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5/29/2019 M East

Not Verified | We arrived on time for our flight from Bergen to Tromso, but were paged by the desk and advised that the flight was full and they would reimburse us a set amount per ticket if we took the later flight. We agreed and filled out the paperwork. After we were back home in the US, when I had not heard from Wideroe or received reimbursement, I filled out their online form and was contacted advising me that there was some information missing from the form I filled out in the airport, and they would see that the reimbursement was processed right away. It has been about a month and I still have not received the agreed-upon reimbursement. The flight itself was fine, but we would not have agreed to fly later if it were not for the offer of money back.

12/13/2018 G Malawan

✅ Trip Verified | Completely disappointing experience! Our flight WF 623 was due to depart on 10.30 am from Tromso and to reach Bergen on 12.30pm. But the flight got delayed for 45 minutes to depart on 11.15 am. At 10.45, the aircraft arrived and we were informed the boarding would proceed as soon as possible. But a staff announced there would be further delay around 30 minutes at least due to technical problem. I saw several staff or engineering crew did something on the plane right engine. Later on, we were informed the flight will be delayed (again!) until further notice. Finally we got called to board on 12.30 pm (seemed like a good news, right?). As the plane was approaching the runway, the pilot announced the aircraft needed to return to base and unable to fly. We were diverted to flight on 17.00 and thank you Wideroe for your excellent service and top notch aircraft we could finally spend our another beautiful day at the beautiful Tromso airport for 6 hours and wasted our Bergen day. And hey, thanks for the free meal coupon! Props to Wideroe! My suggestion: buy a Boeing or Airbus, ok? Not an Embraer

11/23/2018 R Harlda

✅ Trip Verified | I have been travelling from United States to visit Norway. After a stay at Tromso, I planned to visit Bergen for 1 day. I had planned my day accordingly as next I was leaving for Oslo. Being winter, day ends at 4.00pm. With my original timings I was reaching Bergen at 12.30pm but instead flight did not take off until 12.30pm from Tromso. This is super disappointing and annoying as now by the time I will reach Bergen, most of the tourist attractions will be closed. Please never book Wideroe if you are travelling from long distance and tight on our schedule. Not worth it putting so much money and complete waste of time.

12/26/2015 Magnus Olsen

First time I flew with Widerøe, did not know what to expect. The cabin crew were nice and safety demonstration good. Flying these small Dash 8 aircraft was actually not so bad, I've just been flying A320 and A321's so a small Dash8-Q400 was actually not so bad. 2x2 seats. Not much legroom for those who are 185cm and beyond. Seat do recline and quite much so that was no problem. The 400 series of Dash8 is noise regulated so inside, the propeller noise were not that bad and loud. Flying on short 50 minute flights you get a coffee. You just have enough time to drink that coffee and then they'll come and collect your waste. Landed before ETA, and left on time. The pilots also talked during the flight which can help people who are maybe a bit afraid to fly. Will fly with them again.

3/24/2015 K Vainionpaa

Booked whole itinerary from their website; flew Wideroe from Kirkesnes to Batsfjord return with two very short layovers. Good cabin crew with smiles safety features and cockpit announcements both in Norwegian and in English. Leather seats seat pitch varies free choice of seat. Buy on board menu and a toilet use for short flights only when plane is landed for a 15 min layover according to flight schedule. All in all professional flight experience. Also security checks in the airport made me feel comfortable and were handled professionally. Make sure that you book all flights to one itinerary as there might be cancellations due to bad weather in Northern Norway. Wideroe will then rebook you to next day flight and provide an accommodation.

4/21/2014 C Rainbow

I travelled with Wideroe from Bergen airport in Norway to Aberdeen on 16th April 2014. The check-in is managed by SAS and was very swift and efficient. The check-in staff were very pleasant and welcoming and made small talk which was a nice start to my journey. Wideroe use a Dash aircraft on this relatively short flight across the North Sea to Scotland. The gate staff were very efficient and this was more than matched by 2 superb cabin crew members who worked very hard and offered tea and coffee and a small snack in the form of a muffin. The seats were very comfortable. The downside for me is that my seat appeared to have been changed from the seat I had picked online. I ended up next to the engines and as a result I could not see much. The interior of the aircraft was spotlessly clean and good information was given during the flight. I will certainly consider using this airline again in the future.

10/30/2008 X Marcucci

Bodoe-Bergen with Dash very good staff - friendly and polite crossed the south Norwegian mountains landscape and take off perfect just quite noisy with this kind of aircraft.

9/17/2008 Graeme Giles

Stokmarknes to Tromsø on Dash 8-100. My flight (40 min) was a part of a seven-leg evening journey from Bodø to Vadsø in bad weather conditions. Aircraft arrived to Stokmarknes already with 40-minute delay. The only flight attendant was absolutely the frendliest one I've ever met - her smile and attitude made everybody forget about the delay. Pilots excused for the delay twice. As warm mineral water was inaccessible in the trolley FA gave me her own. To sum up: very cosy atmosphere on board. Widerøe is the only significant regional carrier in Norway but does its best to satisfy passengers.

10/9/2006 Michael Rapp

Tromsø to Kirkenes via Vadsø and Vardø was a funny experience. Dash 8-100 with 37 seats was occupied with 24 passengers for the first leg. Flight attendant was very charming and smiling at every passenger while announcing and demonstrating the security equipment (well on this plane there was no place for her to hide). Short after take off she prepared her little trolley in front of the cabin and then started the "food for purchase" service as usual on Widerøe. Bought a reindeer (!) sandwich and a coke which was an adquate snack. 20 of the passengers left in Vadsø and we had a 30 min stop. Before we continued we were asked if we would like to see the security information once again. Nobody had a need for this and so we departed. The 15 min hop to Vardø was beautiful because we did fly just a some hundred foot above the ground and the sights were spectacular. The other three passengers left the aircraft in Vardø and another passenger joined us. So we were two for the hop to Kirkenes and we got a very personal security briefing which was different from the usual standard phrases. "Don't get shocked if it seems that the life vest strangulates you. That's because you should not slip out". Hop to Kirkenes was 20 min and the farewell was the most personal I ever received on an air trip.

3/18/2006 Jim Aboen

Don't understand the comment below cause on international flights wideroe use 2 or 3 year old planes dash 8 Q 400. Wideroes oldest planes are used in domestic flights and was delivered in 1994-98. wideroe is not a low-cost airline but the service is very good. but would be nice with free beverages and meals but this disappeared when SAS bought the company. Traveled from Copenhagen to Torp but because of fog and missing cabincrew (caused by the fog) the plane was 2 hours late but so were all other planes too. While waiting Wideroe gave a coupon worth 10$ to every passenger to be used for fooddrink or snack in the airports shops.

3/31/2005 Eric Bateman

Air Wideroe from CPH to Torp to Stavanger. Bit of a long trek on a slightly ageing Dash turboprop aircraft. No food or drink unless you buy it but friendly enough. Not sure that this is the way to travel for a long flight but Ok for short hops.

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