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10/21/2019 C Starphen

✅ Trip Verified | Pyongyang to Vladivostok. Clean classic aircraft with amazing engine sound. Seats were a bit narrow, but okay for a flight of around one hour and ten minutes. Cabin staff was friendly, sandwich and lemonades, water were provided free. Excellent experience.

5/19/2019 Alain Kupferman

✅ Trip Verified | Beijing to Pyongyang. Comparing an intra-European flight of 2 hours and this flight, practically no differences: clean aircraft, nice stewardesses, punctual, simple food, good and attentive service, a normal standard.

6/28/2017 John White

✅ Verified Review | Aircraft clean with immaculately presented and polite cabin attendants. Seat comfortable with great leg room. Flights on time. Inflight entertainment consisted of North Korean military type music. Food was a cold burger with a choice of water, coffee, tea or soft drink.

6/27/2017 M Kitson

✅ Verified Review | Everything went smooth from Pyongyang to Beijing. Check-in staff were friendly. Seats were comfortable. Inflight entertainment could have been better. Food and drinks decent enough.

6/25/2017 Simon Hedges

✅ Verified Review | Pyongyang to Beijing with hot/cold drinks and a hamburger which was adequate for length of flight. Very polite and welcoming service. Efficient check in and boarding. In flight entertainment limited to a video of recent North Korean hits. Pyongyang Times and Korea Today available to take on board.

4/7/2017 M Greare

✅ Verified Review | Pyongyang to Beijing with Air Koryo. The departure and arrival were punctual, staff smiling and friendly, the aircraft, including toilets, was clean and there were magazines and newspapers at the entrance. The food was a chicken burger but the drink selection was rather limited, either water or one type of so...

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3/3/2017 B Dremmel

✅ Verified Review | Beijing to Pyongyang. The aircraft was clean, cabin crew friendly and the flight on time. You get the Pyongyang Times to read aboard. I flew for the first time this type of a Tupolev and found not much difference to some other aircraft. The food was acceptable. The selections of beverages could be better.

11/1/2016 Alain Kupferman

✅ Verified Review | It is absolutely unfair to give only one star to this airline: the Tupolev plane is in good condition and perfectly clean, the crew are efficient, pleasant and helpful, and last but not least, it is always on time, you can find many airlines much worse than that, for instance Air China on the same route. The...

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7/2/2016 T Vincent

✅ Verified Review | I don't know how things were in the past, but there is no current reason for a one star review. Flew from Beijing to Pyongyang. From a comfort perspective, Air Koryo was just like any international economy class seat. Yes, the inflight entertainment for the 2 hour flight was basically North Korean propaganda...

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3/22/2016 Toby Sears

Beijing to Pyongyang. The Tupolev 204-100 aircraft is as comfortable as many that are flying around the US. The check-in experience was quick at Beijing and Pyongyang. The crew were friendly and smiling during the flight. The "burger" was quite tasty and I got a beer with it. Baggage quickly delivered at both ends.

3/2/2016 Igor Jurisic

Beijing to Pyongyang with Air Koryo - kind staff. A passenger had some health issues and at Beijing airport a medical team waited and was informed about the problem. There was Korean cartoons and short movies. Food and drinks served was OK. Flight was were on time. Aircraft was clean.

9/12/2015 Jianghuai Wang

There is no Air Koryo Business Lounge benefits if you take its red eye flights. The staff of VIP Lounge was in a hurry to get off work refusing me entering it at Pyongyang Airport, although it's not very late and only two fights would take off at night. Food and beverage of Business Class is as same as Economy Class. The beverag...

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9/8/2015 Alain Kupferman

If you compare Air China with Air Koryo, there is a lot to be said for Air Koryo. New uniforms for the stewardesses, friendly faces, good beer, lousy food, clean plane, reasonable seats and good old-style music.

9/8/2015 Zhang Li

I make quite regular trips from Beijing Capital to Pyongyang Sunan, and I cannot reconcile with your latest reviews here!? I belief that safety requires staff to be able to communicate in the international English language, and that is still very poor for Air Koryo. None of us can truly speak for their maintenance, but from loc...

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9/3/2015 Roger Tilling

PEK-FNJ-PEK in August 2015 and a seamless experience. Both flights on time. The seat was comfortable with sufficient legroom. The TU-204 aircraft is only a few years old and the interior was clean and tidy. There was a free drinks service including local beer. Their famous Air Koryo burger was a very tasty snack and I would have...

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5/31/2015 Alistair Baker

I flew PEK-FNJ at the start of my holiday in the DPRK. I had a bit of trepidation flying on North Korea's state airline but was pleasantly surprised. The Tupolev was smart and modern and the plane was new. We had a reasonable amount of space and the staff were smartly dressed and friendly. The food was a burger with a mystery me...

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10/31/2014 D Rubner

I was flying from Beijing to Pyongyang with a Tupolev 204-300. The aircraft was in an excellent state and the service was very friendly. The flight departed and arrived in time.

10/28/2014 L James

A timewarp experience to say the least my flight from Beijing to Pyongyang was without hitch although you'd be hard pressed to find a team less interested in not only the well being but the safety of the passengers. For example when the purser was meant to make the safety announcement she looked around and saw a flight full of f...

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9/28/2014 K Hui

PEK-FNJ return in the newer Tu-204. Check in at PEK is fast and agents seem blind to overweight/over size baggage (not mine but many others). The plane is clean and seats are comfortable with very good pitch. FA's served water apple juice and a North Korean greenish carbonated drink (soda) and the "hamburgers" that were brought ...

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9/1/2014 P Sorli

PEK-FNJ-PEK 12-19 August 2014. Departed and arrived on time on both flights good FAs and great seats. Interesting airplane (TU204) and very likely the first and last time I fly a Russian built plane (not a lot operated where I spend most of my time). Flight to North-hard and bumpy landing. Back to Beijing was good - not so many ...

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