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4/5/2019 R Harlsey

✅ Trip Verified | Jayapura to Jakarta. I've flown with Sriwijaya Air several times even before they're under Garuda Indonesia's maintenance. And I could feel the differences before and after the merging. I love their time management and of course their meals. I would fly again with Sriwijaya Air and recommend it to my family and friends

2/1/2019 R Carpengan

✅ Trip Verified | With less than 24 hours received a notification of change time of flight from 13.35 to 8.40 I tried to contact numoreous of time from noon till 8pm and still cant find answer to resolve my situation instead is either you take the condition or just refund attitude from the CS I think as customer if given reasonable reason e.g. whether condition, etc I can still accept it. But this is outregous the reason is 'rescheduled from HQ', that's it! Me as customer has to be the one cancelled my schedule work without clear reason. I feel this one of the most unfulfilling service experience a customer can get with the unprofesionalism (no call backs, I am the one who needs to call so many times to find out my status, but they did call once to 'inform'. And by the sound of it he is just a pity junior staff who cant answer anything - this shows very poor management, the call ended by promisiing I will be called back which 5 hours pass and no call backs). I wont recommend this airline at all!!

1/4/2019 Marvel Raphael

✅ Trip Verified | Flew from Jakarta to Makassar, my overall experience is nice, the flight is on-time, maybe because my flight is the earliest flight of the day. The staff is fine, and the flight is rather boring. But on my 2 hours and 20 minutes flight hot food was distributed. The food is rather bland but hot food is still a hot food. Overall, I could recommend. My tip for Sriwijaya is select the earliest flight out.

11/24/2018 Jason Smart

✅ Trip Verified | I booked a flight with Sriwijaya for a 10.30am departure from Jakarta to Pontianak. I turn up at the airport at 9am, check in and then hang around. Then I notice that the flight is not actually due to depart until 11am. It was always an 11am departure and their website had got it wrong when it stated 10.30. But leaving at 11 would still get me Pontianak at 12.25. A bit tight for my meeting, but doable. So while I waited, I checked out some stats for the flight I was about to take. Over the last ten days, almost every flight was delayed. Sometimes by up to two hours. This concerned me and so I checked the whereabouts of the incoming flight. It was presently flying from Malang to Jakarta. And it was on time. So no delays. And then it lands and I’m very happy. So I wait and wait and there are lots of announcements in Indonesian (I’m a Brit) which I couldn’t understand. But I could tell my fellow passengers were a bit annoyed and so I went up to the desk. ‘I’m sorry, sir,’ said the young lady. ‘Two hour delay.’ ‘Why?’ ‘Operational reason.’ So that was that. Meeting cancelled and I didn’t bother taking the flight. When I went back to get a refund for their misery making, I received the final sting on Sriwijaya Air’s tail: instead of a full refund of 1.4 million rupiah, they gave me 541,00. Lesson learned: I should have flown Garuda rather than chancing it with these jokers. Never again.

11/24/2018 E Marlana

✅ Trip Verified | Palembang to Jakarta. Absolutely disgusted with this airline. I arrived at 5.00pm for my 6.40pm flight and was shocked to see it rescheduled for 9.15pm. When I spoke to the CS, they informed me that they had "just" got the information and that is the reason why nobody was informed. They directed me to their ticket office to air my complaint. There were 2 young women in there, I proceeded to ask one of them if there was an earlier flight, she said she would check and walked out. The other one quietly informed me that there was no other flight. The other one came back (as though she had consulted someone) and said she checked and there were no more flights. I then left to check in and was shocked that the BP said boarding time was 8.45pm, meaning they had known long enough to print it out on the BP. My checks revealed the plane had not been on time for the past 3 weeks. Very disappointed with the horrible service and lack of empathy.

11/12/2018 Alexander Ohl

✅ Trip Verified | Sorong to Makassar. This month, I flew four times with this airline and and all four times we started late. The delay was on average one hour. The flights are outdated and the food was not good either.

11/10/2018 Neville Kemp

Flew Jakarta to Denpasar with Sriwijaya Air. Over 7.5 hours total delay. After 2 hour delay boarded aircraft and had to return after technical problem. Waited another 4+ hours. Very little information. Horrendous passenger relations. Worst carrier in Indonesia.

10/23/2018 M Kareilan

✅ Trip Verified | This is a review to make sure everyone is aware of the poor customer practices this company uses. I was supposed to get reimbursement for my flight back in July and had to provide all my bank information to the company's customer service department so that this would be done quickly (after having to call them in person for 2-3 weeks since they wouldnt pick up a single phone call for a while). It's been 3 months now and the customer service department decided to start ignoring my emails as they still haven't paid me back while they said it would take a month for me to receive payment.

10/11/2018 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Flew with Sriwijaya Air from Sorong to Makassar September 6th, 2018. Check in was a little chaotic and it only opens two hours prior to flight departure, however after checking in I was able to go the lounge. The lounge is pretty basic, however there were snacks available and there was a good Wi-Fi connection. The flight itself was on schedule and the onboard cabin crew were very attentive. The meal provided was good and tasty as was the service. After arrival in Sorong my baggage was ready to collect within 5 minutes of me arriving in baggage area, which I consider excellent. Overall, I was very satisfied with the services that Sriwijaya Air provided on this flight.

9/14/2018 E Burcler

✅ Trip Verified | We booked a flight from Denpansar to Sorong with transit in Makassar. The transit was supposed to be 8.5 hours over night so we booked a transit hotel in Makassar with free cancellation until one day before. Today when we arrived at the airport we were told that our flight to Makassar had been cancelled already weeks ago and that we can take another flight 5 hours later. They insisted that they had informed us via SMS but it never arrived, other tourist had exactly the same problem. I showed them my phone for proof, still the only thing they offered was refunding the ticket so we can book with another airline. This didn’t make sense because all other options did not save us much time (especially with the luggage check-through) and were more expensive. I expected them to at least refund our hotel that we could not cancel anymore (in Europe you even get money if you have no damage claims and a delay; just for the inconvenience). They also called me but only short beforehand with an unknown number, when I tried to call back, nobody answered. In the end all we got was an indifferent apology and two boxes of plane food. Oh and the flight we got in exchange was also delayed for one hour - this time I got an SMS. Thank you Sriwijaya Air, never again.

8/25/2018 Daniel Hsieh

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Sorong. Avoid this airline if you don't live in Jakarta! Flight was cancelled a month before scheduled departure. When I called for a refund for my Sriwijaya Air website credit card purchase, I was told that I had to go to the Jakarta main office to process a refund. As I live in the US, this is obviously a problem. No explanation why they can't just refund my credit card like a normal company. So I will spend my one day in Jakarta going to their head office--needless to say I am not optimistic I will get my US$700 back. Lesson learned--never fly Sriwijaya Air!

7/25/2018 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Flew on Sriwijaya Air from Sorong to Ujung Pandang on July 23rd. The flight took off behind schedule due to the late arrival of the incoming aircraft. The ground crew tried to turn around the plane quickly so as not to delay too further. Check in at Sorong was quick and the staff were very helpful. The flight itself was good and the cabin crew were attentive. Overall not a bad service for a low cost airline.

7/24/2018 D Tawahan

✅ Trip Verified | My flight with Sriwijaya Air is a connecting flight from Pontianak to Solo via Jakarta. The first flight was being delayed for 1,5 hours. The second flight is better than the first one. The flight attendant is turning on reading lamp for the passenger who is still reading when the plane is preparing to take off before the plane's light is being dimmed. It's a professional attitude from the flight attendant.

7/24/2018 E Kider

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Denpasar. Sriwijaya is not recommended for your business/holiday trip. They reschedule my flight without my agreement. The customer service told me that it was canceled and reschedule to earlier flight. My friends bought the same flight, and their flight isn't canceled, because they have transit flight (Medan to Jakarta then Jakarta to Denpasar) so if their flight changed or reschedule, Sriwijaya will be a failure. Sriwijaya customer service very hard to be reached, in my 10th or more attempt, i just can get connected to the person (customer service). I'm really disappointed. I know there is an event on Bali on the date, i am attending it with my friends. The reasons i bought the same flight so i can together with my friends. How come people booked earlier and Sriwijaya changed the flight without my agreement.

5/20/2018 B Shadebu

✅ Trip Verified | Denpasar to Sorong via Makassar. Horrible service!! The flight to Sorong was delayed by one hour in the beginning. At the time of boarding it was told that the flight was further delayed by another 5 hours! This is ridiculous. No information was given to customers before arrival at the boarding gate, to plan accordingly. Moreover due to this, my connecting transportation got missed and the airline did not agree to compensate for that.

2/20/2018 David Howson

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Denpasar. Late due incoming. Being in the industry this is an excuse for every flight of the day running late and progressively getting later. It is the hallmark of an airline that is typical of the bottom feeder that is Sriwijaya; totally inadequate to operate. CGK - DPS, 3 hour delay incoming. DPS - CGK 2.5 hour delay incoming. Would not fly this airline, and I use the term loosely, ever again. Rumours of their impending bankruptcy is now generally accepted as only a matter of time and now can confirm why. Totally useless!

12/30/2017 T Paryana

✅ Trip Verified | Surabaya to Jakarta. I have not flown with this airline before. Check in experience was smooth and fast at T1 Juanda Airport. However, things got bad quickly as the flight was delayed by 15 minutes and two flights were in one departure gate, making it very crowded. People were sitting on the floor, which was horrible. When the time arrived the ground crew shouted over and over again, telling people to hurry. What terrible customer service! The food was only one tiny horrible bread and mineral water. The plane was dirty, the seat pockets were filthy as well as the floor. Baggage claim was delayed because of the slow ground crew. For me, this middle service airline is worse than Citilink, which claims to be a budget airline.

12/13/2017 Matthew Marich

✅ Trip Verified | We arrived at Surabaya Juanda International airport where we found our flight would be delayed for 1 hour. We were not too happy because we were early. We checked in and headed to our gate were we found out that we would be delayed for another hour, I got restless and decided that we would visit the "Blue Sky" lounge. We boarded 2 hours and 30 minutes late, with friendly smiles, we got to our seat. One flight attended was wearing a hijab which was very unusual for an Indonesian carrier. The snack service began and in the paper bag contained a cheese sandwich and water. We landed in Jakarta Soekarno Hatta T2 3 hours late. All in all the Sriwijaya experience was a good one, the only problem is the delay.

11/23/2017 K Huang

✅ Trip Verified | Bali to Dili. The counter staff would not allow us to check in without pre-arrival visa. Even thought I show her the information on Timor Leste Consulate website: passenger traveling to Timor Lester via Dili International Aiport or Dili Seaport on business or travel purpose can apply for visa on arrival. I require to meet her manager but she told he/she wasn't there. I require her to show the official regulation from Timor Lester but she failed to do so and asked ourselves to contact the Consulate. We were unable to contact the Consulate as they were on holiday. I wrote the email to complain and require the explanation but they didn't reply. The second email was sent after a week waiting but they also didn't reply. That's the worst service.

11/4/2017 N Wadantyo

✅ Verified Review | Surabaya to Yogyakarta. Boarding delayed about 45 minutes due waiting for passengers transfer from Kupang Ground staff informed us and give us snack for delay. Flight attendants wearing Hijab, thats very different with other airlines in Indonesia. They have a smile when served snack cookies. The cabin and toilet also pretty clean. Landing in JOG delayed about 20 minutes due traffic on Yogyakarta. Flight attendant give announcement in Bahasa Indonesia / English / Java.