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12/17/2018 Samantha J Finkbeiner

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Chengdu. I am furious with this airline. I tried to contact them about adding more luggage and just kept being put in circles with no answers. Then once I’ve arrived to check in they charge me almost 160 dollars excess baggage fee instead of letting me increase the amount. I was super embarrassed. All I was trying to do was go back home. I will never recommend this airline for anyone.

11/11/2013 F Bonnefoy

I flew 3 times with Lucky Air (CTU-KMG/KMG-SYX/HAK-KMG) in fall 2013 when I was living in China. Overall experience I give a 6/10. The crew was okay and the service too. 1 flight was delayed for 30 minutes due to mechanical problems out of the 3 flights. Otherwise can't complain it's a Chinese low cost airline for me so it was relatively cheap to fly with them so don't expect much. I flew 2 times with an Airbus A320-200 and 1 time with a Boeing 737-800. The inside is basic no personal TV the Lucky Air Magazine is all in mandarin but they give you a lunch box with snacks/water bottle for free. During my first flight I was told by the steward to turn off my mobile phone during the flight even if it was on airplane mode. The crew speaks broken English but we can understand. If you want to travel cheap in mainland China Lucky Air could be an option for you.

10/9/2011 S Poidevin

Our flight was delayed then cancelled in Qingdao with no reason given for several hours. Only after hours of complaining by irate passengers were we offered a hotel room for the night a small refund for our troubles and another flight out the next day. The next day we were boarded on the plane and then it was delayed again for a half-hour as "something was repaired" and they waited for some document to arrive. Once in the air the flight was uneventful and crew were helpful and courteous.

12/1/2010 K Chiang

I've ridden Lucky Air before and have usually enjoyed their service until today. However not only did they fail to notify passengers of a weather delay (the notification came 3 hours after they knew about the delaye) but their customer service reps on the phone were also unhelpful. They blame either the passengers (they should have known to call the airline to inquire if their flight was delayed) or the airport personnel (they didn't know to notify the passengers of the delay even if the information was already sent out to the computers). Due to this terrible experience I will never buy Lucky Air tickets again.

12/20/2008 S Hagenberg

Nanjing to Kunming on a new B737. As I was sitting in in seat 1F had a lot of legroom. Cabin crew was excellent. I was served a tasty dish on the 3 hour flight. For the return flight the ground staff (Ticketing Desk) in Kunming was outstanding.

3/19/2008 Nick Deng

Overall it is a 3 star airline but considering the price for tickets would give it a four star. When I bought the tickets I thought it was budget airline. A three hour flight from Kunming to Nanjing only cost me 45 USD. But aircraft were new and there was free meal. The quality of the food and beverage was average.

3/16/2008 G Price

Used this airline for an internal flight in China last October from Kunming to Lijiang and just had to take some photos etc but not a joke - crisp new airline with latest Boeings smart logos etc. Short flight but adequate English used and friendly crew.

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