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7/12/2017 Sven B, Embraer 190 seat 1J

If you are tall (over 1.85 CM), forget about the first row at all, you won't be able to stretch your legs at all.

7/5/2017 Antony Wepener

✅ Verified Review | Johannesburg - Nairobi - Johannesburg outbound 25 June 2017, inbound 1 July 2017. Was on B787-8 for the first time. Very nice aircraft indeed and great leg room. FA's were great on both routes. On the outbound flight before we left the terminal we were served water and soda and towels. Snacks served as soon as the seat belt were off and lunch not long after. The FA's were very busy the whole flight, approx. 3.30 hrs. Return was much the same. Food was average airline but edible. Entertainment not fantastic but suitable for this flight. This is the second time I have used Kenya Airways and they are really very good. Will recommend.

4/30/2017 Jeremy Plaskett

✅ Verified Review | Hanoi to Johannesburg via Nairobi. We had the misfortune of experiencing 'the pride of Africa' on our honeymoon to Vietnam in April 2017. Our negative and unpleasant experience with Kenya Airways culminated in the loss of my wife's luggage upon arrival in Johannesburg. After numerous phone calls and emails, absolutely nothing was done to locate this luggage and eventually the airline merely admitted that it was untraceable. None of our calls were ever returned, we received differing stories of the bag not being loaded first in Hanoi and then in Nairobi. It became quite obvious from the outset that the airline did not care about this problem and could not be bothered to help us. The flight experience was unprofessional, tardy, and disrespectful towards the passengers. Traveling between Hanoi and Nairobi felt like the passengers were alone on the flight and when the air hostess staff were visible, they were sullen, impatient and obviously cared very little for the wellbeing and comfort of the passengers on board. Upon boarding the flight in Hanoi, we were not greeted by a single staff member. Passengers were sleeping in incorrect seats and no air hostess could be found to assist us. Food was served with an air of contempt and annoyance. The hot breakfast consisted of a stale croissant and fruit. Drinks were served once on the flight. Trays took more than an hour to be cleared. An all round ghastly experience hopefully not to ever be repeated. We arrived home from an amazing honeymoon with a bitter taste in our mouths and one less bag. Stay away - not worth the lower cost at all.

4/29/2017 N Hanewe

✅ Verified Review | Lubumbashi to Nairobi. As bad as Lubumbashi is as Airport, as great was the service by the Kenya Airways ground crew. I could check my baggage all the way through to Zurich and received all boarding Passes even as I switched from Skyteam to Star Alliance. The whole check in procedure took only 5 minutes. The flight was very good, with comfortable seats, good food and great red wine. Staff was super friendly

4/21/2017 SeatGuru User, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 1D

Seats 1D and 1F do not have overhead storage space. The pilot bunks are located in the crawl space directly above these seats and the stairs are on the other side of the bulkhead divider. Plane 5Y-KZA thru 5Y-KZG all need maintenance even though they are fairly new at about 3 years old (I've flown on planes A, B, C and G). The lavatory toilet seats cannot stay up and is tricky for men to relieve themselves.

4/19/2017 Peter Raes

✅ Verified Review | Amsterdam to Johannesburg via Nairobi. Clean airplanes, welcoming crew. Departures on time. Service onboard was efficient and friendly. Catering just enough, portions rather small but tasteful. In-flight entertainment poor as well as the quality and availability of working head-sets. Good first experience, though still not to compare with the Middle East carriers.

4/19/2017 Fahad Hendricks

✅ Verified Review | Johannesburg to Mombasa via Nairobi. Due to technical issues with the original airline, we were rebooked on Kenya Airways. Boeing 787 was in in mint condition. Warmly welcomed by the purser and shown to our seats. The business class is called Premium World and seats in a 2-2-2 configuration with fully reclining seats. Offered a welcome drink and introduced to staff who would look after us personally. Warm towels followed by a review of the menu and wine list by the stewardess. Flight left on time and was smooth. Seat was comfortable and I managed a good hour nap laying flat. Luncheon included an amuse bouche, followed by a salad and two options for main. I opted for the steak which was slightly over done but still yummy. My fellow traveller tasted the wines and he loved the selection of South African wines. The service was personal, friendly and warm. Not too much or too fawning. The Kenyan coffee was a lovely surprise! My one complaint is that the in flight entertainment isn't up to the level of Emirates but I have encountered few airlines that have matched that. Landing on time and we had priority lane through immigration. Shorter flight was on an Embraer E190. First time flying this aircraft and what a little delight! Similar warm service with good humour. Definitely recommend.

4/16/2017 Hamdhan Bathurutheen

✅ Verified Review | Despite a 2.5hour delay due to technical issues, the flight went on fine. A wide variety of food options were available, and the food was average. Seats were comfortable with excellent recline, and large (comfy) blankets are provided for sleeping. The bathroom at the front of the aircraft is quite small and cramped, offering no additional features compared to the bathrooms in Economy; in fact, the bathrooms in Economy are more spacious. Cabin lights are practically turned off overnight, allowing for a good night's sleep. There is a TV screen, tray table and power socket in the armrest. TV screen is nice and large. Noise cancelling headphones are provided, I found them rather comfortable and I have a fairly large head and wear glasses. The selection of inflight TV programs is average. Passengers in Business class are treated fairly well. An amenity kit is given (which contains a toothbrush, socks, a pen, a comb, and an eye mask) which is nice. Hot towels are provided at certain points during the flight including upon boarding. The lounge at Nairobi is also quite good. Kenya Airways has a very nice layout of the Airport for Business Class passengers, I had no queues, a very smooth process. Overall, a nice experience. Would've been excellent if technical issues were diagnosed before the flight to avoid delays; and I do hope KQ improves its on-time performance.

4/13/2017 H Allen

✅ Verified Review | My Kenya Airways flight from Nairobi to Paris (a codeshare with Air France) was delayed and eventually left 14 h after the scheduled time. We had to queue for almost an hour at 1.30 am to get a voucher for a taxi as they were all written by hand and we were not given a hotel voucher, just told to go to a hotel (which very kindly took us in based on our word that our flight was delayed). We did not collect our luggage. We were told by KQ staff at the airport that we would be collected at 11 am the following day. The next morning I looked at my booking on the internet to see that the plane was scheduled to leave at 11 am. I took a taxi to the airport from the city and when I checked in I was told that the plane was leaving at 11 am. I got the same message at the boarding gate where they were getting ready to accept passengers. The airport staff seemed not to be aware that there were 200+ passengers in hotels in Nairobi. We had to wait for them to arrive. We were then told to go to gate 13 but the plane was at gate 14. We left 14 hours late. Kenya Airways staff made no public announcements during the whole of this shambles, and no apology was given until we heard from the pilot that passengers had to be collected from Nairobi. The staff at the gate seemed leaderless and unable to communicate with the many anxious passengers who had missed their connecting flights and would not arrive in Paris until 9 pm, too late to get anywhere. I had to pay for a hotel in Paris and then continue my journey by train the next day.

4/9/2017 A Young

✅ Verified Review | Djibouti to Antananarivo via Nairobi. My last 6 flights with Kenya Airways, I have had 5 delays in the span of 2 months. That's unacceptable and unprofessional. What is more They don't communicate with their clients out of total disrespect. Has the Pride of Africa become the shame of Africa? Time will tell but at this pace I am going to see somewhere else and get à at least a bit of respect with my money.

3/26/2017 P Benedoix

✅ Verified Review | Flew the day flight Kenya Airways from Nairobi to Amsterdam in the new Boeing 787 and I am really not impressed. The 787 is certainly an improvement in comfort and reduce negative effects of flying, but the Business Class of Kenya Airways is just no match for the price, which is 40% more than competition. All in the service is just behind. Lie flat seat is ok but already look old after couple of years, and the conception is already ancient (manual handset with a wire). Service is just too basic for the price you pay, and the staff is pretty cold, un-attentive and seem bored every time you ask something (not all of them, there are couple of pursers really doing it right, but the rest is awful). I am not asking much as flying is a commodity but a minimum of politeness when coughing up 5,000 USD for a 7h flight is a fare expectations, as the level of service is nowhere representative of that. Premium Economy in some European carriers is actually better service for 1/3 of the fare. Meal service is quite basic, you get the plates and in 5 min they are taken out. The cabin is ok but already looks old. Nothing like you should expect in light of the fares charged on this route, and the contrast with KLM is just obvious

3/14/2017 L Drew

✅ Verified Review | Bangkok to Nairobi, and I was very impressed with them. I was taking a school group to Africa and originally was trying to fly Ethiopian or Qatar, but both were booked out so we went with Kenya Airways. We were met at Suvarnabhumi Airport by an agent of the airline as we were a group and check-in was very smooth. Their Boeing 787 seems to have more pitch than others I have flown and so was much more comfortable for me with longer legs on an overnight flight. Flight crew to Nairobi were all African (I specify this as the Nairobi to Bangkok return flight they were all Asian as the flight continues to Hong Kong) and were very professional and provided good service. As the flight originated in China, most passengers on board when we boarded were Chinese and so were typically noisy during the flight, but no more than I have gotten used to! Food was good and served punctually. I even slept a bit during the flight - unusual for me! Overall I recommend them as a cheaper flight to Africa.

3/10/2017 C Olgiati

✅ Verified Review | London Heathrow to Nairobi. The inbound aircraft from Nairobi was late into Heathrow, we had to briefly go back to the gate with a maintenance issue. One of my reading lights didn't work but these things happen with airlines. The crew was great, the cabin was spotless and meal delicious. They held the connecting flight to Mombasa for me, something that airlines promise but rarely do. That flight had a newish aircraft, charming crew and clear flight deck announcements. They served a warm breakfast, not bad for a 45 minute flight. KQ were equally good on a flight to London a couple of years ago after I slipped a disc and had to be taken home in a wheelchair. I was looked after perfectly until I reached Heathrow. My only criticism is the fault of Kenya Airports Authority. It is unbelievable in the 21st century that to get to JKIA's domestic terminal, you have to push your heavy luggage cart across an enormous car park with kerbs, busy traffic and dubious individuals who want to relieve you of your luggage temporarily - or perhaps permanently. There is no reason not to have a level, paved, lit, signposted pathway - after all if Kenya can get Chinese contractors to finish a brand new railway line between Mombasa and Nairobi with gleaming new stations and viaducts six months early, they can't prevail on the Chinese to build a simple path in a week - if the work is too onerous to do themselves, that is. Or would that deprive freelance porters of income? The car park trek is a huge disincentive to use KQ to domestic destinations in Kenya - it's easier, but not such a pleasant experience, to use Turkish or Ethiopian which fly direct and clear customs at your destination.

3/2/2017 F Mansell

✅ Verified Review | Nairobi to Mt Kilimanjaro. We arrived in Nairobi with some lateness from our BA flight and had to transfer to our Kenya Airways flight to Mt Kilimanjaro. Since our luggage was not checked through we were told we should proceed to immigration collect our luggage then check into our Kenya Airways flight. The minute we arrived with lateness we asked some official in the airport where to go. They pointed us towards the connections area up some stairway. We proceeded to the Kenya Airways desk, the staff were a bit clueless as to what to do until we were told to go to another desk, who in turn told us to talk to BA. After bouncing around a few desks (running) we knew we were not going to make our flight and our luggage would be left in the collection belt. We decided to miss the flight and try for a later one. The Kenya Airways staff were absolutely unhelpful. When trying to purchase the tickets we were sent to another desk, guess what, they don't take cards. And the tickets were 320$ each. At this desk we were finally told the only way to sort this was to go through immigration, collect our luggage, go to the other terminal to another Kenya Airways desk, buy our tickets then check in. In my lifetime of travelling, this was one of the most gruelling and awful experiences I have ever had. After collecting our luggage and walking outside being accosted by random "officials" trying to make a quick buck and people trying to scam us we made our way to the Kenya Airways office. They then offered us a pair of tickets which were now $420 each, apparently our no show on the flight we missed incurred a fee. They were taking advantage of the situation despite none of this being our fault, and only due to their incompetence. We had no choice but to buy the tickets and move on. We checked in and made the flight, which was going via Zanzibar which finally got us to Mt Kilimanjaro at 3am. It is an awful airport, countless security checks, unhelpful and incompetent staff. Never again.

2/17/2017 Patrick Mohie, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 30A

The flight between Lagos and Nairobi was comfortable except that the inflight screen was above passengers head and we had to keep looking up to see the screens. It was also not video on demand.

2/14/2017 Dr Lucy Matu

✅ Verified Review | I am back to say a big thank you to Kenya Airways. I traveled from Moshoeshoe airport in Lesotho on Feb 12, 2017 by Maluti Sky. That flight was delayed and I had a very short time for international transfer at OR Tambo. Not surprisingly, my luggage, which had been checked to Johannesburg was left behind. I barely made it through check-in in time for my flight KQ761 to JKIA. The support I received from KQ staff was amazing starting at OR Tambo KQ counter, I was whisked through check-in and I made it for my flight, then a staff member picked up my issue with left luggage and personally ensured that it was not only loaded on the next flight but I was sent a confirmation via WhatsApp. On reporting the left luggage at the JKIA complaints desk, another staff member was very helpful and logged the complaint calling to inform me that the luggage had been received in Nairobi. There were many others who pointed me in the right direction to ensure that I got back my bag intact and without any drama. The entire crew on board KQ761 from OR Tambo to JKIA on Feb 12, 2017 provided an excellent cabin service and a smooth ride.

2/12/2017 Dr Lucy Matu

✅ Verified Review | Nairobi to Johannesburg on KQ760. The flight was on time, check-in was smooth with very friendly staff at check-in. The flight was smooth and in-cabin service and entertainment was great. We touched down in Joburg with minutes to spare. This was refreshing since I had a bad experience in July 2016 with Kenya Airways (flew to Entebbe then, got delayed for hours and my luggage was left behind) This is great improvement.

2/9/2017 SeatGuru User, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 23A

I absolutely hate this is certainly more cramped than the old fleet. Plus theres less rows. On Old fleet plane i always had row 31. As there was just 2 seats together. Perfect when you were a couple. I have been flying with kq for years,but i am considering changing airlines. Also the flight from nairobi to heathrow has changed to a daytime flight with terrible connections from mombasa to nairobi.

1/24/2017 W Haller

✅ Verified Review | This has to be one of the worst travel experiences ever. I would never recommend Kenya Airways. They changed our departure date by 1 day from Maputo to Amsterdam (via Nairobi) without even advising us. This meant I had to change my ongoing flights to Toulouse and Belfast as I had booked and paid EasyJet for these. Kenya Airways refuse to reimburse me the cost of changing the tickets. Then when we went to check in at Maputo Airport and were told that our tickets had been cancelled and we were not on the flight. That was a very stressful 30 minutes. Finally they advised us that we could check in. The Boeing 787 from Amsterdam to Nairobi was terrible. Poor choice of movies. Very cramped. Terrible cold breakfast. Tasteless dinner. The only enjoyable bit about the whole experience was the flight from Nairobi to Amsterdam that was operated by KLM. Even Nairobi Airport is a terrible place. Poor choice of restaurants. No airconditioning and no wireless. Never again.

1/23/2017 S Manesch

✅ Verified Review | Johannesburg to Bangkok via Nairobi. Terrible airline - do not book Kenya Airways! We originally booked our Johannesburg to Bangkok tickets via Nairobi because of the short travelling time - there was only a 1-1.5 hour layover in Nairobi each way. Months after booking the ticket, Kenya Airways rescheduled our flights so that there was a 7 hour layover in Nairobi. The 7 hour layover ended up 5 hours longer than expected because the flight to Bangkok was severely delayed (this after our flight to Nairobi had been delayed by 2 hours and used a different aircraft that did not have in flight entertainment). The 5 hour delay severely impacted our plans in Thailand, creating great inconvenience and forcing us to make additional travel arrangement to the island we were staying on, at our own expense. When we raised these concerns with the Kenya Airways service desk at Nairobi airport, we were told that they could not assist us and we had to log a complaint with Kenya Airways customer service. My partner logged a complaint - we have still had no reply to this. We faced the same experience on our return flights - the flight from Bangkok to Nairobi was delayed by 3 hours which meant we missed our connecting flight to Johannesburg and were put on the next flight out - another 7 hour wait at Nairobi airport. Then we were notified that we had been moved to a later flight that evening because a smaller aircraft had to be used. When we eventually arrived back in Johannesburg, my partner's bag had been left in Nairobi. The agent at the Kenya Airways luggage desk told us it would be couriered to us the next morning - it was only delivered at 10pm the next night. Our flights with Kenya Airways ended up being the worst travel experience of any airline - we ended up spending over 20 hours extra at Nairobi airport as well as 5 hours extra at Johannesburg and Bangkok airports due to KQ delays - an entire day of our holiday lost due to their inefficiencies. None of the customer service complaints we have logged have been replied to. We will never fly Kenya Airways again.