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6/20/2019 S Jones

✅ Trip Verified | Darwin to Dili. An excellent flight - really surprised by the high quality. Early morning departure from Darwin led to a pretty generous breakfast - frittata, yoghurt, coffee and juice. Pretty amazing for an hour-long flight (and significantly more generous than what we received on our flight up from Melbourne on a full priced carrier). Staff were friendly, energetic and professional. Love the crocodile skin belts. A nice touch of the Northern Territory. The return leg from Dili left half an hour early. Ran out of food options early, but on an hour-long flight, you can cope.

3/11/2018 Keith Joseph

✅ Trip Verified | Darwin to Dili. The Embraer 170 seats 76 passengers, all in economy. Airnorth (the Australian, not the Canadian company!) runs regional services across northern Australia, including one international flight to Dili, the capital of Timor Leste (East Timor). It is the shortest international route flown out of Australia at 1 hr 20 minutes! Apart from magazines there is no IFE, but refreshments are served. Outwards from Darwin to Dili in the late afternoon it was a chicken wrap and soft drink; coming back at 8 am it was a light breakfast with tea or coffee. Leg room is fine (I am 178 cm tall) and the seats are comfortable for a short flight. Ground crew in Darwin and the cabin crew were cheerful and efficient. The check-in counter staff in Dili were efficient but not particularly cheerful - a minor point. This flight was booked on a special sale fare and was excellent value for money - normally the flights are a bit expensive.

8/17/2016 Bill Anawalt

Dili to Darwin. Please avoid Airnorth if possible when flying to and from Dili, Timor Leste. You would be better served to fly via Nam Air or Citilink via Bali. AirNorth was 3 hrs late today resulting in my young children missing their connecting flight in Darwin to Brisbane costing me $700 to purchase alternate connecting flight to Brisbane via JetStar. I called AirNorth Customer Service to only be chastised by the most rude Customer Service Representative in the world. She essentially said it was my fault for not anticipating the fact that AirNorth has a historically poor "on-time" schedule and it was my problem if I missed a connecting flight even though I had 3 hrs between flights (AirNorth was 3 hrs late so I missed the once daily Virgin Australia Flight from Darwin to Brisbane).

6/22/2016 Mick Giles

Connecting Airnorth flight to PER via BME. Outbound flight delayed nearly 90 minutes as late departing from Darwin (the origin of this two stop flight). Connecting flight at Broome was held for transferring pax, bags made it through and were first off carousel at Perth. Very impressive that the flights were held, great service in this day and age. Onward flights to Perth with QF uneventful. Downside is that this regional airline charges unbelievably high fares on these routes - often in excess of an international long haul Y fare to Europe of North America, and far, far more than a comparable domestic ticket - there is no justification for the cost, except a virtual monopoly on these routes.

4/18/2016 Roger Stone

✅ Verified Review | Airnorth (Australian Airnorth that is) code-sharing with QantasLink has recently commenced a mostly daily non-stop service from the almost new Toowoomba-Wellcamp Airport to Melbourne (and also does a Toowoomba-Cairns run as well). I thought I'd give it a try for a business trip and was pleasantly surprised. Check-in is nicely efficient through the QantasLink staff, seating and also inflight service is pleasant except for the very annoying practice of loudly announcing the facilities etc on-board immediately after the aircraft has lifted off making for a very nerve racking experience - and I am a very frequent flyer who is never nervous. Forget the charm and excitement of the take-off experience. Why do some airlines do this these days? I had the same awful experience on a recent British Airways flight from Dubai to London. What a crazy idea. Also it is worth noting that Airnorth use Terminal 4 at Melbourne so don't make the mistake of thinking you can make a quick connection to regular Qantas or Qantaslink flights in Melbourne as these are in another terminal and quite a long walk awaits you from the Airnorth aircraft arrival gate across to the Qantas Terminal. The Qantas web-site and booking system does not seem to get that (yet). Apart from these 'teething troubles' I would cautiously recommend Airnorth.

11/7/2015 G Stevens

My experience on Airnorth was exceptional, with their super comfortable seats coupled with amazing service. The cabin crew were constantly doing rounds making sure we had everything we needed and serving us drinks, meals and even warm cookies! Our flight was not at all delayed, and our baggage was out for us in no time at all! I would definitely recommend this airline for anyone traveling in western Canada or Ottawa!

10/24/2015 Gordon Chirgwin

The Airnorth flight did not get off to a good start - having been delayed by an hour. Once in the air, service was efficient and effective. The in flight food was satisfactory. The seats are adequate, with sufficient pitch and recline to not cause any issues. The tickets were bought on special, giving good value for money.

3/4/2015 M Sofko

Had another wonderful flight from Whitehorse to Vancouver. Disappointed that's had to transit via Kelowna however. Makes a relatively short flight into a long one. I was also very disappointed in the agent boarding the aircraft. Very rude and poorly trained. First denied me boarding for invalid ID that's had used to board the Air North flight from Vancouver to Whitehorse. Another agent had to inform her my ID was valid and acceptable for travel. The flight attendants however were very attentive and defiantly made up for it all.

2/24/2015 M Sofko

Flew YVR-YXY-YVR. Flights both left on time and were pleasant and smooth. Flight Attendants were very friendly and helpful throughout the flight.

7/15/2014 D Olsson

I have to put in some severe criticism of Airnorth's customer service during the ash cloud disruption in June. My original morning flight on Sat 31 May Dili-Darwin was cancelled - fair enough. Airport staff thought it might operate in the afternoon and sent us home. The call centre told about midday that they hadn't decided what to do yet but would contact everyone later. About 3pm I got a call from the Qantas call centre to reschedule connecting flights and they saw in the system that Airnorth had rebooked me for 5pm Sunday. Then on Sunday morning I looked at Airnorth's website and it said that my 5pm flight had been changed to 12.45pm so I rushed off to the airport. It turned that was wrong and we were sent home. The call centre isn't open on Sundays so I had no idea what was happening. Eventually I saw on Darwin airport's website that the incoming fight had been cancelled (all other airlines operated normally from Dili and Darwin that afternoon). Airnorth eventually called at 7pm to tell me I was rescheduled for 5pm Monday. Normally Airnorth flights have been fine - on time good staff limited food but only short flights anyway. However they really can't handle anything unusual and given their monopoly on many routes they probably won't bother to improve.

6/30/2014 Michael Little

Darwin to Kununurra in an E-170. Comfortable 2-abreast seating and a smooth flight. However there was a confusing beginning in Darwin as the departures screen said "go to gate" but did not give a gate number! Eventually a barely audible "last call" announcement was made. The service on-board was friendly. A pack of two small muffins and orange juice was served. The flight operated on time.

4/27/2014 M Rowe

DWN-TSV then GCA-DWN - April 2014. Flight down was direct on time and with good inflight service. Return flight via MT ISA less pleasing mainly because the FA's jammed us all together despite a number of rows of empty seats at the front of the plane. I hate having to ask to move once seated and with carry on in the o/head lockers. There was no need (that I can see) to stack us that way and it just left a bad taste in the mouth. Food on the return flights was similarly 'bad' in the mouth. 1st leg was a beef curry (very boarding school type muck) and 2nd leg described as a chicken wrap which turned out to be a beef wrap. Too bad if you were allergic and took a bite (surprise!).

4/19/2014 Lynn Morshead

TSV-DRW-TSV: We chose to fly with Air North because of good connection flight times when returning from our overseas holiday. We arrived in Darwin at 4.50am after being in transit for 12 hrs from an overseas destination we were scheduled to fly back to Townsville on the 7.00am flight which was perfect. Air North changed the flight schedule our new departure time was 1.45pm. An increased wait of 6.45 hours at Darwin airport. I contacted Air North and inquired if any assistance could be given to us meal voucher half day accommodation etc. I received an email from the Marketing and Communications Manager who sighted their rules of carriage and provided us with details of a local motel for us to contact no assistance was offered not even a coffee voucher! We were very disappointed in Air Norths lack of customer care and would not recommend using Air North especially when connecting to/from International flights.

3/30/2014 E John

TSV-DRW-TSV flight out on time the aircraft was clean and comfortable certainly more personal space on the Embraer 170 then you get on other economy flights in Australia. The cabin wasn't full so after take off it was a matter of grabbing a pair of seats to myself. A light morning meal of sandwiches water coffee/tea and a small chocolate was complimentary. The return flight was delayed 7 hours and advice was received about this the afternoon before by email and SMS. Two hot meal options offered on that flight one vegetarian the other sausages and mash. Beer wine and spirits were complimentary on this leg perhaps owing to the long delay I didn't ask I just enjoyed having two seats to myself again and kicked back with a fee Jim Beam and cola's. Flight attendants professional and attentive.

8/18/2013 P De Figueiredo

Return DRW-DIL. Efficient boarding on-time helpful cabin attendants. Flight out provided minimal catering though this was a late afternoon flight. Return flight was early morning good breakfast akin to what I would normally have at home. In-flight magazine had really interesting articles and was adequate reading for the one hour flight. No complaints at all. No charge for exceeding baggage allowance by 1kg on return flight.

8/18/2013 S Altham

Broome to Kununurra then Kununurra to Perth on ERJ 170. All flights on time fairly basic food but professional cabin service with 2 FA's keen to please. Seat rows are 2x2 and the seat pitch seems to be greater than economy in the newer 737's operated by Qantas mainline. A neat little aircraft. Love their direct service now three times between Perth and Kununurra - the only airline providing this service and also appreciate their 'milk runs' which allow easy connections several times a week between Karratha Port Hedland Broome Kununurra and Darwin. A dependable airline serving the remote bits of WA and other carriers could learn a lesson or two.

7/12/2009 Michael Little

Kununurra-Broome in an ERJ-170. A very pleasant flight. The seat pitch and light refreshments were fine for such a short leg. The seats have comfortable adjustable headrests. The service was friendly and the flight departed and arrived 20 minutes early.

11/25/2008 G Gruber

DPS-DRW on Embraer E170. This is a great little airline and a great little plane. Comfy seats with plenty of legroom free alcoholic drinks and a hot snack. They even served double drinks which is something I hadn't encountered in economy in a long time. Meal was a choice of hot meat or chicken pie plus cheese and crackers and a Twix. Service very friendly. Being such a small plane getting through immigration in Darwin was a breeze and the luggage was already on the belt when I got there. Customs was also easy. Unfortunately Airnorth are ceasing operations this route at the end of January 2009.

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