Customer reviews

8/31/2019 Kelly Brown Solo

✅ Trip Verified | When I tell you the reviews was so discouraging and negative but go against all odds. The flight from Freeport to Fort Lauderdale was peaceful and safe. It was 3 members in my party. We were scheduled to return to the US on Sunday but do to hurricane Dorian on the way we had to leave the resort in a hurry. All ...

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8/29/2019 Ty Barber

✅ Trip Verified | Orlando to Nassau. Do not trust these people or do not waste your time talking with them as to them it is all transactional and not based on customer service. As a million mile on a US carrier I was shock even with a non-refundable ticket they would not credit me and my because of this storm. All they would do...

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8/29/2019 C Wellerd

Not Verified | Bahamasair is the worst airline you can ever imagine. After waiting in line for a ticket for 6 hours, we did not get to Nassau until the next day. We spent over 24 hours in an airport because of Bahamasair with no explanation. The staff were very rude and have horrible communication skills. This may come from the...

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3/11/2019 J Aylen

Not Verified | Freeport to Nassau. I see a lot of negative reviews and I’m really not sure why. I’ve flown Bahamasair my whole life, and while they’re not the best in the world I feel very safe with them. I experienced a slight delay my last time flying but I trust every delay with any airline is for a reason and put my safety ...

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2/21/2019 Kristian Nor

Not Verified | Miami to Nassau. It has to be the worst airline in the world. You check in, wait at the gate, but no plane in sight. Suddenly all passengers run to another gate and onto the landing strip, where we wait for another airplane. No information is provided at anytime. We believed that it was just bad luck and that the...

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1/13/2019 J Roberts

✅ Trip Verified | Nassau to Miami. I ordered four tickets with Bahamasair, but when I tried to checkin the day of the flight only two of my reservations showed up. When I called Bahamasair, the supervisor sent us on a wild goose chase calling our credit card company and forcing us to get to the airport extremely early. The stre...

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1/11/2019 Cynthia Bentley

Not Verified | Orlando to Nassau. December 24th made the 3rd and final time I will ever fly with this airline. Prior to this trip my other two flights were delayed upon departure as well as the return trip. Each way was delayed by at least 2 hours. On the first trip once we finally arrived in the Bahamas we were forced to sit on...

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1/6/2019 H Bastin

✅ Trip Verified | Our Bahamasair from Nassau to Orlando was 12 hours late. we arrived at 23.00 pm at Orlando! Therefore we missed or connecting flight LH465 from Orlando to Frankurt which departed at 8.15 pm. During our 12 hour stay in Nassau we did not receive any information about the delay and no help at all regarding connec...

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12/30/2018 S Branson

✅ Trip Verified | Nassau to Ft Lauderdale. Awful airline. Avoid at all costs. Terrible customer service. 90% of the time, your flight will be delayed. Planes are old. The cheap ticket is not worth it!

10/14/2018 P Lamoure

✅ Trip Verified | Nassau to Ft Lauderdale. Bahamasair is the worst company I've ever flown with! Stay away from it. Both of our flights were rescheduled (the first one postponed by 3 hours, we arrived in Nassau by night instead of enjoying the afternoon there as it was planned). Please note that this flight was delayed on top o...

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9/5/2018 James Hurst

Not Verified | Orlando to Nassau. This is the worst airline I have ever flown, delayed 5 hours going and 3 hours leaving. No bad weather on either legs in both locations. No communication whatsoever from any airline personal. No one even comes around while the gate continues to read on time. Stay away from this airline.

8/22/2018 T Landon

✅ Trip Verified | Nassau to Fort Lauderdale. I was on flight 205 leaving Nassau, Bahamas at 3:45pm on Monday August, 20, 2018. Upon arrival i was told my flight was delayed and I would be given an update at 7pm and to have a seat. That means it would take 3 hours just to tell me what was going on with my flight! I sat down and...

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8/20/2018 H Baker

✅ Trip Verified | Never again will I fly Bahamasair. Extremely disorganized. Told they only have 5 airplanes and 2 are out of service yet they did not delay any planes and refuse to find new flights for customers. FYI you can keep your $10 to Wendy's. If we get out at 9.30pm it will be a miracle. Agents at counter area completel...

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3/20/2018 Boris Kostov

✅ Trip Verified | Wanted to leave this review for two major reasons: 1) The reviews I read about the company were quite outdated and was not sure what to expect and 2) The number of bad reviews created a wrong source of expectation prior to my flights. My flight was a return one to Havana, Cuba (about 45-50 mins flying time). Ev...

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1/16/2018 D Salon

✅ Trip Verified | A short pleasant flight from Nassau to Havana. Bahamasair is a typical holiday destination airline. The crew were very friendly, aircraft relatively new. Complimentary snack during this short flight was a nice surprise. Even for the economy class, there was enough legroom even for bigger passengers. Check in ve...

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12/18/2017 P Stobert

✅ Trip Verified | Freeport to Fort Lauderdale. Beware of travel delays and counter staff that need customer care training! My wife and I are veteran travelers and understand airlines are not always on time. In such situations, we expect timely information from staff about the rescheduling of departure. On Dec 16th the staff did...

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8/20/2017 W Marshall

✅ Verified Review | Great customer service from Bahamasair. Departed Nassau to Fort Lauderdale before scheduled time. Very professional. Check in was a breeze. Quick baggage arrival in FLL. Continue to do well. The aircraft was clean. The pilot did a excellent job in take off and landing. We arrived early which was great because...

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11/28/2016 V Drayton

✅ Verified Review | I was trying to fly from Freeport Bahamas to Deadmans Cay via Nassau. I was on the 0730 flight out of Freeport to Nassau then the 1400 flight to Deadmans Cay. The plane in freeport was delayed till 0930 am which was fine because I wouldn't miss my next flight. So we arrived in Nassau to find the flight to De...

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9/6/2016 Javier Fernandez

On a 35 minute flight from Miami to Nassau we had an hour delay on the way in and 3.5 hours delay on the way back. No explanation was provided at all. Company did not even provide bottled water for the longest delay despite the fact that all the shops in the airport at Nassau shut down at 6pm and there was nowhere to buy even wa...

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8/20/2016 J Deveaux

Nassau to Providenciales with Bahamasair. Amazing Service. Smiling and friendly crew. We flew on Bahamasair to come back home after a Christmas holiday. The flight was delayed a bit due but other than that it was great. The flight was 1 hour and 25 minutes. While airborne the flight attendant came around offering water, tea and ...

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