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6/5/2019 B Sabiro

✅ Trip Verified | My CanaryFly flight from Fuerteventura back to Gran Canaria of 5 April was delayed for technical issues, I was forced to buy a Binter ticket for 162 euros in order to make it to my connecting flight back home. I applied via mail for a compensation and unexpectedly they reimbursed the whole amount I had spent f...

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3/13/2019 P Talini

✅ Trip Verified | Gran Canaria to Fuerteventura. I bought the tickets 4 months before the flight. But in the meantime I got sick and recovery lasted long. That’s why I wonted to replace the tickets for another date. For a few days I called this phone number but no one answered. For serious companies it is unacceptable. After a ...

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1/7/2019 Bruno Ferreira

✅ Trip Verified | Gran Canaria to Fuerteventura. The flight was on time and the cabin crew were very polite to all passengers. The do a service of water but do not have any type of snacks to offer which is understandable due to the low fares that they offer. For the prices it’s an amazing airline that I can recommend.

11/23/2018 Anastasiia Khomenko

Not Verified | I bought a flight between Las Palmas and Fuerteventura in off-peak season, 5 months in advance at 12 noon (there were earlier flights as well). Quite soon they called me that the flight is rescheduled on 8 am (causes huge problems on Fuerteventura to get to the airport in time as public transportation doesn't fun...

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11/30/2017 Andrii Chaika

✅ Trip Verified | Las Palmas to Tenerife. Not a great experience. The plane had SwiftAir livery even though it was CanaryFly flight. The plane was old and produced terrible noise during takeoff. I have flown the ATR 72 not once but it was only such experience. The airline had a free seating policy. It was OK as there were only ...

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1/29/2016 Sheila Wilson

Fuerteventura to Las Palmas with Canaryfly, and a really good value company. The most basic seat price included 6 kg hand baggage and 20 kg hold baggage, plus basic refreshments. Check-in, boarding and flights were all totally without incident. A minor request: tea would be a nice alternative to coffee. The outward flight was no...

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