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3/27/2019 P Heany

✅ Trip Verified | Kolkata to Bangkok. I have nothing but good things to say about Bhutan Airlines. They're a great ambassador for their country, even though I never set foot in Bhutan. I flew from Kolkata to Bangkok on an Airbus 319 in Economy bulkhead. Surprisingly, I had the row to myself. The plane was clean and colorful, decked out in Bhutanese red and gold in the interior, and the crew were in traditional Bhutanese outfits as well. Seats were comfortable, we were on time, and the flight was only about half full. There was a meal on this short hop featuring Bhutanese cuisine and it was truly outstanding--one of the best economy class meals I've had in years. Even the inflight magazine was superb, highlighting not just places to see and things to do in Bhutan, as well as spotlighting some of the more unusual aspects of their culture, such as women taking multiple husbands. Bottom line, it was not just a great transport experience (on time, hassle free) but an educational experience about their home country as well. I can't wait to take them all the way to Bhutan.

7/25/2016 Andrew Reese

✅ Verified Review | Today, I am flying out of Paro via Kolkata to Bangkok with another connecting flight 3 hours after landing with Bhutan airlines. Their flight is delayed by at least two hours without passengers being informed properly. No signboards, no announcements. Also as they know my connecting flight I did not get pro-actively informed. Asking myself and going up to the station manager no real support is offered, no reliable forecast for landing time in Bangkok is given. I have to short term re-book my connecting flight from Bangkok to Singapore. No responsibility taken for extra cost, a hotel in Bangkok or other additional expenses. Their excuse is weather in Kalkuta not allowing their plane to come to Paro. A wonderful Bhutan experience turned bad!

2/18/2015 Ron Kuhlmann

Flew Bangkok to Paro round-trip both flights via Calcutta. Outbound I was in Economy Plus and the legroom was excellent. The breakfast was well served hot and tasty-far more substantial that is offered on many other carriers. On the return I was upgraded to business and the leather seat was roomy and comfortable. The meal (lunch) was good but the performance of the crew was truly world-class. I have to say that I was very impressed by the professionalism and demeanour they displayed. In business one is given access to priority clearance in Bangkok which worked well but still a long wait for baggage-though mine was the first bag out. Excellent offering overall.

5/23/2014 Mark La Prairie

PBH-CCU CCU-PBH Y class. Check in staff at Paro very helpful friendly smiling. Cabin crew similarly accommodating and friendly. Clean cabin decent space for Y class. Light refreshments and sandwiches (veg or non-veg) served on this short 50-minute segment. Every flight has been spot on time (or slightly early). Good announcements from cockpit to point out Himalayan peaks when near Paro. Competitive prices. A good alternative in/out of Bhutan from Drukair.

3/10/2014 Mark La Prairie

BKK-PBH via CCU. Y class. Wet leased aircraft from Lithuania. Checked in just before closing the counter. Hassle free. On time departure. Full breakfast served on first sector and snake on short second segment. Crew efficient. Fares lower than competitor Druk Air.

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