy class cabin! If passengers are late due to a Kenyan Airways delay (and no fault of their own) ground staff should meet the passengers and escort them to the connecting flight if it is still on the ground. In the event that the flight is over-booked tell passengers the truth than use an excuse as pathetic as the one that was given by ground staff.

12/27/2017 K Reate

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Addis Ababa via Nairobi. Upon arrival in Addis Ababa, I collected my suitcase - only to find that it had been terribly damaged. What’s more is that I paid extra to have the bag wrapped in South Africa. I immediately went to the baggage help desk, where I was given a reference number and told that I would be contacted. For the entire stay in Ethiopia, I was not contacted by Kenya Airways. When I returned to South Africa, I emailed the airline asking for an update. I was referred to someone else and have still not been helped! Truly disappointed in this bad service.

12/13/2017 A Kaliyami

✅ Trip Verified | Average to very poor experience. They lost my baggage and still have not provided any update or response to my several enquiries to date. I was on their flight from Dakar to Lusaka (and later to Heathrow and back to Dakar). I flew out on 4th November, arrived in Lusaka on the 5th. The bag did not arrive. I made a formal report immediately at the airport. I had to follow up severally with them. No one ever got in touch with me to give any feedback. On my way to Nairobi (and in Nairobi) I was able to get hold of a representative. I was asked to fill a claim form on the 11th of November and assured that they will get back to me within 28 days. I did everything they asked me to do. I heard nothing back from them - not at any point. I called today (12th of December) and was told my file had been "closed" and it is assumed the matter was resolved. I have asked that I need a resolution. I have not experienced such poor service anywhere. Never fly them if you have an alternative.

12/13/2017 S Mavanee

✅ Trip Verified | We travelled Business class from London to Cape Town via Nairobi and Kenya Airways lost our bags! We have spent our entire last 2 days trying to get this sorted with Kenya Airways and the Customer Service representatives cannot be bothered. We have been directed round and around in circles. Never would we pay to fly with them again!

12/7/2017 Zulekha Mmbaga

✅ Trip Verified | Dar Es salaam to Bangkok via Nairobi. I had the worst experience with Kenya Airways. My flight got canceled for 7hrs, they provided us with accommodation in Nairobi. However, one of the staff at the airport in Nairobi told me Kenya Airways isn’t responsible for my ticket from Bangkok to Phuket because it was domestic flight I was meant to use Thai Airways ). It was their fault that my ticket from Bangkok to Phuket went to waste yet they told me I have to pay for my own expenses. I am more than disappointed with this flight. I won’t recommend to use it if you have a connecting flight from Nairobi. They do not take responsibility when it comes to such big matters.

11/1/2017 SeatGuru User, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 23A

AVOID AVOID AVOID. I picked this seat because of it's close proximity to the toilets - being an 8.5hr flight! Sitting my the toilets doesn't bother me in the slighest but this seat - this plane - so awful. So little room. The bad things you hear and read about the Dreamliner 787-8 are all true and this is coming from someone who knows nothing about planes and is quite happy to plonk down in any old seat and enjoy the journey (I've flown Canada and various places in Europe). The legroom is non existent (and I'm only 5'6") and the space between you and the back of the seat in front is scarily small. I was unfortunate enough to have a very selfish travelling in front of me on the way out who reclined his chair fully for almost the entire journey and let me tell you, a claustrophobic person would have been in trouble in such a scenario. The gap between my face and the back of the seat in front was no more than 7" - for 8hrs! I felt completely boxed in and somewhat trapped, to be honest. I think only a small child could cope in these seats. The seat design itself is really not comfortable, pushing out the lower back, forcing one into a slightly curved position which I didn't find comfortable at all. I'd go as far as to say I'd pick another airline if this plane came up on my next route.

10/31/2017 Naryan Boxi

✅ Verified Review | Mumbai to Khartoum via Nairobi. Kenya Airways is not bad. Flights are in time, but found some cabin crew not fully experienced. Food and beverages are acceptable. But lack of option and choice of service for the last seated passengers. Inflight entertainment is okay but not updated.

10/17/2017 Thomas Yebei

✅ Verified Review | Nairobi to Amsterdam. The announcement about boarding times were clear during the waiting period. Boarding gates opened early enough. It was easy to locate the gates as the airport is clearly marked and well lit. The Boeing B787-8 is new, even though the seat i had was somehow uncomfortable but with adequate leg room nevertheless. The cabin crew were quite welcoming and wore a welcoming smile. The aircraft left on time. Once airborne we were served snacks, then a tasty meal followed including options of drinks, no sooner had we settled for a nab another round of snacks came along, then a meal. It was an endless supply of food by an efficient cabin crew. We landed at Amsterdam on time. I recommend this airline.

10/11/2017 L Dreyson

✅ Verified Review | Dar es Salaam to Bangkok via Nairobi. It is obvious why this airline is in deep financial trouble. None of the payment methods on their website work - we tried several different credit cards from different banks from accounts in different countries (including East Africa) and none of them worked. Flights need to be paid for (with an additional fee - they will not waive it even though their website has payment issues) over the phone or through third-party websites. We needed to change our business class tickets to the next day due to unforseeable changes. Although their website says you can do this online, you can't. Again, it wouldn't take any payment method even when we did a 3 way call between our banks and the airline. Their solution was to write an email to their tech department. All of the flight options the website showed were different from what the Kenya Airways representative could see on their end. All of the flight options the representative could see were hundreds of dollars more than what was being shown to us on their website. After several hours (12pm until 7pm) and dropped calls later, they finally booked us a ticket that ended up costing us significantly more and we ended up losing our business class seats. We couldn't pay over the phone and so we were told we could pay at the airport at no extra charge. Upon reaching the airport, the ticketing agent charged us even more than the price on the emailed ticked we had. She refused to call the manager and told us we could either pay the extra money or not get on the flight. Once finally reaching our destination, we tried reaching out to Kenya Airways several times to share our poor experience, hoping they would do something about it to avoid losing our business in the future as we fly into East Africa often to vist family & friends. Instead, we were met with a generic email replies telling us they were "looking into the situation." This airline and their customer service is a disappointment. Unfortunately they have a monopoly over the East African region, offering the only choice to fly between major cities. If you are flying into the area from outside of East Africa, there are plenty of other airlines based in the middle east, South Africa, and other continents which are far more reputable.

10/4/2017 Lorraine Pillay

✅ Verified Review | Zanzibar to Johannesburg via Nairobi, we were told that due to overbooking, we must take a later flight about 4 hours. They always overbook a flight so we were the unlucky ones who have to take a flight four hours later, with zero consideration for the inconvenience caused. There will be no compensation as they booked us on SAA (this again was our fault). We insisted on lunch, which was a burger only because Kenyan Airways policy does not buy sides. We were informed our luggage was on the SAA flight, after 30 minutes of waiting we realised that our luggage has not arrived with us. After numerous queries we managed to locate our luggage (Thanks to helpful staff at OR Tambo). As the lady at the counter said that we must actually be thankful that our luggage has arrived. The staff at Kenyan Airways was unhelpful and made as though everything was our fault. I will never fly Kenya Airways again.

9/27/2017 David Taylor

✅ Verified Review | London to Dar es Salaam via Nairobi. Heathrow to Nairobi was full, had an aisle seat, but cushion was well worn. Evening meal served by efficient cabin crew. Meal and breakfast was better than on some better known airlines. Nairobi to Dar es Salaam on Embraer 190 was a pleasant flight, comfortable leather seats and another breakfast. Flight was on time. Return flight from Dar es Salaam scheduled for 3.45 am which was a bit inconvenient, but get to the departure gate in good time - this flight left 15 minutes early as all passengers had boarded. Aircraft was clean, breakfast was served. Cabin crew efficient. At Nairobi there is a scheduled 4 hour wait for the flight to Heathrow. Again aircraft was on time and nearly full. Yet another breakfast, this time a full meal with three choices - omelette, sausage or vegetarian. Cabin crew efficient and worked smoothly and without fuss. Had an aisle seat next to the exit door, plenty of legroom and a comfortable flight. Maybe they could have done a couple of water runs as it is a long flight. Arrived on time but had to stack as airport was busy. I have used Kenya Airways before this year. They are worth considering and are a cut above some of the UK competitors in terms of food and comfort.

9/27/2017 B Vincent

✅ Verified Review | Dar es Salaam to Mahe via Nairobi at a very reasonable price. I was surprised (and a little nervous) that my connection in Nairobi was only 50 minutes - what could possibly go wrong? - but on the day, everything went like clockwork. The first flight was in an Embraer, very comfortable and even had USB ports. Nice light breakfast served. Magnificent views of Kilimanjaro on this route (left side, but I imagine this could vary). Departed and arrived on time, found my new gate relatively easily and with plenty of time to explore the severely overpriced airport food outlets. Not that I needed to eat, the next flight provided lunch which was tasty. Full selection of movies on this flight also. All round, an excellent experience.

9/16/2017 SeatGuru User, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 11E

PLENTY of leg room, but baby baskinets can be bothersome

9/6/2017 P Leane

✅ Verified Review | London to Nairobi. The aircraft was a fairly new Boeing 787. I cannot fault the crew, aircraft cleanliness, seat comfort and pitch all were fine on an Economy Cabin flight. My onboard entertainment system did not function on either the outbound or inbound flights on the London Nairobi flights. the sound accompanying films was inaudible on both the airline provided headsets and my noise cancelling headphones. This is a problem experienced by at least 30 passengers on each flight. And anecdotally according to another passenger a common problem on their flights.

9/4/2017 W Ladine

✅ Verified Review | Nairobi to Paris. We were in the lounge when an announcement was made the flight was delayed. The next thing we knew we were called to "final boarding". Arrived at the gate to confusion. Once we were boarded the confusion continued. Lots of chatting among staff at the doors for about 20 minutes. During that time there was no attempt to serve the business class passengers. It was a long flight. No water bottles provided which is fine because we like to try and keep things environmentally friendly but also had to ask repeatedly for glasses of water. Had to help ourselves to pillows and blankets from a bin. They ran out of 2 of the 3 choices of breakfast by row 4 in business class. The USB charger in my seat didn't work. My headphones made a loud screeching noise if I turned my head. My seat wouldn't fully recline. During take off and landing our attendant kicked off her shoes and slept. She was probably the only one on the flight that did catch a comfortable sleep. We've flown business class often and if we ever are forced to fly Kenya Air again, we'll choose economy class because it felt like that anyway.

9/4/2017 H Corcoran

✅ Verified Review | Nairobi to Dar es Salaam. This airline is in deep financial crisis and flights are unreliable. Airline management and customer service is very poor quality. The aircraft seem to be in reasonable condition and the crew also seem OK, the problem is the rest of it. Prices are high. Unfortunately the more or less have a regional monopoly so those of us who are forced to use them frequently have expensive frustrations. When there is a problem they are simply not interested. If you have a choice, choose the alternative!

7/21/2017 D Tang

✅ Verified Review | We bought a return flight between Guangzhou and Nairobi, while from Guangzhou to Nairobi is via Hanoi and from Nairobi to Guangzhou is via Bangkok. When we were checking in just now for our flight back to Guangzhou, we confirmed our destination with the staff, but they still gave us boarding passes which said from Nairobi to Bangkok. But for my asking the airline desk later when we got into the waiting area, we wouldn't even know that we still need boarding passes from Bangkok to Guangzhou and things would be even more troublesome if I hadn't asked. Never seen a via flight that requires 2 boarding passes for a person, each for a sector of the flight! When we flew from Guangzhou to Nairobi, it was only one boarding pass per person. More bizarrely, we are placed in different seats these two sectors, which means we will still have to change seats when we arrive in Bangkok! Moreover, flight service is mediocre. Avoid at all cost.

7/21/2017 P Woodman

✅ Verified Review | Johannesburg to Bangkok via Nairobi. Johannesburg to Nairobi the staff were rude and you felt like you were the one being inconsiderate when asking for any help. The flight was ok just the cabin crew were unfriendly and unapproachable. The second flight was from Nairobi to Bangkok and experienced the same issues with the cabin crew except this time after pressing for assistance as they missed us for documentation that needed filling they never came so I pressed for assistance again and no one came - so clicked it again and a flight attendant came storming down the isle and yelled at us to the point where we could not speak because she was busy telling us off for clicking the button more then once. Two horrible encounters with Kenya Airways and would not recommend this airline.

7/17/2017 Berno Verwey

✅ Verified Review | Took a flight from Johannesburg to London (via Nairobi) and a return from Amsterdam to Johannesburg (via Nairobi). I was pleasantly surprised by the airline and staff members. All flights departed on-time and arrivals were ahead of schedule. What the airline lacked was made up for by helpful crew members. I would fly with the airline again.