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10/1/2018 Tommy Rytter

✅ Trip Verified | Pay a bit extra and fly with a more reputable and decent airline. I had a flight from Dushanbe to St. Petersburg with Somon Air, departure time 06:30, in the morning. I arrived at the airport more than two hours ahead, just to realise that my flight had been put off. The new departure time would be 16.5 hours later! Well, such things can happen, generally speaking. When it comes to Somon Air, these problems look more like a rule than an exception. Just a quick glance at board of departures tells the alarming truth: most flights are either cancelled or delayed. Their representatives at the airport helped me to reschedule my connecting flights at St. Petersburg. I will give them well deserved them credit. The rest of this story is far from satisfying. Usually, stranded passengers will have access to a decent hotel room, while waiting. They brought me to a rundown Intourist Hotel where I got a dormitory bed. They gave me four US-dollars cash, to cover breakfast, lunch and dinner! The money did not even cover my breakfast! I succeeded in getting home, one day later. However, I lost one day of income and had some extra expenditures. At home I specified my claims to the airline. They just ignored my claims, with compact silence. This airline is a complete disaster. The services on board were also of inferior quality. For your own convenience and pleasure, please pay a bit extra and get the services you can expect. You get what you pay for.

12/3/2012 R Shumann

FRA-DYU-FRA. I was a little dubious about this airline but both flights were on time and in a new 737-900 aircraft. FRA-DYU was six hours had a basic dinner and soft drink service (no alcohol) and sandwich before arrival. Crew passed out thick blankets but no pillows. No IFE either. DYU-FRA left at 3 am Tajik time no food service on an overnight flight. I would fly again because of convenience it's hard to get to Dushanbe.

11/14/2012 A Bradshaw

DYU to FRA: Somon Air flights are very difficult to book outside Tajikstan so although their flight times suited me I ended up booking my outbound flight to Tajikstan with Turkish Air. I did manage to book my return flight with some local help whilst in Tajikstan and was pleasantly surprised. Aircraft was a new Boeing 737-900 flight was comfortable and the cabin crew very good. There were only approx 60 passengers on the flight which is probably more to do with the problems booking rather than the quality of their service. There is no TV IFE but as most of the Somon Air flights are through the night this wasn't a problem. I wouldn't put anyone off flying with Somon Air but they really do need to offer flight booking outside Tajikstan with the major travel agents in order to be competitive.

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