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9/25/2019 W Garlen

✅ Trip Verified | Lombok to Labuan Bajo. Checked baggage cannot be paid online with mastercard. If you are lucky to have time to buy extra baggage in Asia you safe some money. If not, buy a ticket from another airline, that's cheaper. Lion air never responded on emails or webforms. Before take off and landing the crew didn't ch...

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8/27/2019 W Lee

✅ Trip Verified | Wamena to Jayapura with Wings Air. Being the first flight of the day, the aircraft was on standby at the airport and departed pretty much on time. It was a smooth flight with no issues whatsoever.

8/27/2019 W Lee

✅ Trip Verified | Jayapura to Wamena with Wings Air. Plane left only half an hour late. Aircraft was clean, cool and comfortable, crew polite. The lack of any meals or drinks available was not an issue on this short flight.

8/15/2019 W Garlen

✅ Trip Verified | We were supposed to fly from Galela the day before but our flight was cancelled. Local Wings staff helpfully offered to rebook us for next day from Kao or Ternate at no extra cost. The flight from Kao left only 15 minutes late, and was on a clean, well airconditioned aircraft with nice crew. Of course no meals...

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8/7/2019 Aini Rachma

Not Verified | I'd booked a flight from Surabaya to Bandung on August 8th 2019, but because of a sudden meeting schedule required me to reschedule my flight on August 06th 2019. I paid 663k Rupiahs for the rescheduling administration, but I got my flight delayed for 2 hours without any proper announcements just from the display...

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1/24/2019 R Duvall

✅ Trip Verified | Tambolaka to Denpasar. They are never on time. Which is normal when you don’t pay the price - however there is no information. Two hour delay and there is no representative to explain us the situation. So we are late, and not sure how long more we will be. Horrible customer service.

1/1/2019 S Ganzler

✅ Trip Verified | Jayapura to Yahukimo. Flight left only about half an hour late, good by Wings' standards! It was also half empty, so quite comfortable despite being a typical no-frills flight with no food or drink provided.

9/21/2018 Aris Pranama

✅ Trip Verified | Denpasar to Malang. I got message 1 day before that flight will be an hour earlier. Then I got to the airport in hurry and the flight is delay for 3 hours. Price for the ticket is more than usual and still bad service. If there is other direct flight for my destination i will never use this flight

4/6/2018 P Lantri

✅ Trip Verified | Yogyakarta to Bandung. Always delayed, no inflight entertainment as promised (always said on process of installment even tho it's been years), bad service, staff is rude, inconvenient flight times. Had to queue for a long line just to print boarding pass (ridiculous). Too bad it’s the only airline available for...

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12/2/2017 Danny Maloney

✅ Trip Verified | Bima to Bali. This is also Lion Air. Worst airline I’ve ever experienced. Delayed 4 hours then told cancelled, nowhere to stay for the night. Then charged me more for my surfboards than the cost of my ticket. The day before they cancelled all 3 flights without telling anybody, leaving them all stranded for the...

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9/9/2017 O Sachmar

✅ Verified Review | Jakarta (HLP) to Bandung is a new route from Wings Air. This flight only take about 22 minutes. since Wings Air is a LCC, inflight food are only available by purchasing it. I dont know what are they selling, maybe some snacks and there wasnt any menu card or something like that. I like to fly with Wings Air ...

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6/3/2017 S Johnson

✅ Verified Review | The flight from JOG to SUB (18.10) was cancelled because only a few passengers booked the seats and they were moved onto the flight before them (16.35). The staff said that they had passed on the information to each passenger's mobile phone, but I didn't receive it. Fortunately they rescheduled my flight to ...

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3/15/2017 Peter Clyde

❎ Unverified | Medan to Sibolga. Unfortunately i have no other choice than to fly Wings Air almost every month for work reasons, I have traveled on Wings at least 30 times and not once has the plane departed on time, delays from minimum 45 mins to my record stands at 9 hours with no communication or explanation from Wings Air. ...

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2/8/2017 F Landon

✅ Verified Review | Ampana to Palu. Tobacco fumes from air con during whole flight though it was a no smoking flight. From the cockpit or the toilet? Dirty and worn out interior. Only 10 kg luggage and paid in advance for the extra 10 we had for free at Lion. again trouble at uncheck desk. The Wings staff at Ampana was incapab...

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8/4/2016 A Peters

✅ Verified Review | I flew with Wings Air (part of Lion Air) as a part of a party of four surfers. We travelled from Bali to Sumbawa Besar via Lombok on Tuesday 19/7/16 and made the return trip on Friday 29/7/16. In summary of our experience do not fly Wings Air to get to your destination, particularly if you are a surfer. Cost...

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7/19/2016 Peter van Gandt

Wings Air from Denpasar to Lombok. Flight IW1850 After waiting for 4.5 hours still no ground staff could tell if or when the flight would leave. Unacceptable! My family will never fly Wings Air again! Wings Air and its parent company (Lion Air) flights are almost always late, between 30 and 90 minutes! But today's delay of IW185...

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