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5/15/2019 Andrius Tamasauskas

✅ Trip Verified | Buenos Aires to Santiago. Staff have no intention to speak in English - not all of us speaks Spanish. My friend's got damaged on first flight. Couldn't get help or no one to complain. Just gave email address and walked off. Not even sorry. Second flight was even worse. Lagguage got lost and the same. Asked for hotel and another people translated that bag will came with next flight and be delivered to your hotel. Next day took a couple hours until those staff found bag.

11/16/2018 Kah Kay Au

✅ Trip Verified | Santiago de Chile to Buenos Aires. Sky Airline is a low cost airline based in Santiago, Chile. I took a short flight of 2 hours from Santiago to Buenos Aires. The flight departed on time. As a low cost airline, seating is in one class. Leg space was adequate. The crew came around to sell drinks and snacks shortly after takeoff. My overall impression of the airline is that it will get you safely to your destination with no frills.

8/15/2018 E Mears

✅ Trip Verified | Lima to Santiago. One of the worst airlines I have flown. We were put on and off the plane twice for two separate mechanical issues. Then they lost our luggage and the gate agents were clueless on what to tell people. I eventually had to buy a new ticket on a different airline.

6/21/2018 L Mardich

✅ Trip Verified | I flew with Sky Airline from Santiago to Calama (the closest airport to the Atacama desert) and when getting my baggage it was broken - the strap of my backpack was damaged. I told airline-personnel at the airport but they refused to help and just pointed at the customer service which was supposed to contact me within 10 days. Of course I never heard of them so I wrote an email myself. It took quite a while for them to respond but with the same result as directly at the airport - they acknowledged the problem but refused to stand for it. So in case you fly with them, hope that everything will be fine afterwards, you probably won't get compensated otherwise. The flight was exactly as you'd expect it from a low-cost airline - they got me from A to B.

12/18/2017 M Nelson

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Sky Airline from Punta Arenas to Santiago. Horrible airline, pay the extra for LATAM. Customer service is non-existent. The booking process is completely broken and doesn’t work reliably on iOS devices. Flights don’t run on time. Passengers booked on the same PNR aren’t seated together unless you pay more. They managed to leave our luggage behind, and had no staff or baggage services to help.

12/11/2017 Charles Wilson

✅ Trip Verified | Good low cost alternative to LATAM. With a group I flew from Santiago to Punta Arenas. The flights were on time and the service was very good. The only comments are that the seat pitch isn't brilliant (we flew once on newer aircraft) the pitch seemed limited. And the check in at SCL was a bit of a nightmare. If checking in bags turn up 2 hours pre departure as there were queues. Would fly with Sky again as their prices are favourable compared to the national carrier. If you're from Europe this airline is comparable to Easyjet.

10/30/2016 S Vukas

Buenos Aires to Lima via Santiago de Chile. Their web page is not fully functional in English and booking does not go smooth all the time as some reviewers already wrote. I was booking two separate tickets for two different flights and one payment was not accepted but I got confirmation number. To avoid being charged multiple times I used both contact form and provided email contact to ask about payment but never got an answer. After checking with card provider that card was not charged I bought ticket for the other flight few days later. Payment was accepted and confirmation mail sent with the new booking number. Online check in is available 2 days and 3h in advance and boarding passes need to be printed and presented during baggage drop off. Luggage drop off was done at normal check in counter, 23kg hold luggage is included in ticket price. Planes are boarded from the last row and it was well organised. Both flights were full. Planes are in fine condition and clean, there are ads in the cabin but not too many. Seat pitch was better than expected and I had enough space even on longer flight to Lima which is 3h30m long. Buy on board have few options and is affordably priced. Pesos and U$ are only accepted. FAs were well groomed and professional. There was no selling of lottery and similar things, flight deck gave info about the flights and bridges were used all the time for boarding and disembarking. Both flights left and arrived on time. Few days after the first flight feedback survey was sent and it was in Spanish, no option to choose Englis. Messy web page, problematic booking and lack of communication after pushed down the airport and flight experience which could be described as good as any European short haul experience, legacy or LCC.

10/27/2016 W Daniels

✅ Verified Review | Santiago to Punta Arenas via Puerto Montt. We flew on Sky Airline for our hiking trip in Patagonia during October 2016. We booked the flight about 3 months ago through their website but was unable to complete the transaction. I have to call my credit card concierge service to make the booking for me which was uneventful. At the airport, we had 2 backpacks for check-in and the upon arrival of Santiago Airport at 10 AM, the check-in counter was open with multiple agents available. At the check-in counter the staff did not speak too much English but was efficient and uneventful to check in our luggage to final destination. The boarding was quick and efficient and we had a on time departure from Santiago to our first stop, Puerto Montt. Since I knew I booked with a semi-low cost carrier, I did not expect any inflight entertainment or food/drink service for our short flight, but to my delight, they do serve snacks and drinks for all passengers for free. The captain made the announcements in Spanish, English and French. All flight attendants do speak basic English (which wasn’t the case for my LATAM flight from Santiago to Easter Island). After arrival at Puerto Montt, the flight received additional passengers for the next leg to Punta Arenas. Similar to the first leg, the departure, flight was uneventful. Flight attendants had smiles all the time which made the flight more enjoyable.

7/6/2016 A Diamond

Buenos Aires air traffic control went on strike so we had to rebook our connecting flight with Sky Airline to from Buenos Aires to Santiago. Doing so proved impossible. No one answered our phone calls or responded to emails. We finally arrived at Buenos Aires with a connecting flight to Santiago on Air Canada. While at the airport we stopped at the Sky desk to speak to a person about our experience. We were only second in line but the customer service person attending to the individual in front of us took so long, and then took so long responding to our questions that we almost missed our connecting flight. I have never witnessed such a non responsive airline before.

5/11/2016 T Brown

✅ Verified Review | We planned a trip to include 4 days in Buenos Aires, arrived from Patagonia at 5am for our flight on Sky Airlines that was supposed to leave at 7am to make the most of every minute only to find out Sky Airline was on strike. Lost over 6 hours trying to get someone to handle our situation watching everyone be "placed" on different flights, run from one end of the airport to the other and have to come back because the airlines had not "been paid by Sky Airlines". We were finally sent to Buenos Aires losing half of our first day there, coming back on Aerolineas Argentinas who charged me for the second piece of luggage "because Santiago is not considered international". Had to come back on a flight 3 hours earlier than we wanted. Tried to claim the money I should have never been charged, was given an email address and it’s been over 2 weeks and have not heard back from anyone.

3/28/2016 Catalin-Alexandru Epure

✅ Verified Review | Santiago to Arica return for holidays. It was a nice experience to fly the newly turned low-cost Sky Airline from Chile as the competition for this route had the double price. Only 1 checked baggage allowed (as compared to 2 for.most South American airlines) was enough. The prices on board for beverages and snacks were not that high as compared to the European low cost airlines and with the exception that when we landed to Arica we had to wait more than one and a half hours in the plane because somebody forgot his/her luggage inside the terminal and the police had to check it for a bomb (this was what we were told afterwards in the airport), both flights were on time or before schedule, flight attendants were very helpful and friendly. There was a lack of entertainment on board.

12/16/2015 Marlon Silveira

Sky Airline changed the time of our flight from Santiago to São Paulo flight without any warning. I now have to wait 12 hours in the airport. I have attempted several time to talk with someone but they have no supervisor available during the night and the only information given was "send a email to help / support". I have sent the email but the reply apparently takes a few days. Nobody speaks English, after 8 hours sleeping on the floor I managed to talk with a supervisor who told me that she could not give me a breakfast voucher. I am very disappointed with this company.

11/26/2015 Keren Holgate

I never actually flew - as the airline changed the time of the connection flight to 3 hours before first flight arrived. They then offered me a flight with a wait of 10 hours leaving close to midnight and only arriving in Lima at 8 am. Which meant I miss my next connection. I cancelled this in July. Received reply that agent must lodge - agent lodged it in JULY. It is now November , my holiday over - I booked through LAN and left at the time that Sky originally had my booking for, but now Sky do not reply to e-mails. They let the phone ring and then play music for over and hour without answering. They have no access on the website. I'm so frustrated and disappointed - as it was 2 tickets (one for my husband and one for me) - value over $2000 NZ dollars.

10/21/2015 Fernando Garcia

Nice travel. We had a great experience with Sky Airline from Buenos Aires to Santiago. The only thing I can say is that they could offer a snack with the drinks. The seats were comfortable. In general it was good!

10/3/2015 H Severin

I flew from Santiago de Chile to Punta Arenas. Sky Airline offers only Economy Class seating. The fight from Santiago to Punta Arenas makes a regular but short stop in Puerto Montt. For a low-cost airline compared to South American standards, Sky Airline was quite good. The crew was attentive throughout the flight. The pilot even mentioned when we flew over the famous Torres del Pain national park in Patagonia. We were served drinks on both legs of the flight. Seat comfort is okay for short to medium distances. Also, they don't have any IFE or wifi connection available on their Airbus fleet. However, I would definitely fly again with Sky Airline since it's great value for money.

8/7/2015 Nicolas Toma

Normally it is really hard for people over 6'8 ft tall to fit into economy seats. Therefore, we ask the airlines for emergency seats. However, Sky Airline is one of those airlines that gives these type of seats to anyone, but not to those who actually need them. This is how my short, really uncomfortable trip started. No entertainment aboard provided at all, even the airline doesn't allow the passenger to use any electronic device in the entire flight. My food was a small sandwich and a soda, normal plane food. Once we arrived at the airport, we had to wait over an hour to receive our bags. According to the airline, "They didn't have much workers to give us our bags earlier". The worst part of it, is that they have this huge logo in every plane saying that they were granted the Skytrax Award as a best airline.

1/25/2015 J Friedman

SCL-PUQ-SCL via PMC both ways. Airbus 319s in decent condition. The plane on the outbound journey was second-hand from EasyJet - there was orange on the overhead bins the EasyJet upholstery design on the (very cramped) seats and even a random "Thank you for flying EasyJet" pre-recorded announcement that came on. Each segment came with complementary meal service so we had four meals on the round-trip which weren't amazing but were mostly edible. Beverage service includes wine and pre-mixed pisco sour but no beer. Staff was courteous but not noticeably welcoming. Don't let the pretty awful website give you the wrong impression Sky seems to be a fine airline that got us and our luggage where we needed to be in the promised time at less than half the cost of LAN.

12/31/2014 Ines Cerqueira

We flew from P.Arenas to Santiago last Sunday (21/12/2014 leaving at 6am) online check-in was easy (we had to print the boarding pass) baggage drop off as well. The crew were nice and they served us breakfast (cake hot drink yoghurt and cereals) at 7am and then again at 9.30am with a hot croissant hot drink yoghurt and juice. We took off with a delay but arrived on time. Would fly again!

4/9/2014 R C Prois

I used this airline for a trip from Concepcion to Punta Arenas via Perto Montt then returned to Santiago via Perto Montt. In my years of travel I have not had such a smooth comfortable and overall pleasing trip. The A319-100 was clean the cabin service was polite and helpful and the food was good. Of course any airline that serves Chilean wine is doing a good thing. My trip to Santiago could have been stressful in that those who purchased the tickets for my party of eight had erred in making our final destination back to Concepcion. Sky changed our itinerary with no challenge and even made luggage allowances to our favor. I would recommend this airline and will use it when I return to Chile in the fall.

3/19/2014 L Salazar

CCP-SCL-CJC and return with a stopover in CPO on the return flight. All segments operated by A319-100 aircraft. Top-notch service on every single sector with complimentary food and drinks. Whereas the main competitor LAN is apparently cutting costs at all edges yet serving only a piece of cake in a plastic wrap or a minuscule bag of peanuts and raisins on national routes Sky still manages to spoil its passengers with a more than adequate snack that usually includes a sandwich a delightfully filled puff roll or pasta with fresh ham a fruit salad a piece of cake bread and some chocolate. We were welcomed aboard their aircraft with a candy which was nice. Departure and arrival always on time or ahead of schedule with no problems regarding baggage which was always delivered promptly. The flight attendants could have been more smiley except for one who stood out providing a very warm service. However they were no grumpier than on other airlines. Aircrafts had been acquired from EasyJet and their onboard equipment is thus basic but they are all in an excellent condition. Considering the airfares and the product delivered Sky Airline has become a competition that LAN Airlines needs to take more than seriously.