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1/24/2019 S Gamok

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Washington. Extremely bad service from KLM Ground and air staff. Their computer systems are outdated and they haven't updated the latest visa on arrival countries for Indian passport holders. I was refused a boarding pass even though I showed them the new rules as published by UAE government. Afte...

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1/16/2019 Iain Bagwell

Not Verified | Bristol to Atlanta via Amsterdam. Nothing either good or bad to say about the experience. Everything seemed to function smoothly including the crew. Tight 50 min connection in AMS, but still made the connecting flight with time to spare. Although huge I always the AMS is a very efficient airport. I didn't think t...

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1/16/2019 Bas de Weerd

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Cape Town. Flight was fine. Food is always poor. Staff is less friendly than other major airlines. Once you sign up for their Flying blue program, prepare for spam. They will use multiple different email addresses and require you to cancel each one separately. After having cancelled all newsletter...

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1/15/2019 Morten Berg

Not Verified | Amsterdam to Atlanta. It was a good flight with good legroom, food and IFE. But the service is not the best for Economy. KLM have a little selection of music and movies.

1/13/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 747-400 (744) New Business seat 64B

For the extra money, this seat was completely worth the price. I am 5 foot 6 inches tall and sat in B seat after learning about the electronic boxes. My boyfriend (6 foot 3 inches), sat in C and was able to stretch his legs into my area and then I was able to stretch in the area to my left. There was so much room there we were a...

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1/13/2019 C Marler

✅ Trip Verified | Stockholm to Amsterdam. Please avoid this airline at all costs. In the past month, my fiancé and I have travelled by air on two occasions, both including KLM. The first occasion consisted of 2 KLM connections and one IcelandAir. During this process, my checked in luggage was misplaced for two whole weeks. Whe...

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1/11/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 747-400 (744) Combi New Business seat 14A

Good seat in a cozy cabin. Legroom is good and I'm 6'2". Since the 744 is part of the old fleet, the AVOD is outdated and it has to be rebooted (for the entire aircraft) sometimes.

1/10/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 10K

This has sear has about double the leg room than Seat 10A

1/10/2019 Alain Youell

✅ Trip Verified | London to Amsterdam nothing special, Amsterdam to Mumbai a wonderful flight crew, biz section full. Aisle seat, comfortable weird indent on left side armrest, food awful, a smoked salmon/Thai salad? Mashed potatoes with green beans and two pieces of truly overlooked fish, no Dutch cheese lots of info about new...

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1/7/2019 Luis Herrera

✅ Trip Verified | My wife and I flew from Jakarta to Atlanta with KLM. When I booked the flight it was nowhere mentioned that we would stop in Kuala Lumpur, as happened when I booked the flight from Amsterdam to Denpasar, that included a stopover in Singapore. That is not honest for such a “serious” airline. Therefore, in both ...

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1/7/2019 C Bodart

Not Verified | Geneva to Vancouver via Amsterdam. I initially booked this over the phone and then the trouble started, 10 one hour expensive internationals calls, each time with a different agent who had no clue about the previous call to fix payment issues, errors etc. 2 months later a day before the flight booking still not i...

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1/6/2019 J Gillams

✅ Trip Verified | We had a flight from Oslo to Amsterdam. Because of fog at Schiphol airport the flight was cancelled. I had to take another fight from Brussels the day after and my friend had important meetings the day after. We called the call center in Amsterdam but it was too busy. We could not speak to a call center agent....

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1/4/2019 G Meares

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Freetown. I've become a big fan of KLM lately, having taken them numerous times on long-haul flights in the past year. Once again, they didn't disappoint. I always find their staff are cheerful, upbeat, and clearly enjoying their work; there's a real sense of fun about them, and they're always hap...

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1/4/2019 S Keizen

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Bogotá, such friendly staff and delicious food on board. I always go for the cheapest tickets and I guess this time I was super lucky, my outbound flight was with KLM because I was pleasantly surprised with the whole experience. From boarding on time to getting served a meal even when you weren't ...

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1/3/2019 S Berston

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Copenhagen. Although my flight was on time the staff was incredibly rude making the journey a very unpleasant experience. I fly quite a lot, at least once a month, and have never experienced anything quite like this before. Having worked with service myself I am always very carefully to treat serv...

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12/31/2018 Michele Francis

Not Verified | We flew KLM from Vancouver to Athens via Amsterdam on December 24th and returned on December 30th (in fact I am sitting in the airport waiting for my connection as I wrote this). Overall the airline was on time, food offered was quite good and seats were semi-comfortable. The one big glaring issue with this airl...

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12/28/2018 Taisier Elsarag

Not Verified | Calgary to Khartoum via Amsterdam. I am writing this review not to discuss the flight itself, which was great regarding travel times ground staff and flight attendants. I am to express my deepest disappointment in KLM as a company and how it reacts to solving customer problems. I booked a returning fight from Kha...

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12/28/2018 Emmanouil Makris

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to Mexico city via Amsterdam. Both legs were on time. Seat pitch on the ATH-AMS sector was average but on the AMS-MEX sector was excellent with plenty of space and a 180 degrees recline. Food was excellent and the service from the FA's was amazing .The whole experience was satisfying, and I can recommen...

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12/28/2018 Humble Jackson

✅ Trip Verified | Atlanta to Lagos via Amsterdam. Issue started from ATL airport. My flight was originally meant to leave at about 8:25 pm today but because they overbooked people on this flight they downgraded me to economy class without my knowledge. I complained to the agent about my seat not being what I booked and paid for...

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12/26/2018 C Akaratanom

✅ Trip Verified | Frankfurt to Amsterdam. First time flying and will be the last time. Flying out on 23.12.18 flight plan was 14.15 pm they open for boarding at 13.25 already so the voracious was complete at 13.05 already. Then captain announced the will be 10 min delay coz of lot of bags need to be loaded, which is understanda...

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