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6/24/2019 A Meares

✅ Trip Verified | Manchester to Burgas. Shocking airline, misleading advertising, shocking service, unhelpful staff. Flight finder sites along with their own website carry their flights as "direct" when they are in fact "double touch" which means that if you are the last destination when entering the UK you will have to get off at the first destination, go through customs and reboard the plane. You will lose your seat. Any items you have bought in duty free will get confiscated unless they are in a sealed bag with a receipt. This is ignored on the plane and the staff are uninterested in providing you with these clear bags or in sealing them. On reboarding the plane you will lose any prebooked seats, despite the gate crew telling you that you will not. The airport handling staff were unaware that they had passengers for transfer and held us on the plane for thirty minutes while they got someone down so we could queue further for them to issue us with handwritten boarding passes. Disabled passengers were unassisted. It was chaos, passengers didn't get their boarding passes as this was not communicated by the airline staff and had to get help from other airport personnel. The staff at the gate held us for an additional 30 minutes assuring us our seats would still be there when we got on but they weren't. Aircraft staff completely unhelpful and unconcerned. It might not be their fault their head office does this but they represent the company and some appreciation of the issues would not go amiss Balkan (BH Air) misrepresented their flights as direct, they weren't. If this was a one off it would be understandable but they do this as a matter of course on multiple flights week in and week out, whilst still advertising their flights as direct. Customer service is appalling and they keep your money for the prebooked seats you don't get. Do not travel with this shambles.

9/22/2018 John Fairclough

✅ Trip Verified | Norwich to Bourgas. Part of a package to Bulgaria. Chosen because of convenient flight from local airport. On time in both directions. Seat at least as comfortable as a low cost carrier, and better in a number of regards, particularly the attractive price to upgrade to the front row extra legroom seat. Onboard food and drink prices far more reasonable than people like Ryanair. Good to see the crew deal firmly with a foul-mouthed group of British tourists who were being disruptive. This plane clearly works hard over the summer and is badly in need of a deep clean over the winter, but nothing too bad. On a general note I do not think that this is the same BH air that has reports on this site re services to Sarajevo ?

11/17/2014 Peter Anthony

Just flew on a one-way flight from Zurich to Sarajevo and was extremely pleased! The flight was carried out by their ATR 72 aircraft which looked pretty new and was clean too! We both departed and arrived early which I found great however What I'd noticed is that the only type of entertainment they offered on board were the magazines in the seat pockets which were rather boring but this was after all a small aircraft so I wouldn't have expected anything else. The plane was surprisingly full there were only about three unoccupied seats on board. The inflight meal consisted of a very tasty sandwich and a wide selection of drinks. Very kind cabin crew and they spoke really good English which was great! I definitely recommend flying BH Airlines!

7/7/2013 Andrew Craig

Flew them on the Frankfurt - Sarajevo trip on board their B737. I found the airline staff professional and friendly which can't be said about the customs at SJJ airport most of whom looked downright angry and like they hate their job. The BH airlines crew were great and boarding was quick and breeze. The flight arrived a few minutes early and I found the cabin fairly modern and clean.

9/21/2011 D Wilson

DSA to BOJ. Balkan Holidays airlines have got better and better prices onboard are expensive and prices are not in seirling. Leg room is great and the newer aeroplanes are comfortable for 3 hours. Cabin crew helpful and friendly.

4/26/2011 T Kapic

Very decent airline. Crew very friendly although their English command could be better. The cheese sandwich is fantastic!

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