Iran Air

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12/29/2017 S Halshamsi

✅ Trip Verified | Tehran to Hamburg. Iran Air is one of the worst airlines in the world. Crew behave badly to passengers and don't respect passengers, food was awful, delay for flight was eternal in this airline. I don't suggest this airline at all. After 8 hours delayed without any food, without any apology, waiting at transit...

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7/26/2017 T Abbas

✅ Verified Review | Flew Stockholm to Tehran with Iran Air. I had good flight with the new fleet of this airline, 20 minute delay but the cabin was new and clean with good seat distance and very tasty food. Iranian film and music and route information was provided. I recommend flying with Iran Air on international routes becaus...

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7/25/2017 S Madimi

✅ Verified Review | A wonderful flight from Tehran to Paris with new A330 that was very modern. Good entertainment system but only a small number of film and music choices, but a very good flight map. The aircraft was very clean. Two meals were served, first a very good breakfast and a snack later.

5/13/2017 Raymond Pratt

✅ Verified Review | I had a pleasant experience on my Teheran Mehrabad to Shiraz flight. It was a little bumpy due to weather but a delicious packed snack and drink were served for the short flight. All the crew were very friendly and are a credit to their airline. The A320 (EP-IEG) was clean with a decent seat pitch for my 6 f...

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8/9/2016 A Parvaei

Tehran to Cologne with Iran Air. A wonderful airline with good service. The flight took 5 hours and we had 2 meals - breakfast with 2 breads and a lot of other things and lunch was chicken with saffron rice and a small salad, yogurt and a cake. Drinks were also for free. My seat had enough space and it was comfortable. A small d...

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5/12/2016 Hossein ali Hajhaidari

✅ Verified Review | I had a flight from Tehran to London on 5th May 2016 in economy class. My baggage allowance was 40 kg according to my ticket. I did not have any cabin bag. My baggage altogether was 42 kg. One of the Iran Air staff members at Tehran Airport asked me to remove the extra 2 kg from my baggage as I was only allo...

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2/11/2016 S Razi

I travelled business class of Iran Air from London and Tehran return on an A300 / A310. Servisair lounge at Heathrow was very poor, the lounge at Tehran was very good and comfortable with a reasonably good selection of food, cold and hot drinks. Although the aircraft was old, the seats were large and with ample legroom. Catering...

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1/22/2016 Sajad Amin

Frankfurt to Tehran, and having been in various European and North American flights I was expecting Iran Air to be poor and possibly bad service. However, the crew were jovial and very helpful. Food was delicious, and fresh. Great take off and landings of the pilots, it was smooth.

9/4/2015 Ehsan Ansari

I flew Tehran to Rasht with Iran Air in an Airbus A330. Everything was okay and the flight was on time on time. Nice and sufficient breakfast (meal box) for less than a one hour flight! Staff professional and very friendly.

1/11/2015 Michael Schade

Esfahan Tehran on an ancient Fokker 100. Flight was on time cabin clean and well kept seat pitch more than sufficient. Staff were very friendly and a nice lunchbox was served for this 1hr flight.

8/26/2014 Colombo Ugo

MXP-IKA flight IR750 August 8 Airbus 600-300 return. Airbus 321-300 Flight IR739 August 20 Tehran - Rome. Both flights on time. Aircraft dated but well maintained and clean perhaps toilets should have received more attention during the flight. Seating: good leg space comfortable seats.

4/6/2014 M Kleine

LHR-IKA-LHR on Airbus A300-600. The inbound flight is currently a bit long as planes need to land in Ljubljana for refuelling loosing 1hr on the actual travel time. The seats are very old and comfy plenty of legroom. The staff were professional and spoke very good English. My friend pre ordered a vegetarian meal and it was not a...

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3/3/2014 Lange Michael

IR 232 THR-SYZ. When we reached the national Airport at Tehran our flight was 2 hours delayed without any further information. So had 2 hours before we could check-in. Entering an older Fokker 100 we were warmly welcomed by the crew. After takeoff we got a lunch box containing a sandwich with turkey some sweets and water. Afterw...

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8/8/2013 Amin Alamolhoda

Booked flight from Tehran to Dubai. Flight time was 7am but had a 30 minute delay. Aircraft was old A320 but was clean. Staffs were friendly and the meal was great.

5/4/2013 Donal Ryan

Bandar Abbas to Shiraz on a old Fokker 100. Check in staff pleasant but a little disorganized. The flight was on time the aircraft was clean my tray table was broken but not a huge issue. The meal was very generous for a 1 hour flight and staff helpful. For $25 this was value and would use them again.

12/17/2012 J Atkins

I flew just from Tehran to Shiraz booked about an hour before scheduled departure. After checking in and going to the gate I was called over the speaker to go back to check-in where after much confusion I was then checked into a flight scheduled to leave in about 5 minutes from then. I have no idea why it was only me that was as...

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5/13/2012 Nima Naghdi

I usually fly London-Tehran (and domestic) flights on an A300 600. Food is to my liking and domestic flights are actually quite good - a full bottle of water in seat pockets.

4/10/2012 Aref Dashtban

I fly Iranair both within Iran and also on their international routes. Aircraft's are old but clean with generous leg room. Inflight service is very basic and on long flights if you can sleep you wont be missing anything. The food is good and the cabin crew are friendly. You can not rely on on-time performance so I would only fl...

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8/15/2011 Pieter van Buul

Kermansah-Tehran-Shiraz-Isfahan. Flights are on time and boarding well organised. Flight duration is short around 1 hr. Iran Air provides full meal service food tastes good. Friendly staff speak English. All flights with Fokker 100 aircraft which all looked well maintained.

11/13/2010 David Löhnert

HAM-IKA-HAM good service although cabin crew could be more friendly. A300-600 are very old but I felt safe. In Iran I never fly again with Iran Air. Fokker aircraft are old and shabby inside.