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6/3/2019 S Gan

✅ Trip Verified | Milan to Amsterdam. KLM just made the worst day of my life! The whole operation and customer service is a joke. They oversold their tickets and put me on the waiting list twice for both of my return flights in the same week. I checked in online early, selected seats, and even traveling with my boyfriend who got a seat. And the customer service just let me down again the staff don’t give a damn and not Helpful at all and won’t even give any apologies!

6/2/2019 FATIII Aviation, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 6K

6K is a bulkhead seat in Business. It has the extra foot space because of there is no seat in front. Row 6 is also after door 2 and the economy galley. However, it is not annoying as you would expect.

6/2/2019 J Versteen

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Amsterdam on a new 737-800. Boarding was done quickly and the flight was quite full. We had seats 26E and F, which are behind the wing. The interior was equipped with new slimline seats with USB-ports and a adjustable headrest, and the seats were quite comfortable. The legroom was also okay for this short flight. After the on time take-off the cabin crew started to distribute water and cake, and coffee and tea. The crew was quite in a hurry because the flight lasted only for 45-50 minutes, but they managed to serve everyone. Overall, my experience with KLM was very good; good seats, efficient and professional crew with a nice Dutch touch.

6/1/2019 H Marleen

✅ Trip Verified | Xiamen to Luxembourg via Amsterdam. Customer service hotline not helpful / efficient in context of ticket rebooking, contacting airline and not any form of willingness to help. Even for 15 hours flight rarely drinks, snacks or good food. If you want water or drink or snack you must go to front on own initiative and staff allow you to take something - general harshness, unflexibility and not sincere treatment of passengers - when asking to get luggage during 14 hours stay or cancelling a last flight and getting luggage earlier, they are worried about money and ask you to pay 300€ if you want your luggage. If you pay 3 flights but want to take only 2 flights they insist to send luggage to last destination or pay 300€. Never again.

5/29/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-9 (789) seat 19A

The seat seems to be old, no much leg space then any other airlines. The movies are not updated to latest ones, either old or average rated films.The food is good, the staff is good

5/26/2019 Shivani Joshi

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Singapore. I had heard from colleagues that airlines give you good treatment if you book them for your honeymoon. With this expectation I contacted the crew and informed them of it, they acted cute and nice at first. Later a lady bluntly asks us for our passports and informs us how they cant give us good seats. What dissapointment I feel.

5/19/2019 Ivana Domic

Not Verified | Luxembourg to Oslo via Amsterdam. Early morning flight from Luxembourg to Oslo via Amsterdam. Shortly before boarding they announce there is a technical problem. About 45 minutes later I call KLM for advice whether to rebook immediately for fear of missing the connection in Amsterdam. Person on the other end is of no help and barely understands my question. About 90 minutes after we were supposed to board, flight is cancelled and we are advised to go to counters for rebooking. While waiting in line I discover an e-mail from KLM saying they've rebooked us to an evening flight, which means delay in arrival of about 12 hours, midnight instead of noon. At the counter we are informed there are no available earlier flights and we get zero information about EU directive for compensation in case of delay, just a useless peace of paper saying they're sorry and how I can contact customer service on Twitter. We get vouchers for 10 EUR of airport food and that's it. On the evening flight there are problems as the airport system says the flight is closed and we cannot go to security, takes about 20 minutes to clear that up. Flight to Amsterdam goes smoothly and we arrive practically on the gate for the connection. Flight Amsterdam to Oslo is delayed about 15 minutes. On the way back, Oslo-Amsterdam goes well. Amsterdam to Luxembourg, they put us in the plane and announce there is a delay due to strike of Belgian air control, will take about 20 minutes, ends up taking 35, and then they discover a technical problem and call maintenance. Another good 20 minutes until they reset something, and we are good to go. Which means another 10-15 minutes plus long taxi. During lift-off, drops of water fall on my husband sitting next to the window, most likely condensate due to poor isolation on the cabin roof. Also once during the flight. First time flying KLM, two delays in a week, and one of those significant. We planned a day and a half in Oslo and this delay significantly influenced our schedule, not to mention we were horribly tired after waking up at 4 to catch the first flight and then waiting an entire day for the next one. The only reason they are getting 4/10 is that the customer service answered my e-mail quickly and said we were eligible for compensation according to the EU directive. However, had I not known my rights, KLM certainly would not have informed me of them. Would not recommend and will not fly again.

5/18/2019 R Varjit

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Amsterdam. I am very pleased with staff and services of KLM. My economy seating was upgraded to Business with miles. Staff at Delhi airport was kind and professional. Lounge staff, airline staff was courteous and polite. I thank airline and their staff for outstanding service.

5/17/2019 F Larceyes

✅ Trip Verified | This International Delta flight was operated by KLM on the return way. I missed my connection due to delay in Berlin at take off and was off-put by the just okay behaviour of the crew. Messy on boarding, very light apologies when we started to face heavy delays, scarce information, except at the very end. At Schiphol airport, the experience shifted from average to bad. My flight got rescheduled though Atlanta, not what I wanted, with no means to change. Pretty rude, snarky people and I got a 5-euro voucher compensation for snacks. I got to the new lounge. Icy reception from the lady at the entrance. At that point, I had reached a point of frustration where I wouldn't want to go through the KLM website. I tried as an experimental thing is there a way I could ask to talk to one of these human beings, and just share my experience (and name and ticket) via an actual conversation, so that it would end up being logged somewhere? TI had to press a button "Other requests" and find out that I was #3 in the queue before someone would talk to me. But since there was no actual way for anyone to identify me I finally approached someone. Quietly and politely. She acted quite professionally but said she could do nothing for me unless "I would go on line and fill a form". Wonders of rationalism. I am done with KLM and Delta. I booked my next flight via Lufthansa.

5/16/2019 Janice Atlay

✅ Trip Verified | Manchester to Delhi via Amsterdam. The poor relation in business class travel. Shocking customer service when our flight was delayed all other connecting flights overbooked - re-routed us to another airport - had to arrange our own taxi to drive over 300 miles - we had a 10 hour delay and will find a loop hole to avoid any compensation - blaming re-routing air traffic out of their control. Much better airlines who care and follow up professional. Wouldn't fly again BC or indeed recommend.

5/14/2019 Hazel Gibbs

Not Verified | Amsterdam to Oslo. Flight KL1147 was delayed by 1 hour. The first reason given was “late arrival of incoming aircraft”. The second reason was “strike in France”. The third and later excuse from the flight deck was “new system of air traffic control”. I had preciously noted that this week this flight had been delayed regularly. Inside the cabin it was extremely hot and stuffy during boarding. It was a fairly new plane and the purser had to be told by a cabin crew how to shut the overhead lockers. Apart from this it was a good flight.

5/13/2019 Michael Hughes

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to London. Never fly KLM. They overbook flights leaving your journey stressful and unplannable. Was not communicated to me at all why I couldn’t check in my flight remotely online when I got the hint and then going to airport I wasn’t given a seat.

5/12/2019 N Charlin

✅ Trip Verified | Berlin to Amsterdam. I will certainly never fly with KLM again. The flight wasn’t a nightmare but it was definitely one of the worse ones I’ve been on. While it was severely delayed that is not why I am rating it so low. My issue with the flight lies mainly in the impolite attitude of the stewardesses and the horrendous food. Flying in business class I expected the food and service to be at least somewhat decent but was thoroughly disappointed. Not only were the stewardesses impolite but also almost shouting to each other, which got rather annoying after a short while. The business class passengers were only offered a small cup of tea once during the entire flight, as far as beverages are concerned. The food was also worse than most economy class meals I have eaten in my life.

5/12/2019 L Karmitsza

✅ Trip Verified | Gdansk to Split via Amsterdam. A nice KLM journey, all in scheduled time, without problems, like for budget flight on a short distance, good service. Pleasant, nice staff. I have made several KLM flights a week, still the same sandwich is tiring, however it was not a big problem.

5/9/2019 J Gansen

✅ Trip Verified | Helsinki to Amsterdam. My first experience with KLM was about 2 years ago ( AMS-Malaga & return ) and it was horrible. On May 1 I was re-booked by Finnair to fly with KLM due to a delayed flight from BKK. On board food was tasteless plus a horrible service provided. Had 1 hr 40 minutes lay over in HEL which I thought more than enough time to transfer my luggage from Finnair to KLM aircraft but it did not. Claim missing luggage report made at KLM arrival service desk at Schiphol, they sent me to Swissport office at arrival to make my report despite flying in their KLM aircraft. Was very nice of Swissport staff escorted me back to KLM desk and explained to them that it is their responsibility for this loss but they refused at first. To sum up, if it were not a re-booked flight, i would never get to experience KLM and never will fly KLM again.

5/9/2019 P Sallis

✅ Trip Verified | Montreal to Amsterdam. Horrible business class seat. This aircraft was in the old business class cabin configuration, and I must say that I never would have thought of a frontline European airline being able to offer such dysmal seats and amenities. I have seen these seats previously over 10 years ago in some other airlines in old planes like MD-11, but nowhere else in 2018. Not a lie flat, but angled seat with a tiny pivoting TV screen. Very difficult to sleep in! I understand KLM is about to (or has already) replaced now the seats but still in late 2018 this was incomprehensible how they even dared to offer such service in business class - a decade behind competition.

5/8/2019 T Henry

✅ Trip Verified | My partner and I were travelling from Rome to Edinburgh via Amsterdam on 7/5/2019. Unfortunately, the flight from Rome was delayed due to factors outside of KLM's control, and we missed our connection. The KLM team were very professional and helpful. They apologised to us in person on the flight and advised us that we would be put up in a hotel overnight and rebooked onto a flight the next morning (there were no flights to Schiphol that night after our missed connection). The staff on the flight gave us instructions on how to use the appropriate self service terminals within Schiphol to obtain our vouchers for accommodation, transport and food overnight. Through the terminal at Schiphol, we were easily able to check in for our flight the next morning (already rebooked for us), select our seats, and print vouchers for a hotel stay, airport food and a shuttle bus to and from the hotel. The vouchers for food worked at the terminal and transport to the Ibis hotel was efficient and straightforward. On arrival at the hotel, there was a special check in desk for delayed KLM customers and we were served promptly and professionally, with a timetable provided for the shuttle bus the next day. Our room was pleasant and transport to the airport the next day was once again straightforward. The hotel stay even included dinner and breakfast, though we did not partake. This was my first time flying with KLM, and I am pleased to say that I was well cared for, especially when we were delayed. The cabin crew were lovely and did their best in a difficult situation. The logistics of the rebooking and overnight stay were impressively handled. I would not hesitate to fly with KLM again.

5/8/2019 Dan Grew

✅ Trip Verified | I am a fairly regular and satisfied user of KLM in Business Class, albeit normally long haul. On this occasion it was a relatively short flight from Amsterdam to Malaga with my family. Check in was speedy but no notification was given that there was an aircraft type and configuration change (already known at check-in by the way). Consequently it came as a surprise when we boarded to find that some of us had been re-assigned. One could argue that we should have checked our seat assignments at check in. My excuse is that I have never experienced an unannounced seat re-allocation in all the 20 years or so I have travelled with KLM. Advance warning of the fact would have been welcomed. Lounge was adequate. Boarding procedure reasonably adequate. Comfort factor in Business Class was no more than one can expect on European flights these days! Cabin crew friendly but lacked concentration. In a cabin of 11 passengers the Purser somehow managed to forget to serve both my wife's and my meal. These things can happen, although one can question why in such a small cabin. If we were not regulars on KLM it could have left a very poor impression of the airline to a newcomer. All in all I think it is fair to conclude that on this occasion it was a below par performance for the fare paid.

5/7/2019 Alistair Shearing

✅ Trip Verified | Bristol to Prague via Amsterdam. My flight was delayed from Bristol, so missed our connecting flight, spent 8 hours in Schiphol, then flew to Prague alone and spent the night and next day on my own while the rest of my party stayed together, got a nice hotel and €250 compensation. Apparently I wasn’t eligible for compensation. Rude staff. Worst airline I’ve ever flown on. Will never fly KLM again.

5/3/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-300 (333) seat 17J

To add to the reviews on business class, some of these are now out of date for this plane. I did not travel business class on this particular flight however since the pictures and many reviews on here, KLM have updated all of their A330's with the new World Business Class with the "pod" like seats which are fully flat, as opposed to the old style seats shown on this review. I have flown in the new WBC before and it is very comfortable. For this flight, I was in 17J, an standard economy seat in the "preferred" area. The seats are quite old and not as comfy as economy in other airlines who operate newer planes along the same route. However with that said, its by far not the worst economy seat i have flown in. The service was very attentive and caring. From my experience, some airlines do have newer and nicer planes on many routes that KLM operate however you cannot match the Dutch airline for service and care.