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1/18/2017 Jurgen Derweduwen

✅ Verified Review | A few hours before departing from Johannesburg to Bujumbura via Nairobi, we have been informed that our flight was delayed for 8 hours which caused us to extend our hotel stay and delay our car rental. At airport we are issued with 2 boarding pass (JNB-NBO and NBO-BJM). In Nairobi, we are waiting at our gat to board (flight also delayed for 4 hours). When finally boarding the attendant informed us that this flight doesn't go to Bujumbura anymore but to Kigali. Nobody informed us of the change (despite our visit to the helpdesk to ask information about food and drink voucher which was not given). Calling the operation manager, we have been told that the decision has been made a few hours before our boarding time. Needless to say, we were not given any compensation whatsoever. The flight crew were very nice and aircraft and seats comfortable and that is the reason I give it 3 points in my rating. Kenya Airways won't see me again.

1/17/2017 S Masson

✅ Verified Review | London Heathrow to Cape Town via Nairobi. Flights were as expected (pretty basic economy class) with a 12 hour overnight wait for connection in Nairobi on the return leg which was awful. It was cheap but I would never fly with Kenya Airways again due to their terrible customer service. My fiance left an item (not on display) in the seat pocket in front of her. She realised as soon as she left the plane and staff on board were contacted within 30 minutes of us getting into the terminal. The item had mysteriously disappeared during cleaning. I followed up with their customer service by phone (said they would investigate but never called me back) and then by email. I know it was our fault for leaving the item but I would have expected them to at least be helpful in dealing with our enquiry or show some sympathy or some kind of apology. Instead they said that there was no evidence that I brought the item onboard therefore they could not do anything to help, no form that I could fill in for lost items, no documentation for an insurance claim, just a short, rude reply from their customer services which made me think that this was not the first time that this had happened and that I should make other potential Kenya Airways customers aware of this - if you leave something of value on the plane in Nairobi, don't expect to get it back.

12/30/2016 J Lafane

✅ Verified Review | Lusaka to Bangkok via Nairobi. The initial Kenya Airways flight from Lusaka to Nairobi was delayed, and I was told that the connecting flight would be delayed by 2 hours which ensured connection time for the connecting flight. Upon arriving in Nairobi I was informed that the connecting flight KQ886 would not depart Nairobi at 02:00am, but it would depart at 09:00am. Again this KQ886 flight has been delayed, I am now told that this flight will not be available for 4 days and I will have to wait in Nairobi. I am now informed by the airline customer service personnel that the flight will depart on December 30th at 11:59pm. At this point I have no idea if I will be on this flight, if this flight even exists. I am so upset by the poor service and rude customer service personnel. To make matters worse I have other travel arrangements and bookings that have to be rescheduled, some of which are non-refundable, ground transportation changes to be made and no idea at all from Kenya Airways management and customer service personnel when I will arrive at my destination. I have spoked to several customer service personnel and airline supervisors and managers, all of which provide different excuses for the airlines disfunctionality and various excuses as to why the flight is delayed and when it will be rescheduled. What a terrible, terrible experience. I cannot believe that there is such disfunctionality with in this international airline, the lack of customer support and the over all disrespect for its customers.

12/19/2016 Taryn McDonald

✅ Verified Review | Johannesburg to Zanzibar via Nairobi. Worst airline that I have encountered. Flight from Johannesburg to Nairobi delayed by 1.5 hours. We ended up flying at 3am. No drinks were offered prior to the descent which was at about 8 am. About 20 of us missed our connecting flight to Zanzibar, because only 1 hour had been allowed between flights. Others missed flights to Kilimanjaro. Kenya Airways provided a hotel in a terrible area for our 10 hour layover. There was nothing to do near the hotel and most of us missed a full day at expensive resort accommodation in Zanzibar. We would only reach our hotels at around 10 pm.

12/19/2016 Chrystonn Adams

✅ Verified Review | Johannesburg to Bangkok via Nairobi. Terrible Experience with Kenya Airways losing my baggage and not being able to assist in any way to track the baggage. Very poor assistance when calling the helpdesk in Kenya, and staff kept putting me hold with no answers. I would not recommend flying Kenya Airways if you are having to relocate and need your check in luggage urgently.

11/21/2016 M Collie

Four short flight with Kenya Airways, two on time and two delayed by 45 odd minutes. All fairly comfortable, notably the E190. Poor breakfast on the "red eye" from Lilongwe to Nairobi, small snack on the 40 minute leg to and from Mombasa, and reasonable lunch with wine on the return to Lilongwe from Nairobi. Ground staff and flight crew were reasonable efficient and friendly, given the short flights. Award flights, so good value.

10/31/2016 F Harle

Johannesburg to Antananarivo via Nairobi with Kenya Airways. Generally positive experience with KQ on 4 sectors. Dreamliner is excellent and the E190 also has personal TV screens (one sector they were not functional). Food sometimes excellent (chicken and beef), sometimes really bad (fish and vegetarian). Cabin crew consistently excellent, and beverage services generous. KQ offers 2 x 23kg bags to Madagascar (unlike all their competitors flying the route) but the KQ agents admitted the smaller planes that use the route (E190) cannot cope with the loads when the flight is full (which ours were) which resulted in ours and many others bags not making it from NBO - although it followed the following day. We were disappointed that they were not able to deliver to our hotel we had to return back to the airport and wait for hours for the bags to be released. Last flight NBO - JNB involved flying through an electrical storm for a full 30 minutes in the middle of the night. The crew handled it brilliantly.

10/7/2016 SeatGuru User, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 14A

I had the misfortune to be placed at le last minute on this aircraft, as KLM messed up my original flights to Kilimanjaro. There is absolutely no way the seats are 18.5 inches wide, as claimed. I'm just an average sized male, we were three in my row, and eating could only be performed with one's elbows in front of our bodies. The seats were even narrower than the ones on Air France's B777 with 10 across seating that I had used to get to Paris from Canada. What good are bigger windows and fancy electronic blinds when there is no basic comfort like seats build for average humans?

10/5/2016 M Collie

Amsterdam to Lilongwe via Nairobi. Boarding was smooth, with the gate open for nearly an hour and manned by KLM staff. The extra leg room seat was fairly comfortable but narrow. Drinks and a pretty minimal meal were served by friendly crew. I slept through breakfast, but missed little, as it really was small. Departure on time and arrival early. Flight was full, The second shorter flight to Lilongwe was in an E190, and was more pleasant with a cooked breakfast and more space.

10/5/2016 David Taylor

✅ Verified Review | London Heathrow to Lusaka via Nairobi with Kenya Airways. Outward Boeing 787, full aircraft, seats narrow and not much room to move, particularly in terms of width. On time departure, cabin clean and cabin attendants efficient. Food was average with a choice. Landed on time at Nairobi, then off again to Lusaka, again on time, Embraer 190. Leather seats, but seen some wear. Plane fairly full, snack served on short flight. Return flight from Lusaka - this time via Harare to pick up more passengers - had to stay on the plane (Embraer 190) while cabin was cleaned. Return flight was late, as was departure from Harare back to Nairobi but enough time to connect with Boeing 787 to London. Again food was average, Cabin crew were OK but rather expressionless. Dreamliner is not a comfortable plane and the tinted windows were irritating, as the centre seats were virtually dark when window passengers used the dark tint and I could hardly see my food. Although a newish aircraft, seat pocket was torn and plane looked grubby. Arrival at Heathrow was a little late. Overall impression was satisfactory in that this type of airline does its best to survive amongst the bigger ones.

9/22/2016 A Burton

✅ Verified Review | Djibouti to Zanzibar via Niarobi. Some friends and I decided to take a short trip to Zanzibar over an extended weekend for about four days. Unfortunately, more than 1/3 of our trip ended up being spent in transit. I am thoroughly disappointed by the lack of professionalism and competence repeatedly displayed by the Kenya Airway agents in the Nairobi airport. The first flight to Nairobi was more than an hour late. When we arrived in Nairobi we immediately went to the Kenyan Airways counter, knowing we had missed our connection. The attendant at the counter told us there were not any other flights that would get us into Zanzibar that day and the only one available left close to midnight and we would arrive the next morning. This was a lie. We waited a bit and went to another desk and the person there found a flight leaving that evening and though we still spent more than 12 hours in the airport, it would get us into Zanzibar about 11 p.m. When leaving the airport from Zanzibar on the return flight Sept 4 the personnel at the counter (Precision Air) would not print both our boarding passes, they told us we had to get them at the desk in Nairobi. We had a 1 hr and 15 min layover and immediately went to the desk to get our tickets. Of course the queue was very long and half the customers ignored it and walked right up to the desk - which the Kenya Airline employees did not seem to care about. When the first of our group arrived at the desk we still had just over 30 minutes before our flight left. We had already spent 30 minutes in line because of the horrible time management and inefficiency of the staff. When we arrived at the desk the gentleman told us we missed our flight. Again, we still had 30 minutes to get to the flight and should have already been checked in when we checked in at the Zanzibar airport. They then told us even if we were first in line at the desk when the plane landed (an hour before takeoff) we still would not have been able to board the plane. Why not? Why would they sell us a ticket on Kenya Airways own website that was a fraud? The entire time we are talking with the desk people they are again, randomly talking to other customers who just walked up (like the outraged lady who was supposed to being going to one location but the Kenya Airways attendants booked her to the wrong country - I didn't really blame her), checking their phones, and essentially being some of the most atrocious customer service representatives imaginable. They were flippant and did not care. To make the long story shorter, we were stuck in the airport until after midnight before we were moved to a hotel then returned the next morning for an afternoon flight - which was of course delayed a couple times. The flight attendants were wonderful though none of the entertainment systems worked on the flight. I would not recommend this airline unless you literally had no other options.

9/12/2016 David Hansen

Nairobi to Kisumu and Nairobi to Mombasa with Kenya Airways. The airline does have it share of constant emails with changes to the flight schedule very frequent. The check in process (I am a Sky Priority Elite member) is smooth and the staff were very good on the Nairobi-Kisumu and Nairobi-Mombasa round trips. The staff on the flights are excellent. The flight attendants are very well dressed and presented (this is my 20th round trip domestically with the company). They even manage to serve a snack (samosa) and a drink for a 45 minute flight. However the arrival at the domestic terimal in Nairobi is dated by 20+ years. The baggage delivery area is very outdated. The arrival area outside is old and not very accomodating.

9/8/2016 Cass Vanner

✅ Verified Review | Nairobi to London. We were held to ransom by Kenyan Airways staff at the boarding gate about to get on a flight to London from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. We had a fully paid and confirmed ticket for the flight we were prevented from boarding. Boarding staff demanded we pay a disputed amount for a flight we had taken with a partner airline a week earlier, or else they would not let us board, nor would they put us on another flight. They would in effect strand us in Nairobi. We had to pay an extra $720 which we are now trying to claim back. It was extortion no matter what way you look at it. Go to Kenya but avoid Kenyan Airways at all costs.

8/29/2016 Wi Chang

✅ Verified Review | Nairobi to Bangkok. It's the worst nightmare I've had. Our flight delayed for 12 hours but they did not let us know until last minute. They promised connection hotel with shuttle, but the shuttle was broken. They refused to pay for taxi and water or food for the people left in the airport lobby. They told us to wait outside in the night for 5 hours and yelled at us for no patience. Next day they did not arrange the departure flight, not to mention the connection flight.

8/26/2016 Raymond Chickrie

✅ Verified Review | Excellent inflight services. Clean and spacious 787. We left on time and arrived punctually. The airline provided a hot meal which included chicken, veggies, dessert, coffee, tea and other drinks. Check in was smooth at a very modern terminal in Nairobi. I was also impressed by the very comfortable seats. I flew Kenya Airways from Dubai to to Addis Ababa and also to Uganda during this past August. Great services and on time departures all times.

8/25/2016 Ashutosh Sahu

✅ Verified Review | Nairobi to Mumbai with Kenya Airways. It was a very pleasant day and suddenly we heard the news that the flight is delayed 2 hours. While booking the tickets it had already been stated that the flight is often delayed by 30 minutes, but had not expected the number to rise so horribly. After 2 hours 30 minutes the flight arrived. The cabin crew do not have a welcoming nature. They served the food 3 hours 30 minutes after takeoff where other airlines start serving much sooner. This journey made me more tired and I will never choose Kenya Airways in the future.

8/23/2016 M Lee

✅ Verified Review | Flew Kenya Airways from Bangkok to Johannesburg via Nairobi. Cabin attendants and meals onboard Kenya Airways flights are the worst I have seen. Most crews were lazy, inefficient and unprofessional. On almost all flights I took the PTV was broken. While aircrafts were very new, the seats already looked old due to poor maintenance. Nairobi airport was messy, disorganised and dark.

8/19/2016 SeatGuru User, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 12G

Extremely uncomfortable seats for such a new plane. Hard, and less knee room than an A330, B767 or other comparable wide-bodies. Kenya shouldn't have given up their 777 fleet.

6/23/2016 Ruth Maina

Amsterdam to Nairobi - I love flying Kenya Airways when I am going home and their Business Class is superb. Very spacious and comfortable, good food and drink, good entertainment to make the trip bearable and very friendly crew on-board. The pilot even came to say hello and asked an older lady on the next seat whether she was enjoying her flight. KQ give me that nostalgic feeling.

6/19/2016 Alain Kupferman

✅ Verified Review | On the Nairobi-Mumbai route, Kenya Airways uses a B737-800. Their logo mentions "The Pride of Africa" but there is not much to be proud about that flight: miserable breakfast (poached eggs are just warm hard-boiled eggs, no yoghourt offered, tasteless fruit, bad coffee). Seats are antiquated and hardly recline, on the VDO, games were blocked. Fortunately, the crew is very attentive and very pleasant. Choice of reading materials is very limited. Upon arrival in Mumbai, my luggage was missing. It was probably mishandled in Nairobi, though we had 2 hours transit time, but no compensation was offered as on other airlines, not even some amenities for the night, just a few nice words and the promise it wold come on the next day, wait and see. Despite the problems, I would still recommend the airline, as connection times are generally good and their 787s are very nice.