100 CityJet reviews

5/10/2019 Daniel Hornett

✅ Trip Verified | I was on an Aer Lingus flight operated by Cityjet. My flight was late due to weather in London, and my original flight got cancelled, but I got put onto a flight 55 minutes later. The flight itself was OK. The seats on this little Avro are very cramped. Cityjet uses a 3-3 configuration instead of the standard 3-2. This makes the seats very thin, and leaves you with not much room. The inflight catering was provided by Aer Lingus, and featured a buy on board service. As this was a morning flight, I opted for a Hot chocolate and some shortbread, and for £4.50, this was decently priced. But the highlight of this flight was well and truly the Avro RJ85, which I wanted to fly on before they all get retired, and I am very pleased I did. It is a unique experience, and I would recommend for any aviation fans to try this flight, as it is relatively cheap, and the Avro is an absolute joy.

9/10/2018 Derry Temple

✅ Trip Verified | My partner and I took a flight from Dublin to London with Cityjet. The flight was delayed several hours due to weather conditions and they changed the destination from London City to London Southend which is some distance away (Apparently they cannot fly into City after 10pm). While they initially offered to give us a flight the following day should we wish. This turned out to be false as further enquiries at the desk proved they could not actually guarantee us a seat on any other flights and the attendant advised us to take that flight. He assured us there would be a bus put on to take us back to London city. When we finally arrived at Southend airport some 3 hours late there was no bus provided and we were told via text that we could take a taxi and be reimbursed. We arrived home 5 hours later then expected. I am still waiting to be reimbursed for the expensive taxi journey 11 weeks later. Each time I contact the airline I am told I will be reimbursed next week. Their communication and handling of the situation has been less then satisfactory throughout. Flying into London City airport is promoted as being easy and quick but this has not proven to be the case. I would not fly with Cityjet again nor would I advise anyone else to fly with them.

8/23/2018 K Edwards

✅ Trip Verified | Flight was 2 hours late - they couldn't keep their story straight whether it was because of 'wind' (another aircraft going to London took off 20 mins after ours should have) or 'technical issues.' Then we boarded and the air con was broken. In Tuscany in August. Whole plane dripping (literally) in sweat. I could see air steward's back through his shirt. Babies screaming, one guy was turning grey and fainting. So we had to go back to the airport. Then we spend another hour at the airport. No explanations were forthcoming this whole time. Operating on hearsay and what we could see. Finally we take off. Passengers actually clap. Then we get to London City 3.5 hours late. Off to luggage pick up. No luggage. No information. After another hour we are told luggage never got onto the plane. It's still in Florence. More waiting as staff very slowly take names and addresses. 'It's definitely going to come tomorrow. We will courier it.' It didn't come tomorrow. It's now the day after tomorrow. No phone call, no one replying on Twitter. Literally the worst airline in Britain. And that's a tough field! And did I mention this flight cost me £250. Not budget travel by any means. Please avoid.

7/18/2018 E Chalini

✅ Trip Verified | London City to Florence. I am utterly appalled by this airline. Not only were we diverted mid-flight from Florence to Pisa because of a technical fault (we were delayed in take off also by a technical fault - unclear if it was the same one, but the aircraft was rather old and shabby, and the toilet stunk to high heaven). Most egregiously, about 20 passengers did not have their bags loaded on to the aircraft. I received no information or apology from the airline about this. Some passengers seemed to have received a text letting them know of the issue, with a brief apology and no explanation. We were provided with a bus to Florence Airport where we were told to file a baggage claim (since CityJet do not operate out of Pisa), but there was no-one in charge of directing us - it was up to passenger initiative to figure out all steps. Once at Florence Airport we were offloaded and sent on a Kafkaesque quest from office to office, into the bowels of the airport, across the tarmac, and into the arrivals hall to finally file the baggage claim. Had I not actively engaged fellow passengers I would have never figured out any of these procedures. This was on Sunday, 15th July, 2018. At the time of writing it is 10:30 pm on Tuesday July 17 and I have *still not received my bag*. I received a text yesterday evening from Florence Airport letting me know that the bag had been picked up by the courier, and nothing since. I have been forced to attend a professional event wearing the same outfit each day, which I am washing nightly in the hotel bidet. In all my years of frequent travel I have *never* encountered this level of disrespectful neglect. I paid over the odds to fly with CityJet, hoping to avoid the indignities of a budget airline, only to find that this airline treats one worse than dirt. Never again.

7/11/2018 L Walsh

✅ Trip Verified | Dublin to London City. Our Sunday evening flight was cancelled we were not informed until we got to the check in, there were no more flights available that night. the help desk was closed, we were sent after 3 hours to a hotel and put on aer lingus flight Monday to Heathrow. Not in business class in economy and not together. We had to take unpaid leave at work and pay to get back to city airport. We have to date not received an apology or any compensation! I would never fly or recommend them I would advice to travel with BA or any other alternative airline. They are disgraceful.

7/3/2018 Zafrullah Hamzah

✅ Trip Verified | This City jet flight was operated for Air France. After arriving with an Air France flight in Paris from Singapore this Paris to Dublin flight was a big letdown compared to the service with an actual Air France flight. First of all after everyone has boarded their system recorded an error in their reservation . Simply bizarre that they only discovered this after letting everyone on board. This resulted in the plane not even moving from where it was parked for about 50 minutes after scheduled departure. We were then moving practically all over the airport for what seemed like they wanted us to view the runways before the plane actually took off. Service on board was quite slow. After being served the meal it seemed like they did not feel the need to clear the tray tables quickly. One stewardess managed to splash some Coca-Cola on the lady sitting beside me. She was very apologetic and nice but I got the impression that she was under pressure. On arrival in Dublin my bagage which had a priority tag after arriving in Paris on a first class flight was the 85th bagage to come out ! While Air France has consistently maintained high standards it appears that their City Jet partner just could not be bothered to do the same. As a result I missed the noon direct bus to Limerick and ended up having to use another bus company that took 3 hours and 45 minutes and a very convoluted route to get to Limerick. After spending so much to get priority service this connecting flight was a big disappointment and is way way below the service of an Air France operated flight.

6/21/2018 M Gallian

✅ Trip Verified | Genoa to Paris. This was an Air France flight operated by local carrier CityJet. Everything was done through the Air France website and I was able to upgrade to business class for around €200. The business class seat was probably one of the smallest seat I ever flown, however the service was fantastic and for a flight that lasted under two hours there is really nothing to complain about. The airplane had four engines thing that I found quite interesting since it was very small aircraft. I was served a full breakfast that was very nice and the presentation was five star. I would fly this airline again without hesitation.

6/1/2018 John Cleere

✅ Trip Verified | Dublin to London City. I booked expensive flight due to family emergency. My return flight has been changed from London City to Southend. Reason given is staff shortages. This is most inconvenient and not what they advertise. No response from cityjet or offer of compensation. Never again.They continually brag about flying you into heart of London. Southend is certainly not that!

3/1/2018 Eelco van den Heuvel

✅ Trip Verified | Brussels to Milan Malpensa. With only 29 euros, including drink and snack, this flight was a real bargain. CityJet flies this route on behalf of Brussels Airlines with a rare plane in the west: the Russian built Sukhoi Superjet 100. This turned out to be a rather silent, 2-3 seating plane, with a good legroom. The nice crew, the punctual departure and a truly beautiful view of the Swiss alps made this flight a very nice one.

2/24/2018 Christopher Rainbow

✅ Trip Verified | London City to Dublin. The website is easy to use. Check-in and boarding were well organised. Staff neatly dressed and and welcoming. A drink is included in the cost of the ticket as well as a small snack. Departed on time and arrived on time too. A very pleasant short flight.

10/1/2017 R Heales

✅ Verified Review | We were booked on Cityjet flights from Birmingham to Innsbruck as part of an Inghams charter. I have to say we were apprehensive, never having heard of the airline before, but that soon disappeared once we were actually on the flight. The aircraft was spacious, in that the seating wasn’t cramped as on many flights we have taken and more importantly, the crew were exceptional! The addition of drinks and snacks was an added bonus – please note this BA. In fact we even left Innsbruck 30 minutes early! As far a low cost carriers go, I feel this has a massive future ahead of it. We could not have had a more pleasant flight – both ways. The crew were polite, attentive and very pleasant, in sharp contrast to Ryanair. We have vowed never to fly with them again, even before this latest debacle over cancelled flights.

6/24/2017 C Broughton

✅ Verified Review | Dublin to London City. The lady who checked me in at Dublin was lovely. I saw her help an elderly gentleman and she did so with kindness and professionalism. Boarding was efficient and the interior of the aircraft was clean and the crew were polite and worked hard. Arrival was on time and baggage delivered promptly. I have no complaints and will gladly use again!

6/15/2017 E Nallieden

✅ Verified Review | Amsterdam to London City. Flown with CityJet 3 times in the last month, either as KL or AF branded via wet lease. Every flight has been delayed by at least 30 minutes, all with different weak sounding excuses. My last flight was a joke, first they could not open the door, which delayed the plane by 30 minutes, then it was circling for 30 minutes because of ground complications and when we landed we could not get off the plane because another plane was parked beside it. Their old Avro RJ85 show their age as well and are very noisy compared to newer planes. I recommend flying with KLM or AF instead. Even if it is to Heathrow instead of city. The time won by quicker city access is lost by constant delays. On board a similar meal to AF or KL meal is served, crew is generally kind but seem to be helpless when it comes to delays.

3/23/2017 H Nyman

✅ Verified Review | Flew CityJet from Dublin to Paris. Boarding was very confusing since both doors of the plane were used, but I could not see any information about which rows should use which door. Apparently no one else saw it either since lots of people tried to pass each other inside. Once seated everything went smoothly, and we arrived on time. A sandwich was served, but no alternative for us who do not eat gluten. Coffee was not too bad. Legroom was almost better than on the connecting Air France Airbus. Staff were polite and smiling. Since this was not a long flight I found it perfectly ok, even though the confusion at boarding should be easy to avoid.

2/27/2017 Jasper Schaap

✅ Verified Review | London City to Amsterdam. My KLM flight from LCY to Ams was cancelled due to a heavy storm at Amsterdam and I was rebooked to a partner flight operated by Cityjet. Obviously this flight was impacted by the storm as well and we faced heavy delays (5,5 hours), nothing Cityjet could help given Schiphol was facing serious ATC restrictions. What Cityjet could help was the extremely poor communications. On the airport they kept moving the expected departure time by 30 minutes every 30 minutes. Although Schiphol already reporting a 2 hr delay. When I approached Cityjet through twitter, they did confirm the later departure time, but still nothing at the airport. At 6:15pm they finally announced a gate, with a departure time at 6pm. Everybody rushed to the gate, but nothing happened. When I asked the gate they said they expected boarding around 6:45. Again I asked why it didnt show on the information displays. Ground staff said they could not change that. At 6:45 we boarded and the pilot announced that we did not have a slot time confirmed, but that the company was working on an as early as possible time. At that point Schiphol was already showing an expected arrival of 11:40PM. Eventually we left around 9:45 and indeed landed 11:40pm. Again, in circumstances like this you cannot blame Cityjet for the delays. You can expect decent and honest communications. Cabin staff was great providing frequent drinks during the wait. Seat comfort is extremely poor given the 3x3 layout. Having to wait 3 hrs in a full plane didnt help either of course. At arrival we have to wait another 15 minutes at the gate, before ground staff was able to connect the Jetbridge. At 0:10 we finally could leave the plane.

2/26/2017 Philippe Larche

✅ Verified Review | London City to Bordeaux via Paris. This is the second time I was flying with them, and the second time I experienced the same problem. When I registered, I was told my plane would be 45 mins late. Then, we had successive messages "next info in 30mins", and it ended up with a cancellation of our flight 2 hours after we were supposed to take off. In-between, it was just imposible to get any info from anybody. And we later learnt that our plane had a technical problem and they tried to fix it up. And all this happened in the airport of London City, that was fully packed because all flights were delayed! Awful wi-fi connection and no seat available. Sadly for me, I was the last one to queue in the line for changing my flight and accomodation. There were 2 staff to reallocate 100 passengers : as a result, it took 2 hours before I was offered a flight on the next day! I had to find the flight by myself because they only wanted to offer a flight from the same airport with a via, when there was a direct flight from Gatwick.

2/4/2017 V Dalema

✅ Verified Review | Florence to London City. Very unpleasant experience my first and only time flying with Cityjet. The flight was delayed due to weather which ok it happens! Then it was diverted but arrangements were made and eventually we made it to City airport. The most unpleasant of the flight was the lost luggage and the poor service afterwards. Nothing was told to me appart from the numerous times I contacted the company and they said they didn't know what happened. After one month I have no luggage and no response from the company! That's not the way to treat customers and I felt very upset. This was not a low cost flight and the quality of the service was far below any low cost I ever did.

11/8/2016 Ferry Wolff

✅ Verified Review | I flew CityJet from Amsterdam Schiphol to London City. The flight was fully booked and the ground crew suggested at the gate to have our carry on luggages loaded into the baggage compartments because the overhead bin wouldn't be able to accommodate all luggages of the passengers. Very well solved by the crew. The flight was pretty much an uneventful, meaning no delay and smooth. The flight attendants were professional, distributed the refreshments and snacks within the short flight time and did the clean up afterwards (45 minutes of air time). Leg room is more than decent and very comfortable seats. This aircraft is still equipped with the old style seats, almost like a sofa, very soft and comfortable.

10/16/2016 Liam Gavin

Dublin to Paris CDG. Business Class on Cityjet RJ85 the middle seat is left empty. In fact there were only a few business passengers on the flight, so each passenger had an entire row of seats. The RJ85 is renowned for being very quiet, and the flight was most comfortable. Within the limitations of operating Business Class simply by putting a curtain up to separate from Economy, the service was fine. FA's (all Irish) were all friendly and relaxed. A light breakfast was served, and coffee was topped up as required. I booked Business Class only because I was connecting to a long haul flight, and there was no option to book "C" for long haul and "Y" for the short connection. Otherwise, it would hardly have been worth the extra money simply to get breakfast and to ensure I had no-one in the seat next to me. But the service was good, the breakfast was basic but fine, and I have no complaints.

7/21/2016 J A Bord

✅ Verified Review | CityJet flight from London to Paris initially planned to take off at 6.10pm, delayed until 6.55. Passengers called for boarding, waiting in 30 degree heat for 30 minutes in a small room, until an announcement that the flight was further delayed by 1.5 hours. Compensation of £5 for refreshment. Another boarding at 9.00pm. 1h later, flight is cancelled. I don't know where I will sleep tonight, when I will be back to work.