Customer reviews

10/28/2019 Muhammad Usman

✅ Trip Verified | Lahore to Jeddah, very dirty airplane, seats are small, narrow & uncomfortable. Please don't go with air-blue it will be a huge mistake. This airline is a total waste of money. I will never use again in my life.

4/23/2019 Saima Adnan

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Lahore. Air blue is dirty. Having flown in different airlines, which included budget airlines, I have never ever seen such a dirty plane. Shameless carrier. It’s an international flight and I cannot believe that their flying standard is so low.

3/21/2019 Ijaz Ahmed

✅ Trip Verified | Lahore to Dubai. The plane didn’t flew on time, and passengers have to wait more than 1 hour in the plane. Even, after passing 1 Hour, we still don’t know how much the passenger have to wait. On enquiry, the captain says we are waiting for some passengers. I wonder, why they are waiting. If a passenger does no...

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1/28/2019 Aun Zubairi

✅ Trip Verified | Lahore to Karachi. Check in at Lahore was smooth. No problem with boarding. Aircraft was also quite clean and the emergency exit seats were quite comfortable. Cabin crew was courteous and were very thorough with explaining the duties of passengers seated near the emergency exit. Take off and landing on time. I...

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1/6/2019 Hadi Suleman

✅ Trip Verified | Lahore to Dubai. Ok flight delayed, instead of 2:20 am they delay it 12:30 the following day, didn't bother to inform in advance. I asked the airblue office why, they state I wasn't answering my phone. I got even a sillier response why they could not sms me or email me. Pretty shameless. Any way thanks for the...

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12/18/2018 M Hanzal

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Lahore. This airline has unpolite and rude staff located in Dubai branch. No specific customer service desk or call center, people are handling all activities. Fares are so high. Overall worst experience.

9/11/2017 Kashif Alii

✅ Verified Review | Islamabad to Dubai. My flight was cancelled without informing me and Air Blue did not update on their system. Passangers were waiting from yesterday night and no one helping them. No responsible person help and everyone was telling Air Blue always cancel flight and never on time and not compensating.

2/6/2016 Waqar Ahmed

Sharjah to Lahore with airblue. The flight was delayed by 1 hour and boarding was such a mess. The passengers were opening their luggage due to excess baggage. The ground staff was rude. However, cabin crew was nice. Aircraft was clean and seats were good although very cramped legroom. A very budget airline from Pakistan to Midd...

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10/4/2015 Naseem Anwar

A domestic Airblue flight from Karachi to Lahore. On the aircraft staff were courteous. Served simple refreshments. I requested a vegetarian option which was provided. The flight crew included German pilot and a steward. There were some passengers who chose to sit on other seats than the ones allocated. Staff politely asked the ...

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8/30/2015 A Gardezi

I had not traveled with airblue before and was worried since their flights are usually subject to delays. The electronic self check in counter at Karachi Jinnah International Airport was a nice surprise. airblue had an attendant there who was happy to guide me through the check in process. The boarding was done in a way that was...

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8/8/2014 Adil Shahid

Dubai to Islamabad. I got seating in the front row even then the seat pitch was very short on an Airbus 319. For a height like mine (5 ft 6 inches) I wonder how tall managed in the back rows. Initial announcement and safety demonstration was very quick when the crew was demonstrating it in URDU Language the pilot announced "read...

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4/19/2014 Saad Khan

ISB-KHI-ISB in the first week of February. Equipment was A319 pretty cramped seating. There was no IFE but given the domestic leg it was not a big deal. Crew got their job done in serving the tiny sandwiches (more like bite size) and drinks. Other airlines serve better meals for the same fare. Flight was delayed 2 hours without ...

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1/28/2014 Isha Ishaque

29 Dec 2013. MAN-Islamabad flight delayed by 3 hours. Very disorganised. No inflight entertainment no entertainment for children. Cabin crew (females) more concerned about their appearance than passengers. Cleanliness was atrocious dried food stuck on seats and food inside seat gaps and front pockets. When opened the food table ...

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12/10/2013 T Khan

MAN-ISB on 22nd Nov 2013 and ISB-MAN on 6th Dec 2013. All I can say is avoid at all cost. I was attracted by the fact that the fares seemed to be about £50-80 cheaper than PIA. Outbound flight was scheduled for departure at 22.00 didn't depart until 01.10. Aircraft was an A340 described as the "latest technology" on their websit...

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11/14/2013 P Barker

With its new web site this airline has gone from being Pakistan's best to Pakistan's worse. You can no longer change bookings online. You cannot ring their contact numbers from outside Pakistan to change your booking. Booking change fees have doubled. And you now loose your money as you can't get a refund on a credit card ticket...

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11/11/2013 Ahmer Khan

My family was booked for Airblue from Manchester to Islamabad. They flight time was 2230 got delayed till 05:45 next morning then got further delayed to 06:15. This is not the first time this has happened to the passengers. It is highly unprofessional. Their website has no links for complaints or disclosing of any rights for cla...

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10/28/2013 Raja Maroof

MAN-ISB on 4th August. Flight delayed 24 hours! No apology given and no explanation only found out later that they did not have a pilot to fly the plane back to Islamabad! Even though Airblue has acquired bigger plane for this non-stop route the seat width and comfort is still same as before put simply its uncomfortable for such...

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10/15/2013 Salman Khan

Abu Dhabi to Lahore. Flight delayed 2.5 hours. Reached Lahore after 2.5 hour delay but misery was not over. It took 2 hours for luggage to be transferred from aircraft to the luggage belt. So overall delay was 4.5 hours including everything. Inflight staff weregood in behavior. No inflight entertainment. Food was fresh and good ...

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10/13/2013 Mohammed Shah

Return Manchester to Islamabad both times plane was delayed with no apologies service was appalling staff were unfriendly food was awful. Would not recommend this service. Though they may be slightly cheaper shop around and use another service.

9/10/2013 M Nazeeb

Recently went from MAN-ISB delayed for more than 2 days. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 21.50pm on Friday night ended up going on Monday at 1am. We went through customs a total number of 3 times. They did give a us a hotel on both nights first night was in Manchester then on the second night a Birmingham hotel as they were...

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