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4/10/2019 K Tan

✅ Trip Verified | Seoul to Jeju. Firstly, the flight delay more than half an hour. Secondly, very bad experience of turbulence. The airline should announced the weather condition.

11/2/2018 S Kan

✅ Trip Verified | Very disgusted by the unprofessional customer service from this airline. We bought round trip tickets from this airline for Incheon to Ibaraki. We chose this airline because we could use the airport in Ibaraki and not many flights offer this. When we were coming back home from Seoul to check in to our flight, we were told at that time the flight has been cancelled due to "maintenance". No one from the airline reached out to any of the passengers before the flight was supposed to take off. Other travelers were also stranded like us. Other travelers who could not speak Korean were left in the dark, as the staff only communicated in Korean to Korean-speaking passengers as to what had happened. There was no apology and no explanation from the staff. They offered to refund our tickets or fly to a different airport in Japan, hours away from the airport we had selected and flew out of. They showed an attitude of "take it or leave it" with no care for their customers. At the time of our check-in, there were only 4 passengers including us who were flying to that specfic airport in Japan. Obviously, it was not practical or cost-efficient for them to have this flight go ahead. But why sell this airport option if you don't plan on flying there and changing routes the day of depending on how many people show up for that flight? I feel like there was a bit of scam going on as I definitely wouldn't have chose this airline if I'm going to a major airport like Narita since many airlines fly there. In order to go home, we had to take another flight to a different airport in Japan. They refused to compensate us for any travel expenses incurred due to the change in airports. Very horrible service.

8/19/2018 Xin Tang

✅ Trip Verified | I am very upset with Eastar Jet service. My wife and I took the flight from Jeju to Seoul (Gimpo airport) ZE206 on August 18th 2018. After I landing at Gimpo airport, we found the my suitcase was broken - one of wheels of my suitcase was broken (but the broken wheel still on the suitcase). We didn't report to the Easter Jet staff immediately because of short transfer time. We carried the broken the suitcase from Gimpo airport to Incheon airport and tried to report this kind of problem to check-in counter staff. One of counter staff gave me a phone number 1544-0800 and asked me to call this number, I didn't call because I didn't have Korea SIM card. Later on, the staff ask me to sign one document called "limited release", I signed it because I wanted it shipped to my destination (Ibaraki, Japan). After I landed at Ibaraki, I found that only three wheels remained on my suitcase, the broken one went off. I felt upset and reported the check-in staff at Ibaraki airport. Eastar Jetsaid that because I signed that "limited release" document, So they are free of responsibility for it. He said we didn't have any responsibility for it because that you signed the limited release. There is no apologies at all during the whole complaining process.

10/25/2017 J Mallin

✅ Verified Review | Incheon to Fukuoka. Never going to fly with this airline again due to its incompetent staff members. I arrived at the airport this morning to take the flight from Incheon. First the self check in didn’t work, so I had to stand in their long line which took about 40 minutes. I was already late and was scared to miss my flight. I told a lady that my flight was very soon but she pretty much ignored me and told me to stay in line, so I didn’t get any further in line. I had to wait. Once I finally made it to the counter, the woman was unable to speak any English. She didn’t even try to. She was keep talking to me in Korean even though I told her my Korean is very limited. Then she refused to give me my ticket because somehow she thought that I’ve overstayed my visa in Korea. It clearly says that I have to leave Korea by October 29th but she kept insisting it said 23rd. Again all in Korean which I didn’t understand so I had to let my husband who is fluent in Korean talk to her. I finally got mad and told her it says 29th and apparently she finally issued me my ticket. Without any apology. Staff members were surround her but didn’t bother to help either or speak English to me. To make such a big mistake knowing my flight was going soon, keeping me there 20 minutes, not being able to communicate in English and no apology.

7/13/2017 M Han

✅ Verified Review | Taipei to Incheon. I wanted to change my return flight a month before the flight, I couldn't find any contact number on their site. I contacted the ticket agency I used to see if they could change my flight, but they couldn't. So I had to buy another ticket. My flight to Incheon, we were sitting on the tarmac for 2 hours after we were suppose to depart. At Seoul Incheon I arrived just 75 mins before my departure and there was a huge line, so I was waiting in line for 30 mins. I finally went to the customer service counter, and they said I missed my flight and offered no help. Then a week later I receive a poorly written email in english to contact them with a phone number to receive a refund. Multiple phone calls, I would either get hung up on or told to call the same number that they gave me in the email, to talk to someone in english.

10/17/2016 Huong-Giang Dang

✅ Verified Review | We chose Eastar Jet because of its reasonable price for the round trip from Seoul Gimpo to Jeju. First, we made booking for 6 pax, name of one of us is lack one word so we submitted to correct. Immediately, I received a call from Seoul to let me know how to change and remind me via email. On the day of flight, there's a storm in Jeju so we hardly to landed. We were afraid that we have to flight back to Seoul, luckily we landed safe after few trial times. On the return way 2 days later, at the airport we were informed that the flight was cancelled due to the storm. But Eastar Jet told us that they would find another airline for us then we had tickets of Jin Air then boarding without any problem. We were satisfied of services and staff of Eastar Jet from booking until last minute. Thanks Eastar Jet for making our trip more memorable and happy.

6/7/2016 Robert Wood

✅ Verified Review | A good experience overall with Eastar Jet flying from Jeju to Gimpo. The flight was cheap and easy to book on the airline's website. I was sent an email a couple of days before flying. Pity it was only in Korean. I assumed it to be a routine one that airlines commonly send and assume I was correct as there were no repercussions. Baggage is a stingy 15kg (why?), and mine was 16.6. I was charged for one extra kilo, which seems like taking rules to extremes. Everything else was satisfactory. Check-in was quick, the flight was more or less on time and reasonably comfortable and baggage reclaim quick.

5/4/2016 T Song

✅ Verified Review | Horrible experience from Tokyo to Seoul with Eastar Jet. Mechanical problem with the airplane an hour before takeoff. Instead of booking the passengers on other connecting flights, the airline staff suggested we cancel our tickets and self-book on to other flights. Finally, after 2 hours of this ridiculousness, when it became clear that the flight would be delayed by 10 hours, they finally began transferring us to another flight but only if we asked for it. Lots of irate customers, who asked why this information wasn't proactively offered. Then, when we were theoretically booked on another flight, all we were given were reassurances that we had a ticket, that Jeju Air would take care of us - no paper or receipt to confirm. Had to leave customs, go to a different terminal, and sweat until Jeju's counter opened. Surprise surprise, lots of people's names left off. Mine was mispelled, almost leading me to get left off the plane. No contact information provided by Eastar, so having to fight with Jeju over Eastar's typo. No accountability, no responsibility, no service. You don't even get what little you pay for.

3/26/2016 Gregory Martinez

✅ Verified Review | Seoul Incheon to Tokyo Narita with Easter Jet. This was a low cost airline but everything was fine. Check in took five minutes. I paid extra for a bulkhead seat and it was worth it. The seats were quite narrow but bearable for a two hour flight. There was just a small drinks run and no food available but, as it was only a two hour flight, it was acceptable.

3/2/2016 Igor Chernyak

You get what you pay for with Eastar Jet. Both flights from Cheongju to Jeju were on time. Check in really fast and efficient. Aircraft is not new but well maintained. Leg room is fine and the seats were really comfortable. Flight attendants were smiling and water was served right after take off. For such a short flight it was the best option for price. Never regretted that chose this airline. Will fly them again.

12/20/2015 B South

Chose Eastar Jet as they were (by far) the cheapest on the route. With travel from central Seoul to ICN, the flight itself, and then travel from NRT to central Tokyo, time really shouldn't be your biggest concern. On both legs, the staff were lovely and spoke decent English. The legroom was nothing to write home about, but I'm tall and for a LCC I wasn't surprised. I enjoyed a free glass of water, which isn't even slightly how it's done with easyJet or Ryanair. I also bought some cup ramen on my way to Tokyo and as a pretty obvious foreigner, they offered me a fork instead of chopsticks. Although easy to be offended by this, I think it was thoughtful. You also get a free piece of hold luggage, and although I didn't need to use it, I see this as one of many other small reasons to choose this airline if you need to be a bit price conscious.

11/20/2014 J Halley

Trip to Seoul. Price is unbeatable and cheapest option. Flights early and free juice and water offered which is unusual for LCC. Outbound aircraft was B737-700. Emergency row at the entry door has masses of leg room. Interior looked tired and forward toilet door was faulty. If there is a downside to choosing Eastar it is that they operate out of the satellite terminal. Other than that I wouldn't fly anyone else unless they can offer better price combined with decent flight times. Low markings for food and IFE reflect that neither were consumed or available.

3/31/2014 J Halley

A relative newcomer on the HKG-ICN route operating B737-800 aircraft. We chose this carrier as it was the cheapest after Air India but with better flight times. Check in although at terminal 2 in HKG was fairly quick and effortless. Flight was on time and we were moved to emergency row as FA thought that it would be more comfortable there. Like all low cost carriers food and drink is sold but water/orange juice was free as was a large cup of instant noodles. Airline uses satellite terminals at both airports. At ICN checkin is fone by flight destination as there were several early morning departures. Overall great value for money and for my next trip to Seoul I'm flying with them again.

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