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12/22/2017 Darren Fielden

✅ Trip Verified | Aberdeen to Humberside via Durham Tees. Once again I have been let down by this Mickey Mouse airline. They are the biggest burglars charging 1st class rate for what I wouldn't even call a second class service. An example £480.00 return from Humberside to Aberdeen you can fly New York at that rate. Been delayed over 2hrs this week 2hrs last week due to "technical issues" real reason is they are cramming all on the last flight due to lack of demand. Bring on Logan Air, give them a run for their money and get them closed down.

7/22/2017 David Podger

✅ Verified Review | Southampton to Leeds. Eastern Airways bumped me off my flight to Leeds and I missed my son’s graduation as a result. For professional reasons, the only travel option available to me was an 08.35 flight from Southampton to Leeds which would just get me there in time, and a 14.00 return flight the same day. I booked the flight in good faith several weeks in advance to ensure I had a seat. At the Gate I was denied boarding as the plane “was overweight” and 2 passengers would have to be left behind. Despite remonstrating forcefully and explaining why it was so important to get to Leeds on that flight, Eastern Airways could not be moved. Eventually, the airport staff (whose behaviour was at all times sympathetic and polite) asked the other passengers who were waiting on the transit bus for a volunteer to give up their place, explaining the circumstances. Unfortunately, no one took pity on my plight and I was denied a place on the plane. I was left distraught and upset having missed an unrepeatable family event. No compensation was offered by the airline, and there has been no attempt to contact me to offer either an explanation or apology. Yet another instance of the airlines overbooking flights, but this time with a human cost.

4/27/2017 P Trevor

✅ Verified Review | Booked a return from Leeds to Aberdeen at considerable cost. The outward leg was delayed as flight crew could not be found and operational issues being quoted yet again by the helpful ground crew. On my return again advised that Leeds Flight is cancelled and now flying to Humberside due to operational reasons. Humberside flight delayed by 2 hours. Taxi offered from Humberside to Leeds as is the norm with Eastern. Once again flights cancelled to save fuel costs and everybody stuffed into one aircraft then bussed like cattle to Leeds. Never using this airline again and now decided to drive and use a hotel. This airline is shockingly disappointing in the manner it cancels it late night flight to double up and save cost. Why offer the route if tou have no intention of honouring it.

2/18/2017 F Thomson

✅ Verified Review | Flew Eastern Airways from Newcastle to Aberdeen. I was most impressed by the service on this flight - a complimentary drink & snack was a very nice gesture. The flight was very smooth even though there was bad weather in Aberdeen! The air stewardess was very polite & professional & could not do enough for her customers. I would recommend this airline and use it again if the need arose.

11/29/2016 P Trevor

✅ Verified Review | Aberdeen to Leeds. Once again a flight cancellation of the evening flight due operational reasons. Only 3 passengers on flight so cancelled and flown to Newcastle and taxi to Leeds. A new operator on this route is desperately needed to get rid of the cowboy style of Eastern and their total disregard for their customers. I fly this route every month and without fail there is a delay or cancellation on this route. While the ground crew are getting peppered with questions and the frustration of passengers obvious they try to maintain the calm while the top management laugh at the savings in fuel costs and boosting profits. Shame on you for such a poor service, if there was a hot air balloon service to Leeds I would take it rather than fly with this sub standard airline.1

9/20/2016 W Baxter

Flew Wick to Aberdeen with Eastern Airways. This service is now virtually useless and constantly late. Today almost 3 hours late and we're still not off the ground yet. 6 colleagues waiting for me to arrive in Aberdeen and another load of passengers stranded in Wick having missed business and holiday connections.

7/15/2016 S Brown

✅ Verified Review | Prices going up, service worse than ever. Now £450+ Aberdeen to Humberside, noisy, slow old planes and constant "operational delays". We could cope with the 1990s aircraft when they were on time but this airline is now a joke. Nearly half of my flights to various destinations have been delayed this year, two over 3 hours. Bumping up prices paid for by the energy sector won't keep them going forever. They were handy but expensive, sadly now best avoided.

3/17/2016 Ian Mills

Generally, I'm full of praise for this airline but a number of tech faults on the Saab 2000's recently (including right now as I'm stranded at Leeds Bradford) has slightly shaken my belief in this company. Poor communications, apparently reducing reliability, lack of punctuality, no staff available at LBA, etc etc, what should be a fast twice-weekly commute has become very hit and miss. Most distressing was calling Eastern two weeks ago, knowing that LBA was closed due to snow only to be told that their flight was departing on time! Not clever. I didn't even bother to go to the airport, preferring instead a 5hr drive. They've got to try harder to keep business customers like me, on planes that are generally lightly loaded we are the only ones providing regular revenue. Feeling unloved currently.

1/23/2016 C Hickey

Southampton to Leeds Bradford with Eastern Airways, and found the flight pleasant. Boarding quick and cabin crew seemed friendly enough. The flight was a little pricey, but then all internal flights are. Aircraft (Saab 2000) was in good shape, but you could tell it's age judging by the decor of the cabin, but seats were quite comfortable. Was a bit annoying as on the return flight, my seat reclined when I leaned back without me pressing the button. Overall a good flight and would happily recommend to anyone.

1/22/2016 G Thomas

Humberside to Aberdeen with Eastern Airways, and the first time I have flown from Humberside and it will be the last. Arrived at the airport two hours before departure to check in for my flight only to find that Eastern Airways had no staff available on the check in or on the customer service desk. Contacted them by phone and was told that no one would be available until an hour before flight departure. Great customer service.

12/15/2015 Colin Hardy

First time I have used Eastern Airways so wasn't quite sure what to expect however I was very pleasantly surprised at the experience. The price was £98 return Leeds/Bradford to Southampton. This is about £40 more than the cost of driving. It would also take 10 hrs in total driving (especially through roadworks on the M1). The flights were both on time and took less than the scheduled 65 mins. Check in staff very efficient, including fast-track through security (nice touch). Price also included a 15kg suitcase. Complimentary mints handed out at take off and landing, also offered complimentary drinks and crisps during flight. When was that last offered on a domestic flight on budget airlines? The plane as an older turboprop plane but clean and comfortable with lots of legroom. I will certainly use again and thanks to all the staff for restoring my faith in air travel as we all know how tedious it can get. I actually felt I mattered as a customer for once. Well done guys.

11/25/2015 C Noble

I have to fly with Eastern Airways when traveling to and from work so I fly with them at least twice a month from Scatsta to Aberdeen. I have never known a flight to either land or depart on time, they always have delays on this route and its very time consuming. The planes we use are very cramped and noisy. If i didnt have to fly with this company for work I would not bother to fly with them again.

11/10/2015 James Friel

I have been using Eastern Airways for about a year now, traveling between Humberside and Aberdeen for Business. I started to notice that when I booked some flights it would say only 4 seats left and I would have to pay the middle tier over £200 one way! It was always the case I got on the flight to find that there would be about 11 people on there and plenty of empty seats, what extra did I get for the higher price - nothing, same seat as the £165 one, nothing different. After spending a lot of money with this airline, I now travel on train to another airport and I can get 2 flights, 2 trains for less then the lowest fare available with Eastern Airways, even flying across the sea I can get cheaper then a domestic flight. Trouble is some people are stuck and have to use the local airport, but if the prices do not start to come down, they will end up pushing everyone to other airports and little airports like Humberside will end up closing. It's just greed, if other airlines can fly at £60 a seat for a domestic flight, then why cant they? I will not be using again.

10/15/2015 C Rogers

Flew Newcastle to Birmingham with Eastern Airways for the first time today, and found the flight comfortable and flight attendant polite, courteous and professional. The plane was loud but that's to be expected for a small plane. I would definitely recommend and fly again with them.

7/25/2015 Christopher Pell

I have used Eastern Airways for a number of years as my commute to work in the offshore industry. They have always been expensive and have the monopoly on this route. I note when another carrier recently went into completion with them for the Aberdeen route from Leeds Bradford their prices dropped dramatically. I used to book the zonal route pass which bought 6 return flights with full flexibility for around £1700. For my last 6 return flights I booked the 13.10 to DTV. Eastern Airways after accepting my booking and payment cancelled 4 of them on the return portion for operational reasons which were half term holidays and such like. I had to take a later flight which got me to my destination later than had I used the train at a significantly lower cost. The last two flights from DTV to Aberdeen were late and cancelled also. Technical problems sometimes occur and have to be accepted but it seems much more common lately. This airline is unreliable and accepts bookings offering flexibility and then removes the flexibility. I note another offshore workers review states that nobody within the industry has a good word for them and I agree with his statement. A budget airline experience at premium prices. I am now travelling by train

6/19/2015 M Craggs

Surprisingly good. First time with Eastern. Good check-in at NWI airport, quite efficient and speedy (except for the Norwich airport surprise tax) Boarding on time, nice friendly greeting on board. Good seating (1x2) - I chose the single seat. Good legroom, surprising good all round seat, quite impressive for a small airline. Inflight good, nice coffee and biscuits. A sandwich would have been nice but it was only a short flight. Cabin crew good and attentive. Good communications from cockpit and cabin crew. On time departure and early arrival. Nice to see a crew route around bumpy weather. Good all round experience.

6/4/2015 Richard Brown

Due to a family bereavement I had the need to make a day round trip from Leeds to Southampton. Two options were available to me train or fly down. Despite not having flown for 25 years I chose the fly option based on cost and obviously journey time. What an excellent choice I made: I booked with Eastern Airways and had an extremely pleasant trip. Check in was efficient the flight crew were attentive offering light refreshments and warm towels on both legs and both flights were on time despite some very inclement weather on the approach to Leeds/Bradford. The aircraft was a Jetstream and although quite small I found it to be clean comfortable and surprisingly quiet for a turbo-prop. I have no hesitation in recommending Eastern and would use them again. The experience restored my confidence in flying!

4/12/2015 Paul Donnelly

Tuesday 7th Aberdeen-Newcastle. Service is terrible. I fly Aberdeen to Newcastle and know many who travel the same route through working in the offshore industry nobody has a good word to say. Prices are a fortune and customer service doesn't exist. I believe Aberdeen got voted the worst city in 2014 and when you deal with the staff at Eastern in the airport you can see why. Lazy and no sense of helping a paying customer a £211 one way flight paying customer. Sorry to tar all of the staff with the same brush as I'm sure there are good ones in there i just haven't met them in the last 9 years of using Eastern. I thought Bristows would improve things but nearly a year past and still the same dire service. Needs must though i'm afraid so until the day comes when Flybe or someone takes over then I'm stuck with Eastern.

12/18/2014 N Bond

Just flew in this evening from Aberdeen to Southampton via a short (25 minute) stop-over at Leeds-Bradford. Very short queue for check-in was followed by fast-track through security and then a very pleasant 45 minute wait in the Eastern Airways lounge before boarding. Aircraft was a comfortable clean fast and relatively quiet Embraer ERJ135. Very pleasant and hardworking stewardess went out of her way to ensure passengers were safe and comfortable. Complimentary drink and snack on both (short) legs and warm flannel were most unexpected and in stark contrast to other economy airlines. Flybe's service on this route is very much the poor relation.

11/12/2014 Nick Elton

Flew from Newcastle to Cardiff on the 6th November 2014. Arrived at the airport in good time to be told that the 0.640 flight to Cardiff was being combined with the 07.40 flight to Birmingham. This was due to that only 7 people were due to fly on the Cardiff flight and it wasn't economically viable to run the flight. Got bounced to the 07.40 flight to Birmingham which eventually arrived in Cardiff just under 2 hours late. Poor show planes are shabby seats are hard and the cost is astronomical. If your final destination is not near Cardiff consider alternative options. My journeys end was in Bath and it took just as long what with getting the bus from the airport to the railway station and then the train journey than by either train all the way or by driving. Will not be using Eastern again.