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4/27/2019 E Friesen

✅ Trip Verified | What a horrible airline. Getting on this aircraft was disturbing, when you get on and take your seat you can only admire the spacious seating, but then it is only a Dash 8. What is disturbing is the filth on the seats, as this is an old aircraft from outward appearances, enjoy putting your head on the head-rest hope you don't get lice. The topper of this trip is that between Fort Saint John and Vancouver, a 1.5 hour flight they had somehow lost my baggage. upon arriving in Vancouver and standing at the Baggage Carousel for 10 minutes, I went to the the ticket center, after an hour there they figured it out that they had given me someone else's baggage claim ticket. As of 10 pm tonight still waiting for my baggage, which was promised at 3:00 pm this afternoon.

6/25/2018 H Nawton

✅ Trip Verified | Vancouver to Williams lake. Horrible since they moved to the south terminal. Used to love it, but it took 45 mins for the shuttle to arrive on June 24th. Then the flight before mine had 6 passengers not on the flight list who played for their flight and only one person on the counter to help. I had 2 hrs to get my flight when I landed in Vancouver, and by the time I checked in I had 5 mins before boarding. Since I had no time to eat I grabbed a pop only to find out that you cannot take it through this security either so you can't take a drink on the plane. This is a horrible set up and if my flight to Vancouver was a little delayed I would have missed my flight. Horrible service now, from a 3 star to a 1 star in my opinion.

4/19/2018 Cynthia George

✅ Trip Verified | Prince George to Vancouver. I thought to support a small business. The free checked bag is cool, as is going directly to Vancouver south where my car is parked; however the 40 min delay on a sunny day? I dont like to complain but time is money. We all want to get to our destination, we shouldn't be delayed.

12/8/2016 J Hermanson

Amazing customer service with this airline. I booked this flight from Quesnel to Comox for my father, who is having cognitive difficulties and I was worried about him making his connection in Vancouver. I contacted CMA and they made a point to call me back to discuss the situation and then ensured someone would be there to make sure my father didn't feel lost and got on the right plane! Due to weather and traffic accidents on the way to the airport, we were late picking my father up, and again I was able to contact someone who sent an attendant to relay the message to my father (who doesn't own a cell phone). I was so impressed.

6/27/2016 A Fraser

✅ Verified Review | Flew Fort St John Airport to Prince George Airport. There's no point in taking Central Mountain Air if you can take WestJet or Air Canada. They charge outrageous baggage fees so it doesn't even save you money and the flight times are not always convenient and the aircrafts are small. Could have had a more comfortable flight for the same amount of money, definitely feel like I've been scammed. Will only take this airline if it goes to some remote city where no other airline goes.

8/28/2013 K Rushton

YQQ to YVR (Comox to Vancouver) For such a small airline and airplane we were pleasantly surprised. It was no more expensive for our family of four to take the CMA flight than it would be to take the ferry to Vancouver and back and for a couple of nights in hotels to make our connecting flights south. Being a smaller plane it was open seating. We were in the emergency seats going both ways and both times the pilots made sure to make eye contact with us when explaining the procedures and asked if we had questions. CMA is very good about the schedule. Both flights left on time and arrived on time. It's a nice short flight. Being a smaller plane it was a bit bumpy both ways but as someone who has become airsick on bigger jets I had no problem at all. The only negative comment I have is that being a prop plane it was very loud and the announcements they made (arrival time etc.) were impossible to hear. The recording needs to be louder.

8/7/2011 A Merchant

Only four people on my flight so we sat where we liked. Checking in was therefore a formality. As it was a small propeller plane it felt like getting on a private jet (albeit quite worn inside and shared with others). No cabin crew on board (no need for a 45 min journey to Edmonton). It's cheaper than its bigger rivals offering a more personal service as you would expect for a local airline and certainly a better option than taking the coach. Professional and efficient so would use again.

10/20/2010 D Corville

Flown with this airline mainly on Vancouver to Comox very impressed that they waited for us a group of five that had been delayed inbound from LGW just a shame that airfares to Vancouver Island very high even with 2 airlines competing on the same route. Will happily use again.

2/20/2010 Ian Wright

Have flown with them on a number of occasions on the Calgary to Lethbridge route. Never had a bad experience flights generally on time and the cabin crew ie pilot and co pilot have always been very professional.

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