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11/21/2017 Petra Kadacikova

✅ Trip Verified | Antalya to Prague. I tried to claim compensation for the delay and issues that happen on 29th August with flight no TWI757. The plane was supposed to depart on 13:00. Instead the departure was delayed to 16:50. Due to technical issues we landed in Burgas and were not properly informed about exact procedure and next steps. Moreover we didn’t get any refreshment while staying almost 5 hours in Burgas. The overall delay was 8.5 hours which is over 5 hours according to passengers rights document of Tailwing. Nobody has ever replied to me after sending emails and reminders.

9/22/2016 Deborah Renay

Brussels to Antalya. Positively surprised, okay we have been on a more recent airplane, but it was certainly ok. The children were well taken care of and the staff were very friendly. Of course there is always one grumpy one, which was also the case during our flights. Closing off the curtain right in front of you while you want to bring your children to the toilet without any apologies, not very polite! The words ‘just a second madam’ would already have been perfect. Besides this we had nice flights.

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