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6/23/2019 Matthew Stevens

Not Verified | Gatwick to Tbilisi. Hilariously poor and incompetent airline. Even though we were the only flight leaving Gatwick past 11pm, somehow they managed to delay the flight by 1 hour due to a busy airport. Which was obviously just an excuse as we saw that the pilots and staff hadn’t made their way onboard until 5 mins after the flight was scheduled to leave. Even though it was a flight from London to Georgia, the staff didn’t speak English beyond conversational. During the delay, we had no communication or offer of anything To keep us warm in the aircraft that had the air con on at midnight. During the flight the staff seemed completely uncaring and incompetent of the people on board. Even though it is cheap, don’t take this airline.

4/29/2019 Alex Johnson

✅ Trip Verified | Check in was late opening and the agent was very unfriendly. However there was no queue. Tbilisi Airport is very easy and quick to navigate through, and Georgian Airways use a third-party lounge (Prime Class) which you see as soon as you get through passport control. The lounge is fantastic. Boarding was very quick, but no priority boarding was offered. The aircraft was changed from an E190 to a CRJ200, which was quite old and rather uncomfortable. The business class seats were European short haul style (ie normal seats), with very little legroom, and even less width. For a 30 minute flight it was fine, but I wouldn't have wanted to spend any longer on it! The service consisted of a pre departure bottle of water, and a drink during the flight. I obviously don't expect a meal on such a short flight but some kind of snack would have been appreciated, but they didn't have anything! The crew were very pleasant and spoke good English. No communication from the pilots however. We left and arrived early. For a short hop I'd have no problem flying Georgian again, though I would think twice before booking a longer trip.

12/26/2018 B Serle

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Tbilisi. I purchases tickets in August, for a November flight. We were arriving from the US to Gatwick, and were to connect same day from Gatwick to Tbilisi. Georgian Air decided sometime (September? October?) to change to a fall schedule, which did not include a monday flight to Tbilisi. Georgian Air never emailed or called. We learned approximately 3 weeks prior to our late November flight, that we would be arriving in London on a Monday, but could not connect to Tbilisi until Wednesday. Georgian Air never 1) attempted to place us on another carrier for same Monday, 2) offered a partial or full reimbursement for the flight or expenses or inconvenience,nor 3) apologized at all. Georgian Air placed me on the Wed flight and said “all is fine, your flight is good for Wed”. This cost me 2 hotel nights in London (not cheap) plus train tickets to/from Gatwick to hotel, plus food for 2 days, AND we missed the business meeting that we were flying to, anyway. For a 5+ hr flight, they rattle around for the first 2 hrs, then wake you more than an hour prior to landing, for no apparent reason, so don't plan on getting to sleep any significant amount. The crew is friendly and seem very competent, but the airline is apparently disorganized and has no idea how to compensate clients when they cost them unbudgeted funds. I may have no options but this airline in the future, but I will strive mightily to avoid them.

10/4/2018 Scotty Hawkes

Not Verified | Gatwick to Tbilisi. Horrific experience. We booked in January for a 50th birthday - Georgian cancelled our return flight with a week's notice. No apology. Refused to rebook us on an alternative carrier despite this being in their T&Cs. Said they could not book us on Baltic Air - even though they have a code share. offered us very slightly over half the total that we had paid as a refund, giving a precise sum that we could expect - so we went ahead and paid more to book a return flight with Baltic ourselves. Georgian then paid only 577 euros out of the over 800 euros that they had said they would pay, and claimed the 800+ was a mistake. How, when 500 was only 1/3 of what we paid originally? They were also exceptionally rude on the outbound flight, refused to serve one of us a meal, no idea why. The food was truly appalling. And the flight was 2 hours late. All in all, absolutely shocking and I would not touch them with a bargepole.

10/1/2018 P Gerana

✅ Trip Verified | Pros - Direct flight from Barcelona to Tbilisi. Competitive prices. Aircraft is comfortable. Cons - Can't choose your meal, No in-flight entertainment. Aircraft is rather small (Embraer 190), yet comfortable. Can't beat direct flights and good prices, other than that it just feels like a cheap low-cost airline, but still my preferred option for my location.

9/2/2018 Nneyra Pass

Not Verified | Gatwick to Tbilisi. Not a good airline. Flight was expensive and I expected a better experience on board. There were seat back screens but they weren't on for either of my flights. No meal choice and food was the worst I've ever had on a plane, no fresh ingredients. The only drink was water or alcohol, tea, coffee, lemonade - no juice or other soft drinks. On the plus side, both flights were on time and smooth with good take off and landing. I picked them because the flight was direct, but wish I'd taken an indirect route on a better airline and for much less money.

8/3/2018 P Burton

Not Verified | Gatwick to Tbilisi return. First flights on Georgian Airways. Very impressed. Check in at Gatwick and Tbilisi was polite and efficient. Take off from Gatwick on time. Staff efficient but a little austere (probably language barrier). Food was good. Seat was generous with good legroom - especially on way back. Return flight delayed 1 hour but we were informed of this immediately on check in. Staff on the flight back were very good. Good food and drink. It is true there is no inflight entertainment but who really misses this on a 5 hour flight. Read a book! On the return I spent most of the time looking out of the window or dozing. At the height we were at you could see the cities of Romania, Bulgaria, Germany and so on lit up. Very entertaining . Plus clouds illuminated by lightning. I have not seen this from above before.

7/13/2018 Adrian Davies

Not Verified | Tiblisi to Gatwick. I've already written one review of Georgian Airways which was submitted prior to my first flight with them but I've now returned from Tbilisi. I'd say that if you want a taste of what flying was like 25 years ago then Georgian is your best bet. There is no IFE, no choice of menu, unsmiling steward/hostess service, and unintelligible safety and pilot announcements. On the plus side leg room is good and both flights were on time but there is nothing special or even average about the service and the airline which would make me recommend them to anyone. The head office service is no better than the cabin service so it took numerous phone calls after arriving in Georgia as well as a one hour visit to their head office to sort out arrangements for alternative inbound flights, as referred to in my first review. No one replied to our emails and FaceBook messages and no one returned any of our calls despite promising to do so.

6/30/2018 Adrian Davies

Not Verified | Four of us were due to to fly Gatwick to Tblisi 30/06 and return 09/07 but on 21/06 they emailed us to tell us that our inbound flight had been cancelled and asking to to contact them urgently about changing our return flight to either 7 or 11/07. We replied to their email 3 or 4 times without reply, we called their London sales agent who couldn't do anything except forward our emails to the Georgian head office but again there was no reply, and we called them in Georgia but either no one answered for up to 30 minutes at a time, or didn't know what to do when they did answer, or said they would call back but never did. I also tried FB messenger and received a reply saying that my message would be passed to the right department but again there was no real reply. Right now one day before departure we don't know if we have been re-booked or what we will have to do about booking more accommodation to match the later return flight. I have never experienced so poor and ignorant customer service from any organisation let alone from an airline. They cancelled our flight but have made it all but impossible to contact them or to help us re book.

6/23/2018 D James

✅ Trip Verified | Tbilisi to Prague. After having read the reviews, we were expecting the worst, but there was no reason for that. Tbilisi airport is new, clean and easy to navigate. Check-in was swift and although we had a connection on a different airway, with some magic the agent was able to label our luggage through to our final destination. Safety screening and immigration only took a couple of minutes and also boarding was swift and organized. Seat pitch was good and seats comfortable. Flight attendants were friendly. The food was nothing to write home about, but in an era where lots of airlines let you even pay for water, who’s complaining. We did not drink wine as it was still early morning, but the brand they served is good. The further uneventful flight departed and arrives only a couple of minutes after the scheduled time.

5/17/2018 Mariya Vasylyeva

✅ Trip Verified | Kiev to Tbilisi booked for June 2018. It's terrible how they treat their clients. The airline just canceled the flight and do not answer any of my letters for two weeks. I wrote three times on FACEBOOK page - where they promised me to answer my letters but still no answer. I planned the trip for my mother. She has been dreaming about this trip her whole life. That's terrible how they behave with the customer. They're completely ignoring my messages.

3/19/2018 S Neil

✅ Trip Verified | Tel Aviv to Tbilisi. I had an issue that I have not experienced in the hundreds of times that I have flown, which Georgian has failed to resolve. I booked a ticket and when I arrived at the ticket counter, they were unable to find my reservation. I dug further and found they cancelled it and made me buy a new ticket at the desk at a higher price. I find this suspect as I bought a ticket on another airline that same day and had no such issue with payment or ticketing. As a result, I was overcharged $80 having to buy a new ticket at the gate because they failed to properly issue my original. To make matters worse, all documentation and forms I have submitted to the airline to receive a refund for the difference between my original reservation and my gate ticket price have gone unanswered. I think both to be very unprofessional for an airline with international presence.

2/23/2018 Michal Cupa

✅ Trip Verified | Service inconsistency. Flying two legs with Georgian Airways from Prague to Tbilisi and from Tbilisi to Moscow. Cabin crew was very efficient and pleasant. We were served a very good food. Overall a very pleasant experience. Unfortunately, flight from Tbilisi to Moscow on Boeing 737-700 was very different, nowhere close to the previous flight. I felt, this must be a different company. Food was absolutely terrible, cabin crew was mostly invisible. The plane was also old and not very clean. Given the service inconsistency, I would hesitate to use Georgian Airways again and would also not recommend.

1/9/2018 Marina Mkhitaryan

✅ Trip Verified | Tel Aviv to Tbilisi. This is the worst flying experience we ever had. First the flight is rescheduled for 4 hours earlier and we get the notice on the same day.then they fly us to Kutaisi instead of Tbilisi and just leave in the airport with zero information. No agent in the city. No information when can we expect the flight. They say - you can take a taxi on your own. This is officially the most ignorant, unrelevant and low service airways ever. Never again!

6/3/2017 Lars Bolander

✅ Verified Review | Tbilisi to Yerevan. This is a short trip with Georgian airlines. The flight time is just 25 minutes from Tblisi to Jerewan. Check in opened 2 hours before departure, helpful and nice staff. Transfer with bus to the small Canadair regional jet aircraft, nice interior just one air hostess. Mineral water was served during the flight and the captain gave information on the flight via the loudspeakers. Nice flight with great views.

12/31/2016 Li Min

✅ Verified Review | Yerevan to Tblisi. First at the Yerevan airport check-in counter for Georgia Airways flight to Tblisi at 15:40, there were two counters. One of the counter system broke down leaving only one counter operational. We were behind the queue with the non functional system, and had to join the other one. We waited 50 mins. Then the counter lady issued us a ticket with seats no 14A and 14C. As we boarded the plane, we found that there were no seats 14A and 14C. The rows ended at 13. It almost became a joke as I've never boarded a plane that issued tickets with seats that don't exist. Luckily there were some spare seats at 13.

9/20/2016 Richard Winger

In C class from Vienna to Tbilisi and back, connecting both ways on OS from/to New York. Both flights left right on time. Their C class is a comfortable 2x2 with ample pitch. Cabin service was kind and the food (aside from the main courses) pretty tasty. Too bad about the clueless check in staff in Tbilisi, who couldn't issue connecting boarding passes (on a codeshare!) or explain how to get boarding passes in Vienna, several passengers with tight connections were quite nervous. It took half an hour and a supervisor to get a reasonable explanation. Other than that, Georgian Airways is a nice airline.

9/7/2015 Raffi Youredjian

My girlfriend and I were booked to fly Georgian Airways flight to Paris to get on our connecting flight to Madagascar. My girlfriend wasn't allowed to fly out of Tblisi where Georgian Airways claimed she needed a transit visa to fly through Paris on the way to Madagascar. We had no intention of leaving the airport in Paris and simply wanted to board our next flight. We were told by the staff that they were scared she would try to run off in Paris and they would have to pay a fine and basically treated us terribly for the 6 hours we were there. My girlfriend has an Armenian passport but she's currently held visas to the US and Europe. This whole story of transit visas is ridiculous and I've never heard of such a thing. We phoned two French embassies, and both agreed there was no case for a transit visa. So after not being able to fly and losing our tickets and 2,000 euros which the ticket seller refused to refund (because a transit visa is not needed and isn't a valid excuse!) we went back down to Armenia and had to rebuy last minute tickets for 5,000 euros, and we flew to Madagascar with Air France via Paris without any transit visa or any hassle and went on to join our holiday. But the agony, the tears, the money, and overall inhumane treatment at Georgian airways was more then I can bare. The staff really treated her like she was some form of criminal. The money I lost on this trip is not nearly painful as all the crying and anger at this situation and it ruined the whole mood at the start of this wonderful celebratory trip we were about to undertake. Now Georgian Airways won't even respond to complaint emails.

8/28/2015 H Oberbeckmann

We booked a flight from Tbilisi to Batumi just two days before departure. The price was fair and everything was ok. Check-in and boarding in Tbilisi was easy and fast, we had emergency exit seats so legroom was perfect. The flight itself was short but the staff were friendly and offered free water twice. No meal or snack was served, but there wouldn't be time to eat something on such a short flight. In Batumi we received our luggage within a few minutes. Would definitely fly again with them.

12/4/2014 Peter Anthony

I recently flew from Vienna to Tbilisi and back. Both flights were operated by a clean CRJ aircraft. Both flights departed and arrived on time. The flight attendants were very kind and spoke English really well! Food on board was great! Both flights were fully packed with passengers. Seats were a little cramped but still relatively comfortable. There was no in-flight entertainment on-board which was to be expected since both flights were operated by a small CRJ aircraft. Overall I was very pleased I would definitely recommend flying Georgian Airways.