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10/7/2017 Don Smallman

✅ Verified Review | Malaga to Birmingham. Originally a Monarch Airlines flight, this was operated by Omni Air International chartered in by the CAA. The aircraft was excellent, and spotless and the comfort was amazing. However the reason for my review is the excellent staff. They were kind, polite, helpful, considerate and lovely people, it was only a short flight from Malaga to Birmingham but we all said that we wished it was a longer flight, they gave us drinks and the most lovely toasted sandwiches which were fantastic. Please pass on the thanks of the passengers and myself.

11/13/2016 Terrance Stanton

Ramstein Air Force Base Germany to Baltimore-Washington. Flew as Space-A on the AMC- USAF Patriot Express or informally Freedom Bird. Seats were narrow, as would expect for transporting physically fit soldiers, but adequate legroom. Departure delayed for two hours for technical reasons, but better 'safe than sorry' since flight over Atlantic Ocean precludes any emergency diversion and landing! All seatback electronics functioned. Cabin staff and service were excellent! Supper (from Germany, not US) was to European standards, quite good, (not the untasty US airline food), and had a real breakfast, (not a 'snack' as on the inadequate 'other' charter company outbound). Crew was attentive, gracious, and always helpful. Overall, much better than US-flagged carriers and up to European standards. Although flew as military retired at minimal cost, I would be pleased to pay full-price ticket for the service rendered on this flight.

9/3/2016 Austin Johnson

El Paso to Kuwait via Bangor. Both of the times that I have flown using Omni the flight has been plagued with multiple problems. The first time, none of the entertainment systems worked (audio). The second time I flew with them, only half worked, and the plane broke down overnight in Maine. I've had multiple friends / coworkers who've been broken down in New Hampshire / Bangor. Omni needs to take this plane off line for a few months and upgrade this plane. Omni should be embarrassed about the quality of the plane taking the troops overseas. Come on dudes. The only upside was the friendly staff (flight attendants and pilots).

6/13/2016 K James

Shannon to Boston with Omni Air. I have been on many airlines over the years and never have I seen this bad of quality. The flight was a wet-lease flight with Aer Lingus, a great airline. However, OAI plane was old and dirty, entertainment systems are also dirty, hard to control, old, and not a big selection. The staff aboard was awful, rude, and overall this is the worst flight experience I have had. Highly recommend Aer Lingus, but not if it's operated by Omni Air. The only thing good about the flight was ground service provided by Aer Lingus.

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