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7/30/2013 Ashish Kumar

Singapore to Tioman - a short 50 mins flight. After check-in and security checks we were asked to go to the gate and wait for boarding. Just before boarding it was announced that flight was delayed and we would have to wait 5-6 hours. A S$5 McDonalds coupon was provided. The only saving grace was that it happened at the Changi airport which probably is the best airport in the world. On our return flight delayed again at Tioman airport this time for 6 hours and staff were completely unapologetic about it. The airline made last minute arrangements to take all passengers to Berjaya resort but the bus did not wait for us. Another bus was arranged half an hour later and bus driver asked us to hurry up. Will I recommend this airline to anyone - absolutely not.

7/11/2013 D Michel

June 2013 from Singapore to Tioman and back. Airplane was a Dash-7. Interior of the plane was in horrible condition dirty walls sticky arm rests. The arm rest of a seat was fixed with glue. Flight took about 40min. The cabin crew served a bottle of water and some nuts. I can recommend the airline if you can ignore the obvious lack of cleaning inside the plane.

6/4/2013 K Alex

Travelled last month from Subang to Penang. Flight was great! Flight attendants were friendly and welcoming. No in flight entertainment but there were magazines. Only serve Peanuts fresh baked bread a mineral water and a wet towel for each passenger. Baggage allowance was also ok as the limit was 15-20 Kg. Price was also cheap as I only paid RM 88 for a one way flight. One my return flight to Subang there were only 8 passengers and the flight still continued even thought not even 10% of the plane was full. I would recommend the Airline to people who want to travel in Malaysia.

10/26/2011 B Chan

SIN-RDN Return. A new ATR-72 with two flight attendants. For a 1.5 hr flight a packed towel plus a bottle of water was given out. Although the attendants weren't very enthusiastic the crew members in the flight deck kept us up to date with information.

8/7/2011 S Grigoriev

SZB-RDN-SZB. Return trip from Subang Skypark secondary airport in KL to Redang Island. ATR72-500 looked in good condition could not have been very old. 50 minute flight a bottle of water and a refresher towel offered service punctual and friendly both flights on time. A small airline but felt very safe flying with them.

4/20/2010 Brian Gale

Singapore to Tioman Island. We found the check in staff very welcoming friendly and helpful The flight in the dash-7 was what real flying is all about. Again the crew were very friendly.

3/1/2010 Piet Huisjes

Kuala Lumpur to Pangkor Island return. This is the most pleasant way of flying for those who love airplanes!

1/17/2010 Jimmy Peterson

Small airline but a good one. Despite heavy turbulence on the flight from Kuala Lumpur's old airport to Tioman Island I felt safe and that the FA's knew what to do in the event of an emergency. Can't be sure of course but it felt that way. Good information from the crew about the turbulence. Small planes but comfortable for the relatively short flight. Good service during the flight.

9/23/2009 Lorenzo Pasquini

Subang Airport to Redang. The plane was a De Havilland Dash-7 old but in good conditions. The flight has been pleasant and crew did the best to offer us a pleasant flight - water towels and a little snack. The check in area in Subang and the all airport are very nice and clean the service has been very good. They will replace their old planes soon with new ATR-72.

5/23/2008 K Cheng

De Havilland Dash 7 of 1970s to 80s vintage though obviously old with little patches of tranished white paintwork on the airframe revealing it's true age. In-flight service was better than I expected. Hostesses were friendly and courteous. Though they serve packet towels some sweets on a tray and bottled mineral water they did so with high level of politeness. The only bugbear I can highlight is the lack of a hot snack and hot tea/coffee on the flight - that wouldn't have cost too much and flight was 1hr 30 mins.

9/10/2006 Arild Aastad

Singapore to Tioman and from Tioman to Kuala Lumpur. I have never seen aircraft in such bad shape ever (Dash 7s which should have been turned into nails and screws a long time ago!) Visible structural damage on body and engine mount. The outer shell of the aircraft was no longer aligned with the cabin hence the outer structure covered parts of the windows (some seemed loose even) Inside; dirty and completely run down.

4/17/2006 Xuess Wee

This is an airline flying out from Singapore to 2 islands in Malaysia: Pulau Redang and Pulau Tioman. Took the former. Journey was 1.5 hours on a Dash 7 (DHC7) airplane. Plane looked a little aged but functioned well. The air-conditioning did not come on till the plane was in full flight. Wasn't the best experience cooped up inside the plane under a 2pm tropical sun while waiting for the plane to take flight. A bottle of water was served for the short journey and there were 2 stewardesses. Service while courteous was bland. One of the traveller happened to leave her sunglass pouch in the waiting room and when I asked one of the stewardess if she could just ask the 30+ people taking the flight about a missing pouch via intercom she suggested that I go seat to seat and enquire instead.

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