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6/14/2019 N Sadler

✅ Trip Verified | We flew from Bristol to Antalya and back and would thoroughly recommend travelling with Freebird Airlines. The flights were on time, very comfortable seats, we paid for extra legroom and there was more than enough room. The flight wasn't full so passengers were able to spread out which was nice. The hostesses were very pleasant, drinks were rather expensive but no dearer than other airlines, and the duty free on the way back was far cheaper than in the airport.

12/22/2018 T Smit

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Antalya. Perfect flight for a reasonable price. Amazing punctuality, really soft touchdown on a stormy day. This was my first time flying with Freebird Airlines. When I first checked the tickets and saw this flight, I felt so lucky to find a direct flight to my hometown. Right after I bought the tickets I wanted to look for the customer reviews since I haven't heard about this airline before. I was so shocked and couldn't believe how in the world an airline can get this bad comments. The flight day, I arrived to Schiphol expecting bad service and many problems but it didn't happen. Everything went perfectly well. Pushback started exactly on time at 12.00 and touched down to Antalya at 17.30 as it's said on the ticket. Not even one minute late. It was one of my most comfortable flights. Thank you so much.

9/6/2018 Shirley Jenkins, Airbus A320 seat 28B

This is NOT the plane we would have expected booking through TUI. Very upset that although we had 2 special assistance booked we had no help before boarding, even when requested! The family was completely split up with the 2 SA's people given seats in row 28! We did explain this when the seats were allocated at check in and was told to "take it up with your agent" The others were in rows 12 and 1. Disgusting! Generally the plane is dated. There was no food or drink choice brochures in the seat back and didn't know you could request one. No hot food on board and rolls were dry. Seat was ok, average leg room for economy. 3 items we asked for from duty free were not available, so didn't buy anything. Cabin crew were efficient, although the curtain was drawn for far too long therefore blocking the front toilet. In a nutshell: Disappointing, upsetting flight which seemed a lot longer than it should have been as no family members nearby to talk to. Disappointed with the level of help for special assistance I.e None. Check in staff were offhand. Standard of food and duty free was bad. If I was booking directly I would know what to expect but booking through TUI I expect better!

8/29/2018 S Fenton

✅ Trip Verified | Doncaster to Antalya. Great flight - both ways. Having read previous reviews I feared the worst when told that our family would be flying with Freebird - we travel a lot and I had never heard of them before. As often happens, reviews that are extremely negative turn out to be just that. We found Freebird to be on a par with most other European flights we make. From checking in to landing all went well and on time. Criticising economy airline food is a waste of time, it is what it is and Freebird do a good enough job. They do announce what food is on offer rather than hand out ‘menus ‘, which I guess you could complain about but it didn’t stop my grandkids from eating heartily (the chicken soup comes highly recommend). And yes the crew were very friendly, but then we are friendly family and that always helps.

8/8/2018 B Richards

✅ Trip Verified | Brussels to Bodrum. Very expensive tickets as it is a monopoly. Chose the deluxe option and the only good things was that my bags arrived quickly before the others. The champagne as part of this option was disgusting and warm. The breakfast was inedible, just a slab of cream cheese wrapped in a rubber omlette. The seats uncomfortable, plane old and staff unhelpful. Would never fly with Freebird Airlines again.

5/28/2018 Graham Offord

❌ Not Verified | Gatwick to Erçan via Antalya. Check in at Gatwick and Erçan was extremely slow. Most of the group were senior citizens and standing for nearly an hour with no seating or liquid refreshment available was most unpleasant. We had to disembark at Antalya on the return journey and were prevented from entering the terminal for over an hour. 9 hours later we were able to continue the journey, arriving 7 hours 30 minutes late.

9/15/2017 Phillip Jackson

✅ Verified Review | Dalaman to Bournemouth. Having been told of a 3 hour delay as soon as we got to the airport, the most expensive airport in the world I spent £40 just on a few basic drinks and food. Then wen we got told to board we had to wait another 30 minutes as of a delay in the sweltering heat. Worst airline I have ever travelled with.

7/15/2017 E Green

✅ Verified Review | Dalaman to Bournemouth. One of the most comfortable flights in economy for a long time, the staff were courteous, they all spoke English well. The plane looked new, on time and a comfortable flight. We live in Bournemouth approx 15 mins from the airport so to find 2 one way flights home instead of the jaunt to Gatwick was great, it saved us hours. It is a pity there is not a scheduled flight from Bournemouth to Dalaman, the Thomson service is really a charter service, if you don't take their accommodation and are wanting flight only for longer than 2 weeks in duration it costs a fortune. Gatwick or Bristol is a lot cheaper, but a pain. It's a pity EasyJet or Ryanair don't fly from Bournemouth, they could charge a premium as it saves the stress and strain from going to Gatwick, Bournemouth Airport has a catchment of millions within an hours drive.

6/19/2017 steve, Airbus A320 seat 3C

despite some reviews pertaining to the A320 we do not have ny negative comments. everything was all right. food/drink, entertainment and service are not applicable, but i mark the with 3 stars

5/22/2017 scott cordon, Airbus A320 seat 20D

I can concur with some reviews of Freebird flights I have read. Hot, stuffy, poor leg room, basic, no entertainment. The seat I had was cramped so much I was in discomfort from pretty much take off. Horrendous really when you book a Firstchoice package holiday, you dont expect a budget airline....or less than. LUCKILY.....the return flight Freebird plane was replaced by a Sun Express plane.SO MUCH BETTER, loads more legroom, light modern and airy cabin, just the right ambient temperature. Seat pitch and recline also very good.

4/25/2017 Val Halewood

✅ Verified Review | Manchester to Ercan return via Antalya. The flight out was ok. But the flight coming home was atrocious. I am 5/9 tall, there is not enough leg room the person in front had my knees in his back all the way home. You couldn't even put your legs slightly to the side. The staff were not at all organised and there English wasn't very good so you couldn't understand them on their speaker system. We had to disembark at two airports and go through security before reaching our destination. The information on where to go and what to do were appalling.

1/31/2017 Gerard Kenyon

✅ Verified Review | Manchester to Ercan return via Antalya. Flight was delayed at Manchester on take off. No explanation given. Given menu of meals and sandwiches but only soup and pot noodles available - none of the meals or sandwiches were actually available on outward flight. On return we landed at Birmingham before flying to Manchester, the cabin crew seemed unaware of what was happening. They asked for second second stairway which did not come. We were asked to take our hand luggage out of the overhead lockers. Then told to return them. We were then told to remove them and disembark. The airport staff did not appear to know what was happening. Then told we could not take duty free back onto plane. Some passengers had discarded their boarding passes and told they would not be able to re board the aircraft. We asked for a wheelchair for an elderly frail man and were told to go to another terminal to get it, but last call was being made. No Freebird Airlines representative available to advise us at Birmingham. It should be made clear that passengers will be disembarked in Birmingham and that although the same aircraft will be used, passengers will need to go through security again and need to retain boarding passes.

4/3/2016 Andrew Hughes

First time with Freebird Airlines flying from Birmingham to Antalya via Ercan. The flight was on time, seats comfortable and legroom OK. The quality of the air conditioning on the flight was awful. It was extremely hot and dry, felt like lips and nose were drying out. I'm usually cold on aeroplanes, but this was uncomfortably hot. I'm sure it wasn't a coincidence that several people in our coach party came down with awful colds a few days later.

1/2/2016 Janet MacKenzie

Glasgow to Antalya. First time flying with Freebird Airlines and was a little apprehensive as I had never heard of them before. However, my husband and I were very impressed with the outbound and return flights and the courtesy extended by the Crew. The aircraft offers better leg room than Thomas Cook and the baggage allowance is also much better. I would not hesitate in flying with Freebird again in the future.

12/17/2015 H Morris

We were pleasantly surprised with our flight from Gatwick to Istanbul with Freebird Airlines. The aircrafts were very clean with sufficient leg room. The cabin crew were smart and friendly and most importantly both flights were on time to and from Turkey. Food was available for a price if wanted. Certainly would travel Freebird again.

12/3/2015 Chris Brook

Antalya to Stansted via Birmingham, and I was pleasantly surprised with Freebird Airlines. There was enough legroom between the seats, the cabin staff were pleasant and the sandwich was passable. Transfer at Birmingham was troublesome though as airport security staff were confiscating spirits because their receipts were not in the same sealed bags as the bottles. Something to watch out for.

11/26/2015 G Williams

Antalya to Gatwick via Birmingham. The flight from Antalya to Birmingham was fine. However on landing at Birmingham we were told by the cabin crew that we had to disembark because it was the first airport we landed in EU, and this was added security measures. It took one hour to walk all round the airport at Birmingham we had to go through customs control and airport security. One official tried to take my medication away from me, he took duty free goods off other passengers. We had to take all our hand luggage with us including our duty free. We were only allowed 100ml of liquid back on the plane although we had traveled from Antalya in Turkey with the duty free. Most of the passengers were very unhappy. It turned out that the airline wanted us off the plane so that they could clean it for its return journey to Antalya. I will never travel with Freebird again. It really did spoil our holiday. On reboarding the aircraft we had no allocated seat, out seats had been given to people travelling to Antalya from Birmingham so we had to sit in any available seat. I am disgusted by their treatment of their passengers.

11/17/2015 Peter Grimshaw

Birmingham to Antalya via Ercan. All three of our flights with Freebird Airlines were on time, the A320-200 aircraft were clean and seemingly well maintained. Whilst not particularly "smiley" the cabin crew were efficient and helpful and the Captain kept one informed. Although the selection was limited, the food and drinks available on board were good and reasonably priced for a captive audience situation. Seat pitch was close, but no more so than one would expect on a budget airline, and adequate for a 4-5 hour flight for someone of average height. Leg room in Rows 12 and 13 with access to the overwing emergency exits was generous, and this was one of the few airlines that adequately explains the duties of passengers seated in such seats in the event of an emergency. Overall a good budget airline that I would be happy to fly with again.

11/16/2015 Steve, Airbus A320 seat 21A

2nd Nov 2015.This flight consists of 2 legs.1st is Gatwick to Antalya,2nd Antalya to Ercan.for various reasons both legs were delayed by several hours,but poor communication just left us at both airports waiting for any news.Not really acceptable.The seats were comfortable enough for short haul,but need a little extra leg room.recline would have been nice,but due to close proximity of seats any attempt to recline was met with protests from the passenger behind.Apearance and demeanour of staff was good and service was attentive and efficient.No in flight entertainment or information.Apart from seat spacing and poor time keeping this was a fairly pleasant flight.

11/16/2015 Hilde Kristin Gruer

Haugesund to Antalya with Freebird Airlines. The seats were so tight, and you could not move the seat back. Had to sit like this for 4,5 hours. Cheap airline with way too many seats. I will not travel with Freebird Airlines again!